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Young Love update Sunday 1st November 2019 on Glow TV, Anandi getting Palash’s call. She picks the call. Palash tells her that you would have received the painting by now and you might be happy as the painting is so beautiful and sensuous.

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Anandi scolds him for playing with her respect. Palash tries to explain but Anandi disconnects the call. Palash tells that you are mine Anandi. I have to make you understand this. Anandi waits for Amol and thinks to make breakfast for her. Palash comes there shocking her. He tells her that you didn’t give me a chance to explain. He says I love you from bottom of my heart. Anandi asks what are you saying. He says I wants to show you something and tries to take her forcibly.

Anoop sees him taking Anandi and calls him to stop. He tries to stop him but Palash pushes him and takes Anandi forcibly with him. Anoop calls Shiv and informs that Palash took Anandi with him. Shiv gets shocked and angry. He drives fast to rush to Palash’s guest house.

Anandi pleads to Palash to let her go and asks the driver to stop the car. Palash tells Anandi to come with her and nothing is there in Shiv. He brings her to the guest house forcibly saying I wants to tell the truth to you. Anandi asks him to let her go. He uncovers his painting Venus. Anandi gets shocked. Palash tells her that he wanted to show this to her. He tells that he made this painting years ago. It was his imagination and he was sure that his imagination is somewhere. He searched for her everywhere and find her here. This is you, my venus. My love for you is from years. I will make your life worth living. Leave Shiv and come with him. He says only I know who are you? How can I let you go. Anandi is shell shocked and tries to go.

Shiv comes there and beats Palash. Anandi hugs Shiv. Palash tells Shiv that he will get his love back. Shiv beats him angrily. Anandi asks Shiv to leave him. Shiv warns him and leaves with Anandi. Palash smiles.

Daddu scolds Anoop as he failed to stop Palash. Anoop says sorry and tells his version. Everyone get tensed. Anoop tells them that he called Shiv immediately. Subhadra asks Daddu to do something. Alok calls Shiv. Daddu asks Alok to come with him to Palash’s guest house. They are about to leave, just then see Anandi and Shiv coming. Ira asks Anandi are you fine. Anandi says yes. Subhadra thanks God.

Young Love update Sunday 1st November 2019 on Glow TV

Shiv tells them that Palash is alive because of Anandi. He says he will call CM. Daddu asks him to hold on and says I am sure that CM is not aware of Palash’s true face. He asks Shiv to calm down and think what they can do. Shiv goes to his room. Subhadra tells Daddu to don’t let Anandi step out of house.

Dadisaa and Jagya wait for Niranjan. Niranjan comes. Dadisaa tells him that they thought…..Niranjan asks her to say. Dadisaa says, Basant left us. We have made ourselves accept it with difficulty. Gehna is very effected and shows to be normal but broken inside. She worries for Nandu. Niranjan looks on and asks I can understand Gehna ji’s pain. I don’t know why you are telling me about this. What could I do?

Dadisaa tells him that you can bring happiness in her life by holding her hand. Niranjan gets shocked. Dadisaa tells him that she wishes to get Gehna married to him. Niranjan looks on shocked. Dadisaa asks, do you agree? Niranjan says I accepts your order, but says I can’t marry her. Jagya looks on. Dadisaa asks her what is the reason for your refusal. Niranjan tells her that he can’t marry and apologizes to her. He leaves. Jagya and Dadisaa look at each other tensely.

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