Young Dreams update Tuesday 23 February 2021 Zee world


Young Dreams 23 February 2021: Young Dreams update Tuesday 23rd February 2021, Rachna gets shocked seeing Seema. Seema asks about Gunjan. Rachna says she was very worried in the early morning and left to meet Mayank. Seema is still not convinced. She says she’s going to meet Mayank anyway so she will talk to Gunjan there.

Dholu’s mum is searching for him when phone rings. Pihu’s husband asks her about Pihu. Dholu’s mum calls Shayl. Shayl says Pihu is not there. Pihu’s husband sound tensed. Shayl asks him to join them for Holi. Pihu’s husband says Pihu was going to come, but he won’t be able to come this time. Dholu’s mum tells Shayl that he was sounding in tension, if he said anything. Shayl says no. Later, shayl calls Pihu, but she doesn’t pick up. Shayl wonders why she’s not picking up.

Gunjan meets Mayank. Mayank tells her not to take risk. He will give money to Nathulal. Gunjan says when he didn’t do anything, then there is no need to give him money. She assures him everything will be fine and he will be out of the jail soon. Mayank still tries to stop her from going back to Nathulal, but she says, she is doing this for herself as well. Both get emotional. Gunjan is then leaving. Seema enters. A police stops her to check the lunchbox and Gunjan leaves before Seema sees her. Seema starts crying when she meets Mayank. She asks him for Gunjan. Mayank says he knows where she is, but asks her not to tell anyone about it until night. Seema asks where she is, but Mayank stays quiet. Seema gets worried.

Pihu checks her phone and is very scared. Some guys knock her door and she doesn’t open the door and hides. They threaten to break the door. She opens the door finally. They ask her for money, Pihu asks for some time.

Sonal calls someone (Tanveer from Qubool Hai?) and asks her to come to holi event tomorrow where they will show Rachna’s real position to her. Dadi is standing behind and sonal gets scared, but Dadi didn’t hear anything. Dadi tells sonal she came to tell her that she can invite her friends, but she’s already inviting her friends. Dadi is very excited for the event, she asks sonal to come down for the planning. Sonal is relieved.

Pihu is in tension, she keeps looking at her phone. Dholu’s dad brings pichkari and colors for him. He goes outside to show it to his friends. Dholu’s mum asks what was the need to bring all this. There’s so much tension in the house. He says they are trying to release Mayank and tension shouldnt affect dholu’s happiness.

Rachna’s dad is in market. He feels someone is following him. Pihu’s husband is shown. Rachna’s dad feels he saw Pihu’s husband, but then thinks if it was him, then he would meet him.

Sonal sends Rachna to the workshop saying KT asked to bring something. KT comes and calls out Rachna. Sonal comes and says she may have gone to her home. KT says he had some work from her. He’s leaving. Sonal stops him and asks where he’s going, but he doesn’t tell. She tells him to wear grey jacket, he says no, but she forces him and sends him to the workshop as well. Lights go off and Rachna hears someone coming in. She asks who is it. Rachna loses her balance in dark. KT catches her. He says he felt she left. Rachna moves away from him and loses her balance again. KT grabs her hand. Rachna thinks he’s trying to take advantage of her and she can’t scream either else he will refuse to help Mayank. Rachna asks him to leave her and she will go by herself. KT is confused.


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