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Young Love Update Wednesday 27th November 2019 on Glow TV, Palash looking at chair on which Anandi sat for sometime when came for dinner. He smiles and plucks flower petals saying you are mine not Shiv’s.

He then says you are mine, only mine, only and only mine……..Anandi……He acts possessive and mad. He tells I love you Anandi and acts as dancing with her. He shouts I love you Anandi.

Dadisaa is in her class. The naughty kid Gopal throws chalk piece on her. Dadisaa thinks to teach him a lesson. She bends down to catch him. She says I caught you. He asks why you tries to be our Dadi and gives us lecture. Dadisaa’s friend support Dadisaa and warns Gopal. Teacher comes and asks everyone to sit down. Dadisaa tells her that Gopal wants to read the chapter. Teacher asks him to start. Dadisaa sits on her bench. Gopal stands up and starts reading the chapter. Dadisaa smiles.

Palash gets ready to make Anandi’s painting. He tells that he is ready and waiting for Anandi. He imagines her and gets happy. He opens his arms and sees her gone. Anandi asks him to search her. Palash tries to search her and thinks the wait is killing him. You will fill my life with colors of love. you will be with me in reality. He gets restless and waits for her. Anandi comes there with Shiv. Palash looks at her moving hairs.

Palash thinks to capture her smell in the canvas. He keeps the canvas safely. He asks Shiv to go as it makes him difficult to work with someone around. Shiv says ok and leaves. Anandi turns to Palash. Palash looks at her from top to toe. Anandi sits on the sofa. Palash starts her painting and asks her to sit comfortably. Anandi is uncomfortable though. Palash then comes to her and asks her to lie down on the sofa.

Young Love Update Wednesday 27th November 2019 on Glow TV

Anandi asks him to tell her what needs to be done. Palash asks her to pose like this. Anandi sits as he said. Palash thinks you will be mine soon. He takes her phone and keeps it aside. He tries to touch her. Anandi says, she will do. He touches her hairs. Anandi feels uncomfortable. Palash tells her that sketch is complete and he will fill colors now. Palash lies to her that painting was spoiled and asks her to come tomorrow. Anandi says, I will come tomorrow. Palash gets happy. Anandi leaves. Palash touches the sofa and sits on it. He smells the sofa and feels Anandi.

Anandi comes home and tells Shiv that Palash ruined the painting and asked her to come tomorrow again. Shiv says, his hard work was ruined. Anandi says, he behaved well but I felt something is wrong. I was uncomfortable all the time. Shiv says, that’s because you became model. Shiv says, if you are uncomfortable then I will come with you. Anandi says, I will manage and asks him to drop her. Shiv asks her to become his model and pulls her closer. Anandi gets shy and hugs him.

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