Young Dreams update Thursday 4 March 2021 Zee world


Young Dreams 4 March 2021: Vicky tells Pihu to come to window. He was just outside. He tells her that his night will be beautiful because of seeing her. She tells him to leave. He takes her promise to meet him tomorrow half an hour before class at desi-corner. Gunjan hears her.

Gunjan was lost in her thoughts in her room. Mayank says that he knew there was something going on between Rachna and Gunjan. She tells him they only gossip. He asks what she was talking to shayl at dinner. He says he was worried about Pihu. Gunjan says that after wedding, men forget to give attention to their wives, so in some way Pihu was justified. He says atleast he gives time to his wife. They plays with pillows.

Young Dreams update Thursday 4 March 2021 Zee world

Sonal brings coffee for KT. She shows her some ads of the best designers in the newspaper and tells him that he was the best. He tells him he was excited about winning this upcoming event. She wishes her luck and asks that atleast he could show it to his fiancé. He says no, not for anyone. She says that if it’s the best of his collection, she will wear it on their wedding. He doesn’t say anything, and said he never thought about it. She could wear anything she wanted. Dadi hears this conversation and thinks that he didn’t discuss anything with her.

In the morning, Pihu gets ready and comes downstairs. Shayl asks there was time in her class; she tells him she had some rehearsals. Gunjan and Rachna were also ready. They leave as Pihu leaves, without doing breakfast. Shayl calls from behind that Rachna had left her lunch box. Bau ji says he will give it to her while going.
Dadi tells KT and Sonal that Sonal’s dad called and was asking for their wedding. But she herself knew nothing about it. Sonal hugs her and asks how they could plan anything about their wedding without informing her. KT also assures her that they had planned nothing yet. Sonal gets a call and leaves. Dadi asks KT why he was marrying Sonal, did he really loved her? She tells him that before telling her he must answer himself and leaves.

Young Dreams update Thursday 4 March 2021 Zee world

Shayl calls Vicky to tell him not to take much time. She tells him to annoy her soon so that she realizes that this is all fake and real life is different. He says OK! Shayl was worried.

KT brings a dress that Sonal appreciates. He tells her the details and says they have little time left. She offers if anyone shows him the dress by wearing it. Rachna comes from behind. Sonal sees and asks why she had come so early. She tells them that she had taken leave from college due to work load and stay here for the whole day. Sonal was about to leave to change the dress. Rachna says why she was bothering herself, it was the duty of the assistant and she will show the dress to KT by wearing it herself and leaves to change.

Young Dreams update Thursday 4 March 2021 Zee world

Pihu arrives at the restaurant. Vicky was waiting. She asks did he think she was an ill mannered, loose- charactered girl. She is from a respectable family. He says ‘even then she came?’ she was speechless. He says he also comes from a respectable family and apologized for anything she disliked. She asks why he had called her hers. He tells her there was a surprise for her inside the restaurant. As they come inside, a table was set and decorated for her. He tells her that it’s a candle light breakfast for you. She asks the food has so much variety. He told her that he didn’t know what she liked so he ordered everything in the menu. She tells him no one ever did this much for her. She sees as he serves. Gunjan comes at the door. He tells her that his heart had started to like her a lot now. Gunjan thinks no matter the guy was good, but did he know she was married.
Rachna comes dressed in the newly designed dress. KT sees her . Necklace drops from his hands.


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