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Young Love update monday 16 December 2019 on Glow TV

In Young Love update monday 16 December 2019 on Glow TV, haldi ceremong of Gehna. Ganga brings the haldi from Niranjan’s house.

Dadisaa asks her to call Gehna for the haldi ceremony. Ganga goes to bring her. They mix the turmeric. Ganga brings Gehna for the ritual. Gehna’s mom and Dadisaa get happy seeing her. Gehna’s mom applies haldi on her face followed by Dadisaa. Ganga applies haldi then and wishes best for Gehna. Gehna gets emotional and looks at Basant’s photo. Rajastani song plays in the background. Jagya talks on phone and tells Dadisaa not to worry. Mannu calls Nandu and shows him decorative flower falling on the ground. Amol comes and picks it. Everyone smiles seeing him standing on his feet. Amol gives the flower to Nandu.

Dadisaa gets surprised and happy. She says I am very happy seeing you. Jagya and Ganga get happy too. Dadisaa blesses him. Anandi comes with her family and hugs Dadisaa. Jagya greets Daddu. Nandu tells her that his mother is getting married to Niranjan Chachu. He takes Amol inside. Shiv greets Dadisaa and Gehna’s parents. Shiv and Daddu congrat Niranjan. Niranjan says it is his good luck that he is getting married to Gehna.

Dadisaa asks Daddu, is everything fine? Daddu says yes and offers bouquet with a poetry. Dadisaa is pleased to hear that. Anandi asks Ganga about Gehna. Anandi comes to Gehna and hugs her. Anandi asks her to get ready and says she will make her ready for marriage. Gehna gets emotional and sad.

Young Love update monday 16 December 2019 on Glow TV

Anandi says I can understand your dilemma. I was at the same state. Ganga tells her that this change will bring happiness into your life. She asks her to accept it. Once again you will be called as married. Anandi asks her not to think anything. Gehna says I can’t wear this. Ganga says we will help you and makes her wear the dupatta. Anandi says you will look beautiful today. Village women dance while Gehna is getting mehendi done on her hands. Dadisaa tells Jagya that Panch didn’t come. Jagya says it is their wish. Dadisaa says badi jiji didn’t come till now. Badi jiji comes with other ladies. Dadisaa says I thought you won’t come. Badi jiji says my son asked me not to go, but I came here. She says I came to bless Gehna and gathered other ladies. Dadisaa thanks her. Gehna looks at Dadisaa.

Badi Jiji asks Ganga and Jagya to dance. They dance on Rajastani folk song while everyone enjoys their performance.

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