Young Dreams update Thursday 25 February 2021 Zee world


Young Dreams update Thursday 25 February 2021

Gunjan realizes everything was Sonal’s plan. Sonal gives an expensive gift to Tanveer and thanks her for the help. Tanveer is happy and she leaves. Gunjan and Rachna see this. Sonal accepts it was all her plan. Rachna asks but why her. Sonal says because KT was getting attracted towards her since last few days and she can’t see KT having feelings for any other girl. She tells Rachna even if she tells all this to KT, then he won’t believe her as she has no proof. She leaves. Rachna decides to expose Sonal in front of KT and until then she won’t be relaxed. Gunjan says that’s the spirit girl.

Sonal brings KT out with her and announces to everyone she officially got engaged with him now. Everyone congratulates and one guest says they look like a perfect jodi just like Jodha and Akbar. Sonal says it’s true, KT is like her Akbar for her. This brings Jodha and Akbar dance sequence where all dance is done by Jodha only. Akbar just watches her and smiles.

KT is lost in thoughts. Sonal comes there. He straight away asks her why she got engaged. Sonal acts that he may not be liking her, but she loves him and can’t see anyone insulting him.

Sonal is looking at her ring in a mirror and says it looks so perfect in her finger. She credits Rachna else KT would never be hers. Dadi is standing behind her and she gets shocked. She tells Dadi that she knows she doesn’t like her, but she really loves and cares about KT. Dadi says she never liked Sonal, but now she is happy in KT’s happiness. Sonal is happy and touches her feet. Dadi asks her to go to sleep now. Sonal leaves.

Young Dreams update Thursday 25 February 2021

Rachna is afraid to come in front of her family. She comes and tells everyone she shouldn’t have created all that drama today. Her dad agrees with her and before she says anything more, he tells her not to go to her job now. Rachna is shocked and says she can’t quit her job. Everyone supports her dad, but Rachna requests them to let her go. Gunjan speaks in Rachna’s favor that she can’t leave her work in middle. She at least has to finish what she started else it’s very unprofessionalism. Rachna’s dad says this is the problem of new generation. He tells her to do whatever she wants and leaves in anger without eating anything.

Gunjan and Rachna are thinking how to expose Sonal. Gunjan asks Rachna to check the letter. They can match hand writing, but card was printed with fancy letters. Rachna gives up. Gunjan tells her she just can’t leave Sonal like that. Rachna gets some idea. Before she shares it with Gunjan, Mayank comes there. He comforts Rachna and tells her bro is always there for her. He also shows trust in KT. Rachna was about to say him, but Gunjan signs not to say. Mayank leaves with Gunjan.

Rachna’s dad is still upset. He asks Shayl what they didn’t do for their children that they don’t listen to them. Shayl says there might be an important work and they should have faith in their children. She tells him it was very hectic day so they should rest now. Right then doorbell rings. They open the door and it’s Pihu. All family members come. They are shocked to see her alone. They ask about her husband, but she doesn’t say anything. Shayl tries to talk to her, but she says she needs to sleep and runs to a room and locks it. Family decides to talk with her in morning.

In morning, Shayl brings her favorite breakfast, but she refuses to eat. Shayl asks her again if everything is okay, but she avoids the question and leaves saying she has to meet her friend.

Young Dreams update Thursday 25 February 2021

Sonal comes to KT and says she really loves him, but looking at the circumstances in which they got engaged, he can take ring back and break the engagement. KT goes towards her and she starts getting worried. KT eventually says no matter how, they are engaged now. She’s her finacee and asks her not to leave. Sonal gets very happy and hugs him. KT too hugs her, but he’s remembering Rachna applying colors on his cheek on Holi day. Suddenly he removes his hands. Sonal turns and is shocked to find Rachna there. Dadi comes and says she tried to stop her a lot, but she didn’t listen.

Sonal starts lecturing her that she got too many guts that she came here after what happened yesterday. KT asks her why she came. Rachna says she doesn’t have anything to justify her except the truth. She goes ahead and tells him whatever happened indeed happened with her, but it was not KT behind that. It was all done by Sonal so KT hates Rachna and marries Sonal. KT turns to Sonal and then turns back. He says it’s so strange whom you trust the most, they hurt you. How people change in no time. He thanks Rachna for making him realize that and before he gets hurt more, he decides to step back. Rachna looks at Sonal who is getting very worried.


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