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Young Dreams 20 February 2021: Young Dreams Saturday update 20th February 2021, Gunjan and mayank sitting in the car discussing the matter, gunjan says that she must go to Nathulal’s place to find more about them. Gunjan comes to their house where she asks nathulal if they are ready to be part of her game … Nathulal says he’s ready and so is his wife but Vidhi objects and warns them against Gunjan. Nathulal shushes her up. Gunjan instigate her more and says they are small time thugs and that she is bigger n better. After much of hot debate gunjan says shes leaving as they aren’t worthy of being in her team.

Nathulal’s wife quickly runs to gunjan and start telling how they fool people. Gunjan starts recording everything on her phone. The wife eventually tells her the entire story about Mayank.. Gunjan is happy but says that she cant work with them since she doesn’t like killing people in this profession. Nathulal jumps in and says nobody got hurt in this process and that guy is just too good of an actor. Gunjan is super happy. Meanwhile vidhi is constantly telling them to shut up and stop blabbering their plan out. Gunjan then shows them some of her photoshoped pictures from middle east and with foriegn cars and nathulal party gets extremely happy… Gunjan shows them pictures of some big hotel saying this is where they wud be staying. Gunjan says they need to trap someone big to arrange money for passport n visas. Vidhi is still not convinced… Nathulal gives gunjan their photographs including vidhi and mdhav. Gunjan returns vidhis picture saying they dont need her in their game. Gunjan leaves from there.

Young Dreams 20 February 2021 Vidhi senses something is fishy and decided to follow gunjan in forest. Gunjan feels someone is following her but turns around couple times to find noone (vidhi is hiding each time conveniently a tree is always there lol). Mayank calls her to ask where she is and she tells her doubts of being followed by someone. Gunjan finally sees vidhi and herself hides. Vidhi cant find gunjan and says that champa ran away. Mayank comes there and they hug and gunjan tells him about the happenings. Gunjan shows madhav’s pic, mayank recognizes its the same guy whom he killed. They realize that madhav is alive n get happy. They leave from there. Vidhi comes out from behind the bushes and fumes. She goes back and yells at nathulal n wife telling she saw gunjan with shehri babu.

Gunjan n mayank driving back in car where gunjan says they need a famous person to continue this drama (Kabir).

Rachna calls kabir and sonal picks up. She teases gunjan that she can take the message but rachna is adamant about talking to kabir. She explains everything to kabir in mute while saying gunjan n mayank needs his help.

Young Dreams 20 February 2021 Kabir adjusting Rachana’s face and jewellery which is enviously looked upon by Sonal and the other girls. Rachana thinks how the girls think she gets the advantage of modelling the outfit and is Kabir’s first choice since she is his favourite. After clicking all the pictures Kabir transfers them to his laptop and is happy with the way it turned out and thanks Rachana and tells her to go change. Seema and Sangeetha come back from the market tired and they complain about the increase in the prices of things. Dholu comes running and asks Sangeetha for his remote control car and Sangeetha says she forgot but has brought him chocolates.Dholu is disappointed but takes the chocolates and leaves. Sangeetha tells her that if there was extra money she would have gotten the car for Dholu and Gunjan overhears it and is thinking. Some ladies come and ask Seema for her sambar recipe and then they complain about the inflation of the prices of the groceries.

Part 2

Gunjan asks Seema if she knows the percentage of women voters and Seema says she doesn’t know and it wouldn’t make a difference. Gunjan says it will make a difference. Gunjan says that the women comprise 49% of the population and she talks about the power of 49 campaign and that they women should raise their voices against the inflation of prices on things and may get the leaders and politicians to take action. She then says she has some work with Mayank and leaves. Rachana is looking for her earrings and Sonal comes and tells her she did a good job for someone who has no modelling experience and tells Rachana that Kabir is sending the pictures to the clients and they will love it. Sonal turns to leave and suddenly gets a sudden pain in her neck. Sonal moans in pain and says its a sprain. The assistant volunteers to get some balm but Sonal refuses and tells Rachana to get the pain relief spray in Kabir’s drawer. Rachana opens the drawer and takes the spray but notices her earrings in the drawer and wonders how it got there. Rachana further sees her photo and words written on a paper saying that her smile makes all worries distant. She also sees a sketch that she had done which she didn’t like and threw away in the drawer. She wonders what is it all doing in the drawer. She passes the spray and the assistant applies it to which Sonal thanks them. Kabir comes and asks what happened and Sonal said she had sprained her neck.

Part 3

Kabir tells her its 6 and is planning to take her home but Rachana refuses saying she her parents may not like it and leaves. Kabir is left confused. Mayank and Gunjan are in the middle of the highway waiting. Kabir is driving on the highway. Meanwhile Natulal and the lady tie up Vidhi saying that she always went after little amounts of money and today they will embrace their good fortune. They said they were lucky to get Champa in their lives and tells her to suffer and leave. Kabir meets Gunjan and Mayank and they thank him again and say its a big favour that he is doing for them. He tells them by thanking him they are embarrassing him. He tells them to discuss the plan again.

Young Dreams 20 February 2021 They take out a map and explain to him. Mayank then says they should leave and he will hide and to call him if there’s anything and that the police will surround all corners. Gunjan says after today they will be free and the police will catch them and the whole gang will land in jail. They wish each other good luck and Kabir leaves. Mayank tells Gunjan to be careful and she tells him the same. Gunjan places slabs of wood with nails and a red flag on a tree. Mayank tells the police officer that they will wait here. Gunjan thinks its 5 and Natulal and the gang haven’t arrived and calls but can’t reach. She wonders if she should go see and think they don’t have a reason not to come. She thinks they must be on their way.

Part 4

Young Dreams 20 February 2021 Mayank is wondering its 5 and Gunjan hasn’t called yet. He wonders if there is any problem. The inspector says its been quite a while and hopes its not a prank. Mayank tells him to wait a while. Gunjan sees a group of people and the band and calls Kabir and tells him the target is approaching. Kabir starts driving. Gunjan then calls Mayank and tells them to be ready. Mayank gives the heads up to the police. Gunjan suddenly realises that the people are from a real baaraat and tries to call Kabir to stop him but her battery goes low and her phone offs. Kabir is driving and Gunjan tries to get his attention to stop but he doesn’t see. She is scared that something might happen to the people in the baaraat so she comes in front of the car. Mayank us shocked seeing this. Kabir sees her and steers away and presses the brake. The car comes to halt just close to Gunjan in time. Kabir is shocked.


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