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Young Love Update Tuesday 26th November 2019 on Glow TV, Palash telling Anandi that he wants to capture her face on his canvas and says he didn’t see any such beautiful face till now.

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Anandi is shocked and uncomfortable. Palash says, people will stand in que to buy this painting but I won’t sell it. It will be a gift  for you from my side. Shiv says, come on Anandi. If you are uncomfortable then you can tell Palash. Palash requests Anandi not to refuse. Anandi hesitantly agrees. Palash gets happy and says I have done this. He thinks Shiv interferes in Anandi’s every decision. I have to snatch Anandi from Shiv without hurting her. He stares at her.

Anandi tells Shiv that she said yes to Palash for the modelling but don’t know if she can do it. Shiv asks, why you are thinking much. Anandi says, I am not modern. Shiv says,in  old times women also did modelling for portraits and says it is not bad. Anandi says, we shall talk at home. Shiv says ok. Anandi says, I will be convinced if everyone says ok. Shiv asks for her autograph. Anandi refuses teasing him to wait in que after she gets famous. Shiv and Anandi get romantic.

Subhadra says to Anandi, it is not good to do modelling. If you people think it is good then I am okay with it. Alok asks Anandi to accept the offer. Anoop says, Buaji is right. Meenu says, nothing is wrong in this. Alok says good thing is that he will gift the painting to Anandi. Daddu asks Anandi and Shiv to decide. He says if you are comfortable then go ahead.

Jaitsar Dadisaa is talking with her class mates. The naughty boy of the class takes a notebook from Dadisaa’s bag. Teacher comes and asks the students to take out their notebooks  Dadisaa starts checking her bag. Teacher says I will check your homework. He scolds the boy for not doing the homework. Dadisaa keeps on checking her bag. The mischievious boy smiles. Teacher scolds the students who didn’t do the homework. Dadisaa gets tensed. Teacher asks Dadisaa to show the book. Dadisaa tells  that she had  kept the notebook in the bag. Teacher asks her not to lie. Dadisaa gets angry on the teacher . She then realizes her mistake and says I have done my homework. She apologizes to him. Teacher asks her to sit down and asks everyone to show the homework tomorrow.

Gehna gives tea to Niranjan. He thanks her and says am getting late for school. Gehna suggests him to get married. She asks, why didn’t you marry? Niranjan says no. He tells that he liked a girl but couldn’t confess because of their status. Gehna asks him to tell about the girl. Niranjan says, it was my past. Gehna asks him to tell her if he wants to.

Young Love Update Tuesday 26th November 2019 on Glow TV

Udaipur Vivek sits in his car to go to court but his car doesn’t start. Saachi comes and offers to drop him. Vivek starts thinking. Saachi insists. She asks the driver to take them to court.

Anoop argues with Meenu for supporting Alok and going against him. Meenu says, I think Anandi should do the modelling. Let her decide. Anoop says, we shall decide as Anandi is our son Shiv’s wife. Meenu says, why you are dragging this issue. Anoop says I won’t keep quiet. He walks angrily.

OMG a JaGan Mannu scene finally Mannu is drinking juice while walking on bed  He slips from blanket fold and some of the juice spills on Jagya’s white vest placed on the bed . Mannu is tensed then he thinks of a plan He silently keeps juice glass on the side table and picks up the vest Most probably trying to hide it but Jagya comes out of bathroom and sees Mannu holding his vest  Jagya is very happy seeing it and says  our Mannu has grown up this much that now  he will make Bapusaa wear his vest Mannu smiles and nods as yes Jagya sits and Mannu makes him wear it  . Jagya says thanks to Mannu and picks him up  Jagya kisses Mannu Ganga comes and sees the stain Ganga laughs Jagya is surprised seeing Ganga laughing  Ganga understands Mannu dropped juice on the vest . Ganga tells Jagya you will know now how much naughty your Mannu has become She shows the stain  to Jagya.  Jagya is surprised and looks at Mannu. Mannu holds his ears and says sorry Bapusa and points to the juice telling Jagya it fell . Jagya looks at juice glass and laughs . Jagya hugs Mannu and says to him no problem it happens Mannu is very happy. 


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