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Young Love Update Monday 25th November 2019 on Glow TV,  Shekhars celebrating Diwali and lighting the crackers. Anandi goes to bring water.
Palash kidnaps her and tries to forcibly take her. Anandi tries to shout. Shiv and others couldn’t hear her because of the cracker’s noise. Palash asks her to keep quiet. Anandi finally shouts Shiv. Everyone get shocked. Palash makes her sit in his car and drives off. Shiv sits in his car and follows Palash’s car. Daddu, Ira, Meenu and others are shell shocked.
Dadisaa asks kids to have patience as she distributes the gifts. She gives gift to Gehna first. Gehna takes her blessings. She then gives gift to Ganga, Jagya, Mannu, Nandu, Bhairavi etc. She then gives gift to Niranjan too. Niranjan thanks her. He gifts watch to Nandu. Nandu gets happy and thanks him. Nandu shows the watch to everyone. Niranjan asks him to fire the crackers with him. Nandu recalls his father and goes to burn the crackers. Dadisaa asks Niranjan, you seems to have spent all of your salary to buy gift for Nandu. He says yes. Dadisaa thanks him and says you won’t be with him all his life. Niranjan looks on.
Anandi asks Palash how can you misbehave with someone else’s wife. Palash says you are mine. He says we will go to Paris. I will fulfill all your wishes. Anandi says I wants to go to my Shiv. Palash refuses. Anandi asks the driver to stop car. Shiv says you have crossed all limits today. It won’t be good for you Palash.
Dadisaa looks at Nandu and Niranjan’s bonding. Palash brings Anandi to the guest house and tells his painting Venus that he got his real Venus. He says I will leave this painting for Shiv and asks Anandi to sign on it. Anandi gets shocked and starts marking lines on the painting. Palash asks what are you doing. Anandi says you have done enough. I will show you what a woman can do. She starts throwing the things in his room.
Shiv comes there and breaks the door. Palash gets shocked. He starts beating Palash and makes him taste the dust. Anandi shouts. Palash gets injured because of his beating. Anandi looks stunned and tells Shiv that he needs sympathy. He won’t understand anything. She makes it clear that their meeting was a coincidence and she is someone else. She says you felt pain when I tried to spoil Venus, likewise I am Shiv’s Anandi. I am married to Shiv for births. I hope that you get your Venus but I am not the one. She asks him to accept the truth. She says I am very happy with my family. She asks him to come out of his imagination else you won’t be at peace. Some people comes from french embassy and meets Shiv. He tells about CM’s conversation with him and takes Palash in their custody. Shiv thanks them and leaves with Anandi. Palash gets unconscious.

Young Love Update Monday 25th November 2019 on Glow TV

Niranjan thinks about Nandu. Dadisaa and Jagya come there. Niranjan seems to be packing his bag. Dadisaa nods Jagya. Jagya takes out the money. Niranjan asks, it is for what? Dadisaa says you needs money until you gets a job and asks him to keep it. She handover the money in his hand. Jagya says we will leave now a nd asks him to take care. Niranjan calls Dadisaa and says I respects you very much. You wants me to accept Gehna, Nandu and Bhairavi in my life. Truth is that I likes Gehna a lot. I don’t need money. Dadisaa and Jagya are surprised. Niranjan asks her to give Gehna’s hand to him and says he wants to marry Gehna. Jagya hugs him. Niranjan says I have a request. Please asks Gehna whether she will be able to accept me as her life partner. Dadisaa asks him to leave it on her.
Saachi giving gifts to her inlaws and then to Rakhi. Rakhi sees the gifts and thanks her. Suman asks why did you get the gifts for us. Roshan says, bahu is working now. She can afford to give a gift. Door bell rings. Peon comes and gives an envelope to Rakhi to be given to Saachi. Saachi opens the envelope and sees Diwali bonus inside from her boss. Vivek looks doubtful. Suman, Roshan and Vivek congrat her.
Anoop says we shall complaint to the Police against Palash. Shiv says CM saheb have already taken action against him. Anandi says I hope Palash will repent for his mistake and will start afresh. Anoop gets angry and goes inside. Subhadra says I don’t think Palash will realize his mistake. Phone bell rings. Everyone look tensed. Daddu is about to pick the call. Anandi stops him and picks the call instead. She says hello.

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