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Yumi’s Cells

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 4

Air Date: Sep 25, 2021

Source: Yumi’s.Cells.E04.1080p.H264.AAC.WEB-DL-Phanteam

Yumi and Woong proceed with their first date. After an espresso, they go for supper, where she finds that Woong has been thinking of her. There are various frequencies, for example, he disregards when her stomach thunders because of Hunger Cell, he even gives her a cover, so her garments don’t get any stains. His delicate nature catches each Yumi’s Cells’ heart with the exception of Emotion Cell. After supper, Yumi needs to end their date, yet Woong offers to go to a frog celebration. At last, they go to the frog celebration and even partake in a very happy time together. Indeed, even Emotion Cell starts to like Woong eventually. Be that as it may, out of nowhere Yumi’s disposition gets down in light of the fact that Hysterius Cell has returned!

Hysterius Cell lives alone in a profound valley called the Ravine of Subconscious, where Hysterius Cell accumulates Yumi’s pressure and makes weapons. When arriving at the cutoff, he comes and causes aggravation in Yumi’s Cell Town. In this way, Yumi closes the date, letting befuddled Woong be. Yumi’s Cells Episode 3 recap shows Woong messages her, yet she answers extremely late on the following day. Figuring she might not have preferred his facial hair, he even shaves! So sweet of him! It shows the amount he has started to like her! Because of stress, not eating anything, and Hysterius Cell, Yumi’s condition deteriorates as time passes. Ruby isn’t in any event, helping here. In the wake of thinking about Yumi’s date, Ruby discussions concerning how wonderful the couple Yumi and Woong seem, by all accounts, to be the entire day.

In the long run, Yumi chooses to avoid when her ailment gets with regards to hand. Woong discusses his recently begun love existence with his partners/companions, Sae Yi and Louis. Sae Yi obtusely expresses that Yumi doesn’t care for him and gives a negative yet right heading. Negative since she appears to have some changed intentions and right since Yumi would not like to converse with him is valid. As Yumi’s Cell Episode 2 draws close to the end, Yumi leaves the workplace, yet Ruby follows her and disturbs her forthright, she was unable to deal with it. At last, Yumi let off her feeling, stress, torment, misfortune while hosed in a downpour shower. Be that as it may, somebody comes to cover her, ensure her, embrace her as she is. In this manner, Yumi’s Cells Episode 2 closures with Woong shielding Yumi from downpour and Ruby’s inconvenience, finishing the scene on a sweet note!

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