Young Dreams update Sunday 21 February 2021 On Zee world


Young Dreams 21 February 2021: Young Dreams update Sunday 21st February 2021, Gunjan comes in front of KT’s car and luckily, KT stops his car on the last moment. Mayank comes to Gunjan and asks what she was doing. The cops come and arrest Mayank as they feel Gunjan was just making up a story.

In police station, Gunjan tries to justify Mayank, but all in vain. KT decides to call Garg’s house.

Garg family comes there and lectures Gunjan for not telling them anything. Seems gets worried seeing Mayank in the lockup. Mayank’s dad tries to talk to the police, but that also goes in vain. They then call their lawyer. KT feels Gunjan will need to leave the police station somehow. Him and Gunjan make a plan.

Gunjan acts of falling unconscious. KT tells everyone she is very stressed and needs some rest. He asks if he should go and drop her at house. Garg family allows him and Rachna also goes with him.

In car, Gunjan suddenly gets up which surprises Rachna. Gunjan and KT tell Rachna that it was required to leave the police station. If Nathu finds out about their plan, then he will escape and they won’t be able to do anything for Mayank. Rachana says she will also go with Gunjan as sending her alone would be risky, but Gunjan says she will manage it alone. KT and Rachana drop Gunjan midway and they leave.

Gunjan comes to Nathu and the gang and refuses of being with Mayank. She somewhat succeeds in fooling Nathu.

Rachna is feeling uncomfortable with KT in car. KT thinks its because Rachna is worried for Gunjan. Car suddenly stops and KT goes out. Rachna wonders what he’s doing. KT removes his jacket and goes near Rachna’s window. Rachna gets worried and asks him to drop her at home as soon as possible. She closes her eyes as KT comes closer. She opens eyes and KT is not there anymore. She looks around for him. KT comes with car tires. Rachna is somewhat relieved, but she wonders if car really broke down or KT is doing it purposely.


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