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Young Dreams 3 March 2021: Bauji reads the dialogue script of Pihu. He asks what this all was. She tells him she took the admission in the acting school two days ago. He asks what. Shayl comes in, sees the paper in his hand, ans tells him that his tea is getting cold outside. He says Shayl to see what their daughter was doing behind their back. Pihu says that everyone except him knows about it. He gets upset.

Rachna and KT are in the workshop. Rachna thinks that she is teasing him for no reason. She gets a call. It was Gunjan. She asks what happened. Gunjan says this is what she called for, what happened. Rachna tells her that someone tried to beat her twice but got beaten herself. Gunjan appreciates her. She was about to disconnect when she sees Sonal coming. Rachna immediately starts to tell her that he himself brought the first aid kit and applied the bandage. Gunjan understood she was trying to make someone jealous. Sonal disliked what Rachna was saying, and leaves. Rachna also disconnects the call and asks God to forbid her.

Young Dreams update Wednesday 3 March 2021

Pihu tells Bauji that he married her so young and did not even allow her to complete her studies. Everyone enters the room. Shayl wants to console her husband but he asks her that if she supported her for everything Pihu did, how she can get settled with her life. How Pihu did joined the acting classes without taking permission from her husband. He comes to his own room. Shayl comes in. she wanted to say something but he tells her that he always saw truth in her eyes but not now. How could she allow Pihu to destroy her life so easily? Shayl says she wanted to make things right. He leaves by saying it this was right, God knows what is wrong then.
KT instructs his team as they were left with little time. Sonal interrupts him by asking what dress should she wear. He tells her he has no time to see to it. Sonal was leaving when she gets Rachna in her way. She thinks that Rachna is in her life for only three more days. Rachna also thinks that she is left eith only three days to prove herself right in front of KT.
They were having dinner. Bauji did not allow Shayl to serve him with food.

Rachna arrives. Gunjan indicates her to come in. shayl asks Pihu to bring the salt. She goes inside leaving her mobile on the table. It rings. Sangita tells Gunjan to see if it was Murli. Gunjan sees and wonders who Vicky was. Pihu snatches the phone and disconnects it. Bauji asks her, she says it was her friend Bindu. Shayl gets worried and leaves by saying she is not feeling well. Gunjan leaves behind her saying she’ll see to her. Shayl cries in her room. She says that she involved Vicky in it so that her daughter could understand the importance of true relations in life. But Vicky had gone to the extent of calling her this late at home. What if Murli gets to know about them, the life of her daughter will be destroyed and only she will be responsible for this all. She looks up and sees Gunjan standing there.
Pihu was talking to Vicky. She says she had told him not to call this time of night. He says he couldn’t stay without talking to her. Pihu thinks that a dashing guy like him must not be short of girls, still he is crazy about her knowing that she is already married. There Vicky was saying Hello on phone. She says yes. I am right here. He says he wants to meet her right now. She asks how they can meet at this time.

Young Dreams update Wednesday 3 March 2021

Gunjan asks Shayl was she alright. She says she is fine, just feeling a bit sick. Gunjan asks her was she worried because of that Vicky. Shayl gets shocked.
Pihu tells Vicky she can’t go out of the house at this time. Vicky says that he must come to her then. In fact he was here, outside the boundary of her house. She should come to the balcony. Pihu goes there and sees him.

Gunjan tells Shayl that she had seen some Vicky calling Pihu. She said she dis not want Pihu to do something wrong to herself. Shayl got relieved and tells her that Pihu told he it was Bindu- her school friend. She must be calling from her brother’s number. She said that be it Rachna, Gunjan or Pihu, she does not like anyone thinking about her daughters in the wrong way. This was the reason she got disturbed and leaves. Gunjan thinks that Shayl’s ignorance can hurt Pihu badly.


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