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Young Love update Thursday 12 December 2019 Glow TV

Young Love update Thursday 12 December 2019 Glow TV, Anoop talking to Mathew. He tells Subhadra that Mathew liked the products quality and gave good rates.

He says money will transfer today. Subhadra says its great and asks Daddu. Daddu calls it great achievement. Anoop says human can do anything if determined. Shiv says he is thinking to have dinner outside. Amol tells about restaurant opened on his school way. Daddu says he does not want outside food and asks them to go. Alok also backs out saying he is good. Anandi asks him to get along. Shiv says he will order light food for Daddu. Anandi says we can’t go without them. Subhadra asks them to go for Anoop.

Mannu does not have food and makes Ganga run after him. Jagya smiles seeing them. Ganga asks him to explain Mannu. Jagya asks Mannu to have breakfast. Mannu runs.

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Ganga asks Jagya to scold him. Jagya scolds lovingly. Ganga spots his fake anger and asks Jagya about his encouragement to Mannu. Jagya hesitantly says this is her exercise as she is getting fat. He runs saying this. Ganga says she will come after feeding Mannu. Mannu claps.

Daddu asks Alok to get ready and sits to help in his work. Alok thanks him and asks him to send account figures. Anoop tells about his meeting. Alok says he is working here already. Daddu asks him to come to some other place. Alok angrily leaves from there. Anoop gets call and asks Mathew to come for meeting. Daddu asks Alok to start work as place does not matter. Alok says you always favour Anoop and he takes advantage. Daddu accepts it and gives reason that Anoop has come back after 25 years. He shares his fear of losing Anoop again and wants to keep him infront of sight. He reminds him that this happened to him since childhood. Alok complies to Daddu.

Young Love update Thursday 12 December 2019 Glow TV

Jagya brings Sona for interview. Sona says Jagya said he will help her. She says she studied till 7th class. The principal gives a hindi book to read. She says she remembers it well and tells the book lines surprising Jagya. He asks her to do hard work and keep trying. He gives her admission and Sona thanks Jagdish. Sona feels Jagdish ji is so nice and helping her a lot. She thinks he knows of her past and still behaves so nicely. She wishes Jagdish came in her life before and it would have been better. She calls the abuse by men. She realizes Jagdish is married and helping her because of humanity. Amol shows some drawings to Anandi. He says he drew Gehna, Niranjan, Nandu and him. Daddu calls it wonderful and best gift for them. Daddu says he does not want to come. Anandi convinces him to come by emotional blackmail. Subhadra hears Daddu is going with Shiv, Anandi and Amol. She thinks she and Anoop will be at home and she should use this chance.

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