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Young Love update Tuesday 10 December 2019 Glow TV

Young Love update Tuesday 10 December 2019 Glow TV, Anandi and Shiv talking on phone. He tells her about architect work and asks her to meet him.

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She says she will not tell anyone even if she gets hurt hiding it. He thanks saying I love you and she replies the same. Nandu is taught by Niranjan. Niranjan recalls how his marriage with Gehna was stopped by villagers and Dadisaa was blamed. Jagya comes to him and finds him lost in thoughts. Nandu says he is hungry. Gehna and Ganga bring the snacks. Niranjan allows Nandu to have food. He asks about Dadisaa. Ganga says she is in her room. Nandu says my friends could not believe Niranjan is marrying my mum. I will show them when it happens and sounds excited. He goes to play happily.

Niranjan and Gehna look upset. Anandi hides everything from Subhadra. She says she will drop her temple and have some work. Subhadra says she feels allergic in village and she will go by herself later. Anandi asks sure and leaves. Sona buys bangles and few accessories. A man stops seeing her. She sees the goon coming towards her and gets worried. He says why is she here again. She hides from his sight and he leaves the market.

Subhadra comes to market place and asks about Anandi. She recalls how Anandi lied to her and gets a doubt. She thinks Anandi is lied, where did she lie, I will find out. Subhadra comes home and Daddu talks to her. Anandi comes and Subhadra asks her why is she tired, did she go out. Anandi asks what is the matter. Subhadra says she went out by lying, where did she go. Shiv comes and says Anandi was with me. Subhadra gets her mouth sealed. Daddu asks why does she always do this. Subhadra says I was worried for her. Shiv asks why did you not call her and ask, rather than framing it like this. Subhadra says I forgot as I got old, sorry. Daddu pacifies Anandi and apologizes by Subhadra’s side. He asks how will she manage everything, even Alok and Anoop have problems now. Anandi says don’t worry, I will manage them. Shiv says yes I m also here. They go to room and she thanks him for coming on time. She says I know we are lying today to give them happiness tomorrow, but lying is not good. He says I also don’t like it. He says once home is ready, everyone will get surprise.

Young Love update Tuesday 10 December 2019 Glow TV

Anandi worries for her home state as lying is bad. He says we will come back soon once work is done, then no need to lie to anyone. Anandi finds Shiv, Alok, Daddu and Anoop sitting together and not talking. She gives them tea. Subhadra comes and brings a man who got some idols. Alok says he did not order anything. Anoop says he has started handicraft business by selling his property. Everyone is shell shocked. Shiv asks how can he sell the flat. Anoop says I had to sell it, as Alok rejected me saying I m unfit to work with them. He says I did not have any option than this.

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