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Young Dreams 28 February 2021: Gunjan hears Pihu and Vicky talking outside the acting school. Pihu tells vicky that he can no longer live like this, confined and reserved. She has to fulfil all her dreams now. Gunjan calls her name to get her attention.

Rachna wants to talk to KT but he start hi briefing about the new designs to girls. He tells them how he is trying to keep it western by using matka blend. They all appreciates. Rachna starts to object. KT gives him the looks but asks her to go ahead. She suggests that instead of matka fabric they must use silk as it will give more finishing to the dress. She shows them the fabric but KT tells him to stop this lecture about silk right away. He only want matka fabric for this design. No more objections. And leaves for a meeting.

Pihu scolds Gunjan for stalking her. Gunjan talls her that she left her shopping bag here and thought if Pihu was free she must take her along. Gunjan asks who this guys was and what was going on? Was everything between them planned before? Mishra G comes in between and asks if the lines were ready? Vicky says Yes! Pihu scolds Gunjan, apologises Vicky and pretends as if the talk were all the dialogues and leaves. Gunjan follows her apologising. As Vicky picks up his books from the bench as photo falls from in between them. It was of a girl. He picks it up, looks at it and smiles.

Young Dreams update Sunday 28 February 2021

Rachna in the workshop. Everyone left. She sees her watch, writes SORRY KT on a paper but torn it off.

KT is coming out of his car in the parking, sees Rachna and asks what she was doing here this late? KT says she wants to show to her family how he exploited her. He asks what new accusation she wants to place now? Rachna says “I am sorry KT. I am really very sorry. Believe me that I am very ashamed for my false accusations. I was very wrong. Please forgive me.” She leaves but KT keeps standing. Sonal watches this from the window.

The door bell rings. Sangeeta opens the door. Pihu was there, she rushes inside the house. She shouts at her mum why is she always poking nose in her affairs. Shali asks what happened. Gunjan says she will explain and tells her that she heard Pihu talking to a guy about running away leaving her marriage. KT thinks about Rachna’s apology. There Gunjan explains about her over-reaction when Pihu and him were just preparing for her lines. Pihu shouts at her and goes to her room. Shail also tells Gunjan to leave her. Shail asks everyone at home to leave her daughter, she was there to look after her. Seema tells Gunjan noit say a word futher and go inside. Rachna comes back home and asks Shail if Pihu had come back home. Shails scolds her for asking about Pihu. Rachna gets confused and wonder what happened to her mother. KT is still thinking about Rachna’s apology. Sonal enters the room and finds KT lost in thoughts. SHe says they must get late and tells him to get ready fast but he is not listening. She puts her hands on his shoulders. He is shocked, She reminds him of the dinner at Tiwari’s place.

Pihu is walking in the room. Rachna comes inside. Pihu says When God gives, He gives without limit. You are going to college and are also working. Also you are not asked about coming late home, and here is Pihu who was married at this age. Such a difference between the two daughters. Rachna tells Pihu that she is thinking wrong, their parents always aloud them what they wanted to do. She reminds her that she wanted to marry so they married her to a good guy. No one is better in this world than her brother-in-law. Pihu complains that he has never loved his wife nor cared about her. It better to get rid of such a man. Shail over hears this.

Young Dreams update Sunday 28 February 2021

KT is thinking about Rachna’s sorry as he drives back from the dinner. He forgets to take the turn which Sonal reminds him of. He thinks that he and Sonal have announced their engagement then how is he thinking about Rachna. He apologizes her for spoiling her mood at the party and tells her that he is really occupied because of the show. She says that she understands him as they have to spend their lives together, thinking to herself that she is more excited about the Holi party.

Papa enters the house. Pihu is sitting on the sofa reading magazine while Rachna working in the kitchen. He thinks that why are his both daughter facing such problems in life. Rachna greets him, he asks about her work. Rachna tells him that they are preparing for a fashio show next week. He says thats good, she would be able to take some rest at home after this. Rachna looks thoughtful. He tells her that he does not want to let her work after that incident with the KT any further. She agrees.

Sonal tells KT that she knew him well. He won’t be relaxed until this fashion show is over. He should get fresh and relax now. As he leaves, she thinks that before any blast there must be some relaxation.

Pihu gets a call. She wonders “private number!”, accepts the call and doesnot recognize the guy. He introduces himself as Vicky. Pihu says she’ll talk to him tomorrow else they will meet in the class. Rachna over-hears the conversation thinking its Murli’s call. Pihu says Good bye and disconnects the call. Rachna asks her how was her first day. Pihu scolds her by saying its very late and she should let her sleep.

KT in his room, goes to sleep as he was not on a mood to work.

Young Dreams update Sunday 28 February 2021

Rachna sees a red cloth piece in her bag, wonders which one it was, puts it back and goes to bed. She thinks that Papa was clear that she’ll have to leave work after one week. She has to bring the true face of Sonal in front of everyone in this week.

There KT is unable to sleep. Here Rachna is also sleepless. KT goes in the kitchen to drink water. Dadi comes and asks reason for his sleep-less-ness. Dadi tells him that from childhood whenever he considered himself guilty for something, he always talked to her. He tells her that he is a bit confused. Dadi says that she has never seen him behaving with someone like he is doing these days with Rachna, they know her well, and she must be regretting what she said and will soon apologise with him. If she is just an assistant to him, why is he so disturbed by what she said. Dadi goess away. KT is disturbed by the recurrent thinkings of Rachna.

KT is in the workshop thinking about what Dadi had said when the winds from window starts blowing the charts of dresses Rachna drew. He sees them and thinks whatever it is, Rachna has got talent that they can use. He turns around and sees the dress on the dummy and remembers their talk about matka fabric. He gets annoyed that this girl values her own ideas more than my orders. He calls her. Pihu wakes up and is waking Rachna up but she was fast asleep. She wakes up finally and is worried why KT was calling her this time. She receives the call and says “What happened?”. He scolds her that the dress had to be according to his intructions. She tells her that she made the dress the way he wanted it. He says she thinks he doesnot know the difference between matka and silk? He should do a favour to him and must not come to office from tomorrow now! Sonal is standing behind and hears the conversation, she thinks atleast the blast has started. Rachna recognizes that its all Sonal’s planning. She is determined that till tomorrows presentation she’ll get the dress prepared as KT wishes by getting it stitched on an urgent basis.


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