Young Dreams update Sunday 14 February 2021 Zee world


Young Dreams update Sunday 14 February 2021 Zee world: Vidhi tells Mayank she wants to talk to him alone so can he come inside? Mayank looks upset but goes with her.

KT’s house:
KT is going somewhere, Sonal comes and asks, where are u going, Handsome?
KT tells her, we need fabric so Im going to the market to buy them. Sonal says, That’s great! I will also come with you! Its been so long since we went somewhere together, I will imagine this is our date! Fabric shopping! Not bad!
KT tells her she can come along but she will get bored! Sonal says, I can never get bored when Im with you! Or u don’t want me to come with you?
KT laughs, Ok, lets go then but we will go and return quickly, we cannot roam around much…

Sonal comes closer and tries to be seductive, Kabir, when ur with me, then even 10 mins seem enough! I just want that my Kabir shd be with me!
Kabir pushes her away and says, Drama Queen! Shall we leave? Lets go!
Kabir walks out, Sonal looks happy.
Kabir goes to his car, Sonal follows him and looks inside the car, she is shocked to see Dadi sitting in the car! Dadi smiles naughtily, sonal is frustrated and thinks, Now who invited this interloper?
Dadi smiles to herself and thinks, what did u think, Ms High and Mighty? I don’t understand ur tricks? You will have to face this old woman at every juncture!
Kabir looks inside the car and says, Dadi, ur here? Dadi says, Nanhe beta, will u give me a ride to the market? I hope it wont be out of the way for you?
KT gets in and says, Dadi, even if it was out of the way I would still drop u there. Dadi thanks him, Sonal is still standing outside, KT asks her why shes waiting? Dadi tells her to sit in the car on the back seat.

Young Dreams 14 February 2021: Sonal pretends and says, Wow, Double fun! Kabir and Dadi together!
Sonal gets into the back seat and thinks, here I was dreaming abt being alone with Kabir and here she is…

Dadi tells Sonal, Im so happy ur coming along. I just have a little bit to do at the market, after that I will take u around the marketplace, and then do my favorite thing!
Sonal asks What will we do? Dadi says, we will have chaat, golgappas, do u know this place has the best chaat in the world! After that Falooda or maybe cold rasgullas! And after that if u like we will have sweet Paan and that too Benarasi!
Sonal makes faces but says, My mouth is watering on hearing all this…but Im really very sorry! The thing is I cant have street food! I have a problem! I cant stand in a gully and eat food…I cant do that! Im really sorry!
Dadi says, U know actually what happened? When Nanhe came here he also used to say the same things, he used to hate Benaras! He just used to repeat that he wants to return to US! After that I don’t know what happened, how it happened, or who did change this view, what was the reason, but look at him now! hes so happy here now! He had a complete change of heart!
Kabir suddenly stops his car. He spots Rachna standing on the roadside, shes looking pretty with her hair open. He says, That is Ms Garg, right?
Sonal makes a bad face, Dadi yells out RACHNA! Rachna sees KT’s car and Dadi and smiles, she comes over, Dadi gets out of the car and asks her how shes is doing? She says shes fine!

Young Dreams 14 February 2021: Sonal says, Oh Man! Now shes also added! KT also gets out and asks Rachna, Ms garg, what are u doing here? Rachna tells him she needed some fabric, ribbons and laces! So she thought to get them on her way, work shd not be stopped that’s why…

KT smiles, Oh what a coincidence! I was also coming to get the same materials. Anyway, good that u came here already, put the materials in the car and lets go!
Rachna is hesitating, Dadi tells her, Listen, keep the things and urself too in the car, Nanhe will drop u home! Okay?
Dadi takes all the things from Rachna and puts them in the car in the backseat, almost on top of Sonal, then she makes Rachna sit in the front seat next to Kabir. Sonal looks frustrated.
Dadi tells Kabir to go home and she will finish her work and come home in an auto rickshaw. Kabir protests but she says she wont get lost and can come home by herself!

Young Dreams 14 February 2021: Dadi says an exaggerated Bye to Sonal and Kabir drives off. Dadi does a thumbs up to herself and says, Now this is what I like!
Kabir is driving and looks at Rachna, she smiles at him. Sonal rolling her eyes in the back seat thinks, first that Dadi was sticking to Kabir in the front seat and now this behenji!

Garg House:
Gunjan is in the kitchen, looking at a recipe book and decorating some kind of fruit dessert. Seems watches her and smiles. Shail comes in and smells the delicious dessert, she says, Wow! Such good smell is coming from that! What are u making?
Gunjan says, Mausima, Im making a cake in the oven, its that smell…shail asks her abt the book shes holding, Gunjan tells her it’s a recipe book, shes making apple pie and apple tart! To surprise her husband!
Seema laughs and tells Shail, I had asked her to make apple kheer but she went 10 steps ahead of us!

Shail laughs and says, of course Seeema, this is the modern generation, they are 10 steps ahead of us!
Shail asks Gunjan where is Mayank? Gunjan tells her Mayank had said this morning that he will return soon. He must be coming soon!

Village :
Vidhi holds Mayank’s hand and comes closer, Mayank feels uncomfortable and backs up to the bed. Vidhi asks him to sit down, he says hes not feeling well! She says Oh God, whats happened to you? Are u alright? She touches his cheeks and forehead, he says hes okay, not anything much.
Vidhi hugs him and says she hopes hes always fine and happy. Because she cannot bear to see him in pain.
Meanwhile Madhav is peeping thru the door, he gets angry and says this is not right. Mayank sees his shadow at the door, he pushes Vidhi away and says theres someone there. Madhav runs away. Vidhi looks back and says theres nobody there, but if u want I will close the door. So we will be alone in the room, just u and me and nobody to see us!
Mayank looks uncomfortable and tries to protest but Vidhi locks the door.

Garg house kitchen:
Rachna comes in and announces that Yo Yo Honey Singh is coming on Zee Cine Awards! Its so exciting!
Shail asks but who is this Honey Ji? Gunjan says, Mausima, not Honey ji, hes Yo Yo Honey Singh, hes the best singer of recent times! Hes our favorite!
Rachna says, the best thing is hes going to perform on all his top numbers, like Blue eyes, high heels, brown rang, sunny sunny, Angrezi Beat…
Gunjan adds, and Lungi Dance! The sisters laugh and do a high five!
Rachna announces, and do u know Zee Cine Awards will be telecast on this Sunday, 23 February at 8 pm, only on Zee TV!
Shail says that’s very good news! But now we have to see what Gunjan has made for her Honey?

Young Dreams 14 February 2021: Rachna looks at the fancy desserts Gunjan has made and says, Wow, I cant control myself after getting these delicious smells! I have to taste one!
She rushes and picks up a tart, Gunjan tries to stop her but she eats it. Rachna says, Mmm! Gunjan, Mayank Bhaiya did a great thing by marrying you! Nobody else can make such delicious dishes, only Gunjan just go on making these dishes and feeding me!
Gunjan says, Alright, so Im going to cook everyday and u wll eat! Rachna grins and says, Yes!
Gunjan chases her around the kitchen, saying, Just wait, you…Rachna squeals and runs around, shail and Seema laugh at their antics.
Finally they stop, Shail reminds Gunjan that while fighting she shd not forget theres a cake in the oven otherwise Mayank will have to eat burned food. Gunjan says, Oh Yes! I totally forgot!
She opens the microwave and takes out a perfectly baked apple cake, she decorates it with strawberries. Shail praises it, it smells so delicious and looks so good too! Feel like finishing the whole thing!
Seema says, If Mayank has this, he wont ever touch our apple kheer again! Gunjan realizes Seema is feeling bad, she says, What Mummyji, one can never get the taste of a mother’s cooking in anyone else’s! and ur apple kheer is the best kheer in the world! That’s why I made something else, because ur kheer is the best, and my apple pie is the best! And the best is Mayank!
Seema laughs, that is fine but where is ur Mr.Best? u had said he wil come early? Gunjan says he shd have come by now, let me call him and find out!
Gunjan calls but voice says the number u have called is out of coverage area! Please try again later!
Shail asks what happened, u cannot get him on the phone? Why are u worried? Just now u said ur apple pie will come in a short while!
Rachna says, Mummy, not apple pie, but her cutie pie!

The fake husband comes and complains to Vidhi’s fake parents that Mayank and Vidhi are romancing in the room. He says he will kill Mayank! Nathulal says what times have come, our daughter is in the room with her husband and this guy is getting angry! Shd I call Fire Brigade?
Madhav asks what do u mean? Nathu laughs and says Idiot, we are making fun of you!
Nathu’s wife says u better fix the bulb in ur brain!
Nathu tells him if our daughter doesn’t show him love then how will she get money out of him? U know these rich people, until they get some profit or their needs are met, till then they don’t open their purse strings! Now u better leave otherwise if he sees u then everything will be ruined!
Meanwhile in the bedroom, Vidhi is shedding crocodile tears that she cant bear to see her parents in poverty anymore. How much longer will they bear my expenses?

Young Dreams 14 February 2021: Mayank gets affected by her fake tears, he tells her not to cry and he will try to do something abt this! But he needs some time. He has to find a way but now he has to leave but next time he will find a solution to the problems.
Vidhi says she will wait for him. Mayank opens the bedroom door, Vidhi’s fake parents sprinkle water in their eyes, while Vidhi wipes off her tears and smiles. Mayank goes out, Nathu asks him if he brought money? Mayank frowns and says, Money? Yesterday morning I gave u a watch! I want it back, its very important for me, my wife had gifted me that watch!
Nathu shushes him, don’t take ur wife’s name, if Vidhi heard it then she will kill herself! U know how much she loves you! Youre her life! And u know that u killed our son in law!
Vidhi comes out, Mayank and Nathu look nervous, she asks them why they are looking like that? Mayank tells her he just has to leave, has some work to do, he will come later.
Nathu tells him to remember, he nods and leaves. Vidhi gives an evil smile.

Garg House:
Mayank comes home, he sees Gunjan is sleeping at the dining table, waiting for him, while plates of food for him. He feels guilty and says sorry to the sleeping Gunjan. He lifts her up and takes her to their bedroom, puts her on the bed, covers her with blanket. He sits beside her, touches her shoulder. Hes going to get up, but Gunjan grabs his hand and says I love u Mayank, in her sleep. He looks upset, thinks I have to end this whole matter soon, I cant see Gunjan like this!

Young Dreams 14 February 2021: Mayank opens his tie, tries to drink water from bedside table but both the glass and jug are empty. He goes downstairs to get water, notices courtyard light is on and wonders why its still on? He goes to investigate, finds a window open and goes to close it but sees a shadow outside the house. Hes suspicious, goes outside the house and asks who is it? Its Nathulal…Mayank is shocked to see him outside Garg House!


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