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Young Love update tuesday 17th December 2019 on Glow TV

Young Love update tuesday 17th December 2019 on Glow TV, Badi jiji asking Shiv and Anandi to dance on the happy occasion. Anandi dances on the song Mannwa Lage…….Shiv smiles seeing her dancing. Shiv dances with her. Everyone claps. Sona comes and looks for Jagya. She sees one of the goon in the function and thinks he was following me. She thinks they are the one responsible for her condition.

Saachi talks to Payal and says Vivek ji is not believing her and behaving as if she is his enemy. He is behaving strangely with her. She says I will talk to him once again after he comes back. She disconnects the call. Suman hears her and asks her to pack her bag and leave. Saachi gets Everyone laugh.

<<Young Love update monday 16 December 2019 on Glow TV

Daddu tells that tea is wonderful and a stress buster. Dadisaa praises Anandi’s tea. Niranjan says it is late night. Dadisaa says less people have attended the wedding. Shiv says I am attending the marriage which is inspiring. Dadisaa says I want the wedding to be grand and prays for her happy married life. Daddu praises Dadisaa for thinking about Gehna, Nandu and bhairavi. Shiv says even educated people lacks this good thinking. Dadisaa says my Anandi changed my perception.

Jagya asks Dadisaa not to argue with Anandi. Suman tells Saachi that she wants to go back to her house so that Vivek realizes his mistake. She says if he misses you then will realize your worth. Saachi asks is this needed. Suman says it is needed for your and Vivek’s relation. She tells that you are like my daughter Rakhi and can’t bear your pain. Saachi asks what to say to my family. Suman asks her to tell the truth and asks her not to hide anything. Saachi says what about Vivek ji. If he gets more angry then. Suman says I will take care of him. He needs to realize his mistake. Saachi hugs her and cries.

Sona locks the door and thinks to leave the place as it is not the safe for her. She then thinks atleast Jagdish ji is here who will save my respect and life. If anything happens to me then what will happen to my child. She thinks to stay back.

Saachi comes back to Daddu’s house. Alok opens the door. Saachi hugs him and cries. Everyone ask what happened. Alok asks where is Vivek? Saachi cries. Meenu asks her to come inside and gives her water to drink. Subhadra asks what is the matter. Saachi cries again. Meenu says if you don’t want to tell now, then tell later whenever you feel like. Subhadra thinks we don’t have any other work than to wait.

Shiv and Amol look at the sky and stars. Amol says stars looks so bright here. Shiv says because Jaitsar is pollution free. Jagya comes there with Mannu. Shiv takes Mannu in his arms and talks to him. Jagya says Mannu is not sleeping. Amol asks Mannu to come and sit with him. Shiv tells Jagya that sangeet and mehendi was good. Jagya says Dadisaa is very happy. He tells that whenever someone leave us then our elders say that he becomes a star. Shiv asks what happened. Jagya says I wants to make myself understand that Tausaa is very happy today. Shiv says he will be happy. Mannu sees in Amol’s lap. Shiv and Jagya smiles.

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