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Young Dreams 17 February 2021: Young Dreams update Wednesday 17th February 2021, Vidhi asks Champa (Gunjan) for forgiveness as they cannot deal with a new problem, Gunjan asks what problems are u having now? tell me, I will help you! Vidhi starts telling her abt her husband but stops and says let it go. Why am I burdening u with my sorrows? Vidhi’s fake parents look tense, Gunjan asks her to tell as shes like her sister. Vidhi says she feels her husband is in trouble and hiding something from her. He doesn’t seem to have any time for me, how will I help u or myself in this situation?

Gunjan tells her she understands why they are unwilling to take another burden. Gunjan thinks she has misunderstood them, they don’t seem like thives or frauds. They don’t seem to be greedy for money or jewelry, which means they didn’t lie to Mayank!
Gunjan folds her hands and tell Nathulal, Uncle Im leaving now, Thanks for saving my life! She does Namaste to Vidhi and her mom and leaves. Vidhi watches her leave and thinks something is wrong, I have to find out!

KT’s House:
Young Dreams 17 February 2021 Sonal is applying make-up and admiring herself in the mirror, Wow what a beauty! Kabir, today Im totally ready for ur surprise! Dressed to kill!
The door bell rings, she says, whoever u are I don’t have time for u today, some other day! Today let me get ready for Kabir! She continues to look at herself in the mirror and says, today Im going to impress and Kabir is going to be trapped in my web!
Dadi and Rachna are coming into the studio, Dadi berates Rachna, what is this? Look at ur condition?

Dadi takes all the packages from Rachna, who tells Dadi, my condition is like this, my Boss is determined to make me a Superwoman! Dadi says, even I think that! Rachna asks where are the others?
Dadi says, I don’t know that but ur Superman Boss is waiting for u in the Hall. Go quickly!
Rachna says, Oh God! Now what work is remaining? Ok, Dadi Im going now…she runs and opens the door. The whole studio gang shouts SURPRISE and tinsel showers on her. Rachna gets a pleasant shock. Everyone claps and sings “Happy Birthday to you”
Rachna walks into the Hall with a delighted face, the whole place is decorated with streamers, lights and candles, in blue and white, theres a birthday cake on the table. Kabir comes with a smile on his face. Rachna smiles at him with grateful tears. Dadi comes singing Happy Birthday to you! She holds Rachna’s hands and says, Many good wishes on ur birthday!
Rachna says, Thank u so much! She looks at KT and smiles, All this is for me? KT nods and asks, why? Is it someone else’s birthday also, Ms Garg? Everyone laughs, Dadi tells everyone, All of u are marvelous! Today is her birthday and u made her lift so many packages, made her shopping all day! Rachna, come with me! Get ready and then celebrate ur birthday!
Rachna says, No Dadi its alright, Im fine! Dadi says, u have to look ur best on ur birthday, right? Everyone yells in agreement! Dadi takes Rachna inside, saying we will be back soon.
She gives Rachna a white and pink salwar suit and tells her to wear the outfit quickly and come to the party! Rachna says, No Dadi, its okay, Im alright like this! Dadi says, Just alright wont do, 18th birthday party is special! 18th birthday doesn’t come often! Now go and get ready and then we wil go and enjoy ur bday party! Come on, Rachna!
Rachna smiles and thanks Dadi.

Young Dreams 17 February 2021: Gunjan is walking through some forested area, shes on the phone with Mayank who asks if shes alright and where she is now? she tells him shes almost there and shes being careful.
Vidhi is following Gunjan but loses sight of her. She wonders where Champa went, then says she must have gone towards the highway.
Mayank is waiting in the car, he calls Gunjan again and asks where she is, she tells him shes almost reached the highway. He tells her to come fast. Gunjan runs to the highway and gets into Mayank’s car. Vidhi is following her but doesn’t see her…Mayank hugs Gunjan in relief. Vidhi is searching for Gunjan/Champa, peeping into the cars, Mayank asks Gunjan if shes alright? She tells him shes fine and in front of him. He says, shes great and he doesn’t know how to thank her…she says, Im just ur wife! In happiness and grief! Mayank, those people seemed to be genuine to me, I mean they didn’t get affected even after seeing all this money and ornaments!
Meanwhile Vidhi says, Where could that golden bird go? She must be in one of these cars, let me go and see…
Mayank tells Gunjan, if those people are genuine, then it was my mistake! Gunjan says, don’t worry, we will find a way out of this!
Vidhi was peering into the car behind them, when a guy comes and blasts her, asking why shes looking inside cars? She says sorry, my car is the same color so I made a mistake! The guy tells her to buzz off!
Mayank drives away, Vidhi doesn’t see him or Gunjan.

KT’s house:
Party is going on, music playing, people chilling and Kabir waiting for Rachna. Sonal comes in and looks around, says, Kabir sure knows how to give surprises! She looks at the cake and thinks, it seems he plans to announce our engagement today!
She calls Kabir, he turns around, she goes and tells him, Not bad at all! Im so impressed with all these arrangements!
She poses in her short dress and asks Kabir, u didn’t tell me how Im looking?
Kabir looks beyond her at Rachna who is coming in, looking very pretty in the white and pink salwar, her hair is open, blowing in the wind, long earrings hanging on her neck. He stares at Rachna and says, Very nice! Sonal is busy admiring herself in a hand mirror, she says, I knew u would like this color!
Rachna is smiling bashfully, Kabir cant stop staring at her, Dadi comes and looks at Rachna, she says, Wow! Someone is looking like an angel! The off white outfit is suiting her so much naa?

Sonal asks Off white? Kabir looks mesmerized at Rachna, says, Its suiting her a lot! Sonal turns and looks at Rachna with a shocked face. Dadi goes to Rachna and says, Wow, I admit Nanhe, ur design is superb! Perfect fit! Sonal looks desperate, Kabir goes to Rachna who asks Dadi, KT designed this dress?
Dadi says, Of course! Rachna looks at KT with a happy surprise! Dadi boasts, My grandson is one of the best designers of the world! So why would we go somewhere else to buy dresses? Rachna smiles at KT, he gives an enigmatic smile.
KT goes to Rachna and gives her a gift box, says, Ms Garg, Happy Birthday!
Rachna smiles shyly and takes the gift, she thanks KT! Other guests clap, Sonal looks desperate! Dadi tells Rachna to open the gift quickly or else she will open it!

Rachna unwraps the gift and opens the jewelry box, she looks at the pendant and smiles delightedly at Kabir, Wow, this is very beautiful.
Sonal hyperventilates to see Rachna getting the gift she had thought was for her. She thinks, I made all this prep for this butterfly’s birthday? And Kabir bought this gift for her, not for me?
Rachna smiles emotionally at Kabir: I don’t know how to thank you, KT! Kabir tells her, first cut ur cake, then u can thank me!
Everyone claps, a girl comes to Sonal and offers her a cold drink which she refuses, the girl tells Sonal, KT is so strange, he never did this for anyone of us before? Sonal says, did I ask you? Then just leave!
The girl rolls her eyes and moves back. Dadi puts the pendant chain around Rachna’s neck and fastens it.

Young Dreams 17 February 2021: Sonal looks at herself in the mirror and says, don’t know whats happened to Kabir? Whats wrong with his choice!
Dadi admires the pendant on Rachna’s neck, Wow, beautiful! Rachna says, what was the need for all this? All this for me? Am I worthy?
Dadi says, Pretty girl! Necessity, worth, we will decide this naa…but from all this we discovered one thing, that our ill- tempered Nanhe also has a heart!
Rachna smiles in agreement.

Garg House:
Gunjan and Mayank return home, both look worried. Gunjan says, when two people are in trouble, then wife takes the whole burden, parents are each other’s support but the girl is left alone! Mayank says, ur right, Gunjan! She tells him, now that we know those people are not frauds, its our duty to do something for them, especially for Vidhi.
Mayank looks upset, I have made a mistake, and I have to compensate for that in any way I can!
Gunjan says, those poor people had weaved so many dreams around their son in law, they are so poor too, its really sad! Mayank says, I have tried to help them so they can start something new! Gunjan says its not just a matter of money, we also have to think abt Vidhi! Shes still young and has her whole life ahead of her! We have to settle her in life somehow!

KT’s house:
Rachna says, Thank you so much! Im really very lucky that I got a chance to work in a place like this! To get love and respect is really a great blessing!
She hugs Dadi, Sonal goes to her and says, Excuse me, Rachna, Many many Happy Returns of the day! Rachna thanks her. Kabir says, By the way, Ms Garg, Sonal helped me to select ur gift!
Sonal says, Isnt that cool? Rachna looks at her pendant and says, Thank u very much! Pendant is very beautiful! And it had to be, its your choice!
Sonal strokes Kabir’s face and says, Of course! My choice is always the best! Just like me!
Dadi looks at Sonal and thinks, Ohh…so this girl thought Nanhe was buying the pendant for her! Is Nanhe a top that he will go on spinning around her? Now I will show her!
Dadi says, you kids are such a bore! Parties shd have dance, music, then its not a party! I have an idea! The host of this party is Nanhe, so its obvious he will dance with the prettiest girl at the party, right? So lets do one thing…what can I say? So many pretty girls here, lets pick up a chit! The one whose name is on the chit will dance with Nanhe!
Sonal looks excited, she says, yes Dadi, that’s a brilliant idea! Let me handle this!

Young Dreams 17 February 2021 update: Dadi says, Of course my dear, u do it! A girl gets a glass bowl. Sonal writes the chits, she writes her own name on all the chits, folds them and puts them in the bowl. At the end, she says Okay its done! So who wants to take out the chit? Dadi raises her hand, ME, Me!
She puts hr hand in the bowl and moves them around, saying let me mix all of them, she picks up a purple chit and looks at it, of course it says Sonal, Dadi looks serious, she looks at Sonal and Kabir, then she closes the chit and announces, And, the lucky girl is Beautiful, Charming, Pretty Birthday girl, Rachna!
Sonal was all excited, now she looks shocked! Rachna looks surprised!


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