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Young Love update Wednesday 11 December 2019 Glow TV

Young Love update Wednesday 11 December 2019 Glow TV, Anandi spotting Mr Mathew at home. She asks about his meeting at office.

Anoop says he had meeting with Mathew at home. He says the meeting is with him and shows file on which he has signed. Mathew says, sorry Anandi. He says it is not a bad deal so we signed it. He congratulates Anoop. Daddu watches everything.

<<Young Love update Tuesday 10 December 2019 Glow TV

Shiv gets a present and hides it. Anandi comes in the room and asks what is he hiding. He asks his surprise. She says it is in hall. Shiv asks why is she worried. She says nothing. Daddu says she is really worried and she will not tell you. Daddu tells Shiv the reason of her worry. He apologizes to Anandi as he did not know his son will cheat her in greed. Anandi asks how do you know. Daddu says Anoop has taken the foreign clients. Anandi says Mathew felt Anoop’s rate less so she did deal with them and it is not his mistake. Daddu asks her not to cover up mistakes of Anoop. Anandi asks him not to get angry. She says, she is not feeling bad as business has competition. She says someone could have got deal instead Anoop.

Shiv says he is feeling bad for Anandi but happy for Anoop as contract is at home. He says Anandi will get chance to help him. Daddu says so much goodness is not good and regrets that Anoop did not see their goodness. Alok overhears and says he will force Anoop to see this. Alok snatches Anoop’s phone while he was talking to Mathew. Alok blames him for cheating to take Anandi’s deal. Anoop asks did he ask him to judge him and reminds his shortcut way to expand business. Alok says he did not back stab family. He asks is he not ashamed. Anoop says he did not do wrong and he is trying to win. Alok says you have insulted relations and you are arguing with me. Anoop says he is using relations to bring his frustration out. He says Alok is jealous of him as he could not crack such big deal in 25 years. He calls him insecure for his business future. Alok says you are not worth talking. Anoop asks who invited you to come here and talk, just go. Alok says standing here in insulting.

Anandi and Shiv spend family time with Amol. He keeps on talking. Shiv asks Amol to come with them. Daddu asks him to see surprise. Amol asks can he give his surprise before him. Shiv says give me. Amol stands with sticks and walks. Alok asks what is the surprise. Amol shows his shoes. Daddu says great one. Shiv says this is his surprise, I got it for you. Amol says sorry he saw shoes in room and wore it to surprise him. Shiv hugs him bringing smile on everyone’s face.

Young Love update Wednesday 11 December 2019 Glow TV

Jagya greets morning to Sona while she packs bag. He asks why is she looking scared, where is she going. She says he has come here. He asks was it any goon. He says no one will come here. She says the men who abused me and they want to take her again. Jagya promises no one can take advantage of her. Sona says, her dream can’t come true and she is less qualified to get any job. He asks her to study ahead of 7th class. She asks is he joking. He tells about Dadisaa to study ssc in this age. She says she will try.

Dadisaa and Nandu teach English to each other. Niranjan tells Dadisaa about silent letter usage in eglish and gives examples. Dadisaa says, she does not know which letter is silent. She tells about sangeet and mehndi rasam. Ganga says all arrangements are done. Nandu smiles and calls Niranjan Chachu. Dadisaa says he is going to become your Babusa. Nandu says he will make Niranjan Babusa ready. Jagya brings new clothes for them. Niranjan thanks Jagya. Jagya says he has become a part of this family. Dadisaa eats gems like a small child. Everyone smile seeing Dadisaa’s innocence.

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