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In Young Love update Friday 29th November 2019 on Glow TV, student’s parents tells the principal that they have to take help of his son and tells his helplessness.

<<Young Love update Thursday 28th November 2019 on Glow TV

Dadisaa comes and asks them to let their son study well during exams. Jagya offers to help them and asks to make sure that their son is educated well. They get happy. Dadisaa asks them to think about his future. They thank her. Principal tells them that Dadisaa teaches them daily.

Mr. Mittal gets a contract from Mr. Adhikari. Mr. Adhikari asks him to give Saachi to him. He praises Saachi. Mr. Mittal thanks him.

Palash gets angry and says how can you go with Shiv when I came back. You didn’t know that we are soul mates. His assistant comes and informs him that Shiv booked a hotel table at 8 pm. Palash says, good work. His assistant told me. Palash says, he is not joining them but wants to surprise them.

Niranjan comes. Dadisaa starts dragging a spices bag. Niranjan offers to keep it. He takes the spices bag in the lawn. Gehna is cleaning the lawn. Niranjan falls. Gehna gives her hand to help him but falls. They laugh. She recalls Basant and gets sad.

Anandi and Shiv come to have dinner at a restaurant. Anandi says, I didn’t know that you will take me here. Shiv says, I thought to surprise you. Waiter comes and takes their order. Shiv shows her ring and says it is one more surprise. He puts it around her finger.

Gehna talks to Basant’s photo and gets sad. She says my memories are attached with you. Your memories are afresh in my mind. You left me and gone. How shall I leave without you. What to do?

Palash comes to the restaurant. Anandi and Shiv see him and get tensed. Palash comes to Shiv and says what a surprise. I didn’t know that you both will be here. Shiv says, I too haven’t think about it. He goes to other table and sits there. Anandi tries to calm Shiv and holds his hand. Palash gets angry and leaves. Mr. Mehra thinks he is strange.

Young Love update Friday 29th November 2019 on Glow TV

Assistant tells Palash that clients wants to meet him. Palash gets angry and asks him to get out. Anandi tells Shiv that she wants to go there. Shiv says ok and takes her to the dance floor. They start dancing on the song Dheere Dheere……………Palash starts sketching Anandi’s protrait. Shiv and Anandi finish the dance. Everyone applaud for them. Palash recalls Anandi’s love for Shiv and asks Venus why did you want to do this with me. We are destined to be one. You are only mine. He tells that Shiv have to move from our way. Then we will be one. Shiv asks the waiter to bring bill. Waiter says, it is already paid. Shiv asks him to show the receipt. He gets shocked seeing Palash’s name on the bill.

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