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Young Dreams 24 February 2021: Pihu is in market. Shayl calls her and this time she picks it up. Shayl is relieved after talking to her. She asks Pihu if everything is okay and if her husband is with her. Pihu lies that everything is okay. Rachna’s dad returns from the market and tells Shayl that he might have seen Pihu’s husband in the market. Shayl again gets worried. Dholu’s parents are also in market, but they fail to see Pihu.

On Young Dreams update Wednesday 24th February 2021, Seema is worried recalling Mayank’s words. Mayank’s dad comes and asks her what’s the matter. Seema was about to say, but then doesn’t say as Mayank gave his swear to her. Mayank’s dad and uncle leave to see Mayank.

Rachna thinks it was KT who turned off the lights and then followed her to workshop. But she thinks not to tell anyone as there’s already so much tension.

KT is ready to leave when Sonal comes there and reminds him that he was supposed to take her on date night before holi. KT says next time as he has some important work. Sonal sees a ring and gets excited, but KT got it for Dadi. He leaves.

Nathulal and gang get ready to trap KT. Gunjan prays everything goes as per their plan. The old lady stays with Gunjan at home.

Mayank’s dad and uncle try to talk to police, but in vain. They then talk with mayank. They meet KT on the road and tell him that Mayank told them everything. KT goes first and they follow him for any help.

Gunjan tells the lady that other gang members have no faith in her that is why they never take her with them. The lady decides she will show her skills too and she leaves. Shortly after that Gunjan leaves.

The gang is getting ready. They put blood bottle in back of person who will be acting to have got into an accident. Gunjan clicks their photos. Nathulal might have doubt as Gunjan gets scared. Screen freezes on KT, Nathulal, and Gunjan’s scared face.

so kabir s car is struck to tree and guy is saved, thank god kabir is genius use kuch hua , my heart started to beat fast to see accident kabir is too good in acting as scarred , how come he can change characterization in a single moment so kabir is using HIS BRAIN hehe he is asking nathulaal to take body to home and they got baffled, rachna s sister is praising kabir is too good actor and designer as well

now something happened and truth came out, they try to run away but kabir fought and make them to arrest by police

Young Dreams update Wednesday 24 February 2021

yes say thanks to kabir KABIR SAVED THE DAY

kabir invited all gargs to holi celebration and rachna gave weird expressions

sonal is calling some caterer for food but daadi is not liking that food sonal has ordered

and daadi plans something else

kabir comes and asks sonal that she has invited all or some one is left

sonal says she needs to get ready adn he will not come with her

kabir says yes good that you are now understanding me

sonal calls rachna and says kabir has called her rachna says she can’t come at that time but sonal forces her and then she agrees with her

Sonal called tanvir to remind to come there and tavir said dialogue about saiyyar and bulbul sonal said ” i like it

here rachna gets lovey dovey msg on mobile thinks kabir has sent and she recalls all moments she felt awkward and then thinks kabir is having not good character

sonal is ready in new get up and kabir as well in blue kurta

in some palace like place
sonal asks him how she is looking kabir says as usual beautiful

sonal: have you brought or not that ring, kabir says Yes and he opens ring box sonal recalls that kabir was saying yesterday

daadi comes there, says holi without colors not fair to sonal, and she rubs color on her face

all grags come there rachna is in gorgeous choli suit, shail asks rachna to smile on occasion day

daadi wishes all of them holi and do tilak to shail
she praises rachna
asks where are laila majnu to shail about mayan

so now sonal thinks to do something to kabir

she calls man serving colors and sees kabir and goes to him

sonal says to kabir how one can be clean on holi day and applies color on him
kabir takes color and but sonal runs from there

Young Dreams update Wednesday 24 February 2021

he is about to throw color on sonal but some one throws color on kabir and he can’t see anything but he thinks sonal is infront of him and he throws color back without seeing and rachna is there in place of sonal, he gets baffled and says sorry to rachna, sorry miss garg, i thought sonal was here am really sorry and rachna runs from there

AsYa performance now

tanvi has arrived now
billorani BG starts
she throws color on bhang pissing man
sonal sees her both come in front of each other
tavi throws color on sonal and laughs loudly like devil and hugs to her

here rachna sees them and kabir also,

she recalls msg and goes to ask him what is wrong to him and why he tries to go closure to hm

daadi stops her and says wehre she is going, she tells rachna to aply color on kabir to take revenge

so rachna takes color from place and goes to apply on kabir kabir closes eyes rachna gets embarrassed aah damn i am now
kabir now takes color to apply on her but she runs from there and he is starring at her, daadi says kya nanhe dekho kese dar ke bhag gai, aisa kabhi hota he kya

here comes tanvi planning for rachna and mocking jawani and she is diwani, sima sees tanvir and thinks what she is doing here
sonal says why ,? she can be here, ihave invited, and then new song starts

that actress is from some old show I forgot

Some song BG was also played when she was applying color on kabir but i forgot i could not take eyes of from closed eyes of hotttie
then shail performance

kabir is talking to sonal sonal asks him how is arrangement

kabir complements that it s not possible arrangement would be bad if she organizes

rachna sees both of them talking and then thinks he has such a beautiful gf why he should think about me

tanvi sees rachna and speaks same dialogue of bulbul and saiyad

next part rachna performing solo, kabir dancing with actress of do dil and jhula

sonal asks bhang making man to give 2 glasses of bhang and then one si with tanvi and other is wit sonal

one man goes to rachna and says that kt has sent this glass for you

sonal serves bhang to kabir saying its thandai only and rachna is also drinking it, kabir sees her and cheers from distance and then starts to drink, rachna think now its sure that kabir has only sent bhang to her

Young Dreams update Wednesday 24 February 2021

tanvi is starring at rachna intentionally and gunjan thinks why such starring to rachna

kabir is feeling effect of bhang now

he sees do dill actress dancing there

he is sitting near rachna on some khatiya

omg he jumps now from there and starts to dance with that girl and rachna is shocked and tune mari entriyan

rachna is irked to see then and then splits boht of them both are shocked
rachna dances.. mene hotho se lagai to hangama ho gaya was song for rachna

no one is feeling bad to see dancing like that , last year gargs were so orthodox on rachna s engagement
here heroine of aur pyar hogaya talks with rachna that she can’t come on holi celebration and then her husband convinces to go there

sonal finds rachna s bag and her mobile and deletes that lovey dovey msg from that, gunjan asks what she is doing to rachna s bag , sonal excuses and gets away from there

so APHG leads dance on so radha krishna song

so jula is brought by dance radha krishna for rachna

sonal is now building all saying one competition for couple
tanvi again blabbering pyar, bulbul and cage, now both girls rachna and gunjan are suspecting it

so competition starts, 1st is snagita, prabhu is making her swing

sonal thisnk ek bar rachna jule pe aa jaye to kabir is mine for ever, i love you kabir and she dreams dance with kabir
sonal starts dance of khum machale

rachna denying to sit on jula but then sonal makes kabir to convince her
woohoo rachna directly fell in arms of kabir

rachna fell in water kabir gave her hand but she went to dad and kabir felt weird and insulted, rachna recalling kabir was insisting her to sit on swing, then goes to change wet cloths

now tanvi is throwign liquid color on kabir
kabir does not like it and he says he has allergy to it. and then sonal comes there fakely scolding tanvi , gunjan marks that and sonal sends kabir to change where she has sent rachna to change

here kabir comes in room and removes his shirt and goes to bathroom but bumps on rachna he feels embarassed and says sorry adn asks him if she is ok now rachna vent out all things

Young Dreams update Wednesday 24 February 2021

family comes and rachna says to all that done is by kabir the stalker thing, all believe rachna but not daadi sonal confronts rachna saying kabir loves only her and then makes him to put ring on own finger, daadi gets heart attack and all go with her

rachna talks with gunjan and then they come to know it was plan of sonal and then she decides to expose sonal


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