Young Dreams update Saturday 27 February 2021 Zee world


Young Dreams 27 February 2021: Rachna gets Gunjan’s call in the workshop. Gunjan asks if she did it all the way they planned. She says yes, but she feels guilty about it. Gujan tells Rachna that she was in the acting school for the admission of Pihu. Rachna is shocked but says that its good for keeping Pihu busy. She asks Gujan about some suggestions to say sorry to KT. Gujan asks she has yet not apologised? She must do it now and disconnects.

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Shail tells Gunjan to go and see the forms. The receptionist seems more interested in Shail but Gujna confirms it. Pihu tells them all that she will handle it all. They must go now. Shail and Gunjan leaves telling Pihu that she must call them if there is some problem.

Rachna asks Neha about KT. She sees him in his room, rehearse about her apology and enters. KT is annoyed. He asks her the reason for coming into his bedroom. She asks a minute of his time but he is irritated. He tells her that it was his private issue. He is already obliging her by letting her work in the project. He doesnot listen to her and shouts at her to leave. As she is leaving he warns her to never come to his bedroom again.

When he has left, he picks all the charts which she had brought to his room, examines them carefully exclaiming “wow!”, then wonders what had happened to him, and tells himself to calm down. But he remembers the accustions she placed and thinks he will never forgive her.

Young Dreams update Saturday 27 February 2021

Rachna thinks what should she do to make KT believe she is really sorry. Dadi overhears this and says that she placed a false accusation on her grandson, but tells her to apologise him. She further advices her not tell her strategies to anyone and blesses her.

Gunjan and Shail travelling in the rikshaw. Gunjan discusses with SHail the peculiarity of this course. Shail tells her to believe in her. As they drop by, Gunjan remebers that she had forgotten her shopping bag in the school and leaves in the same rickshaw.

In the workshop Rachna again confronts KT. She is determined to say sorry but KT leaves before listening. There Sonal’s says she feels pity for her as KT refused to see all her designs. Rachna tells her that she had left by herself as KT gets distracted by her presense and that Sonal will never understand what Rachna wanted.

In the acting school, Misha G (the receptionist) is instructing some boys while Pihu practises her dialogues. As she step up the stage she was about to fall down when a guy takes e her into his arms. She scolds her but he introduces himself as Vicky. She says thanks him but he already knew her name. She was astonished. He tells her he had seen her mother and sister bringing her here. He also knew she was married and encourages him for playing three roles at a time. Misha G interrupts them and scolds Vicky for disturbing the rest.

Young Dreams update Saturday 27 February 2021

At lunch time Rachna again finds KT as she thinks it was the right time to say sorry but KT receives a call and says he’ll call later. Rachna figured out he was busy when KT starts to cough. Before Rachna could get him water he takes a glass by himself. He then realizes she had also brought a glass for him. They both set for work.

Vicky and Pihu are together. Vicky tells her that he knows nothing is left in her marriage now. He asks her to get her happiness back in any way. He tells her that he is with her. He asks her to run with him. Gunjan sees this all.


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