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Young Dreams 16 February 2021: Young Dreams update Tuesday 16th February 2021, The episode starts with Mayank at the pawn shop receiving money and Gunjan wonders what could he need the money so urgently for. Gunjan hides from Mayank and then follows him. Natulal calls Vidhi to tell her that he is in the market and so is Mayank and that he will give the money soon. Vidhi makes fun at and thinks of the extend Mayank has to go to arrange the money. She keeps referring to Mayank as darling. Madhav gets angry and jealous and tells her not to do it but she slaps him instead and scolds him saying that Mayank is a hen that lays golden eggs.

The lady tells Madhav to concentrate more on his work. Madhav leaves angrily. Mayank meets Natulal and gives him the 1 lac. Gunjan wonders why is he giving money to this man. Natulal ask about the balance of the money. Mayank says to take this first and he will give the rest later. He begs Mayank for the money. Gunjan realises its the same man she saw Mayank talking to in front of the house at night. Mayank tells him to give him more time but he tells Mayank to hurry with it and Mayank leaves. Gunjan thinks what kind of trouble is Mayank stuck in and why doesn’t he say anything to her. Rachana is in Kabir’s studio and he tells her about some designs that she has to work on. He then asks Sonal if she would come shopping with him as he doesn’t really know much when it comes to shopping for women. She agrees happily and asks for whom is he getting a gift for.

Part 2

Kabir says he will let her know when the time is right. She hugs him and she thinks he’s getting a gift for her and pretends not to know. Mayank goes to the mechanic and asks about his car. The mechanic as its good as new and gives him the bill. He looks at the bill and notices the mechanic changed the tyre and the asks the mechanic which replied that the tyre was in bad condition and he had to. He asked where was Mayank driving at that time and Mayank says on the highway. He asked Mayank if he was mugged as nowadays there are lots of gangs on highways. Mayank denies it and gives him the money. As Mayank is entering the car the mechanic says that someone must have tampered with his tyre. Sonal and Kabir are at the jewellery store and she tells Kabir jewellery is a girl’s best friend. They look at some pieces and Sonal picks out one but Kabir says it shouldn’t be too big and should be delicate. They decide to look at rings and again Sonal chooses one but Kabir says its not what he’s looking for. Sonal wonders what occasion is he buying it for. She asks what is he exactly looking for and he says he will know when he sees it. He finally chooses a necklace with a pendant and asks Sonal who replies that his taste is good.

Part 3

Kabir decides to buy the ring for Sonal but she refuses but he insists and she thanks him. He says its a small gift for her. She thinks to herself how he thinks of her likes and dislikes and that she loves him and can’t wait for his surprise. Gunjan is pacing and keeps looking at the door. She goes and opens the door and sees Mayank. She tells him she has something important to talk to him about. He asks what is it and she drags him to their room. She tells him she knows everything but wants to hear it from his mouth. Gunjan tells Mayank how she followed him to the pawn shop and tells him he took her jewellery from the cupboard too and that he pawned it and gave it to the guy who met him at the house. She asks what problem is he trapped in that is making him give people money and tells him to tell her the truth and hiding will not help. She tells him they can come up with a solution together. He says that he did not want to worry her after the trouble with Charu and thought he could handle it. She says she is more of his friend than a wife. He tells her that he met with an accident and killed a guy. Gunjan is shocked and can;t believe it. She tells him to tell her all and asks if he was drunk while driving and he says he can would never do that.
Part 4

Mayank tells Gunjan about the time when he went to meet his client and Gunjan says he was in a rush and assumes he sped. Mayank says he didn;t but suddenly felt that he lost control of the car. Mayank says before he could do anything it was too late. He got down and saw the guy had died. Then he says how the villagers wanted him to tell the girl himself but before he could she assumed he was her husband. Mayank tells her the family wants him to pretend to be her husband till she gets well. Gunjan asks Mayank why did he not tell her on that day itself. Mayank says because he didn’t want to trouble her or the family. He tells her not to leave him. She says nothing can be erased and asks why didn’t he go to the police. Mayank says they refuse to let him saying that the son-in-law won’t come back to life by doing so. He tells her they want the money to be able to settle their widowed daughter. He says he has to bear the expenses since he made a mistake. Gunjan says that its not a simple matter and its a punishable act and is surprised they didn’t want to apporach the police. Mayank says they are poor people and she will feel sorry when she sees them. He says that he did what he could at that time. Gunjan says what he did at that time was right but she think he should inform the police because its an offence not doing so. She further says that if he explains then they will accept it as an accident. Mayank hugs Gunjan and thanks her saying she is the only one who understands him and they hear someone adn turn to see Shail at the doorway and are shocked and scared if she has overhead their convo.


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