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Zara’s Nikah 1 January 2021: Zara’s Nikah Friday update 1st January 2021, Inspector brings those goons to Kabir. Kabir says I wont spare them. Inspector says we have to ask who was mastermind behind this. He ask goons who gave them money? Goon says no one from here. Kashan says Ruksaar is missing. Zeenat calls Ruksaar. She comes there and is tensed. Goon points at her and says she didnt give us money. Flashback shows how Ruksaar said that dont take my name, I will free you and give you more money.

Shahbaz says to Ruksaar that if you are letting marriage happen from here then let Zara come here, I will make her life hell.

Kabir says to Imran that I should be earning money to pay that debt but Zara is working hard. I have to do something. Imran says dont worry, lets get ready for wedding.

Ambreen’s mehndi starts. Zara and Azra come to Kabir’s house. Zara says I feel something is wrong. Shahbaz comes to her and says what are you doing here? Zara is tensed. Kabir comes there. Shahbaz says what are you doing outside? Go inside. Zara thanks him. She greets Kabir. He smiles at her. Zara goes inside house and greet everyone. Ruksaar smirks at Shahbaz and thinks that I have done preparations for Zara. Zara gives food list to Ruksaar and ask her to send it to catering people. Ruksaar sends another list to catering and calls him. She says barat is coming at 8 PM so prepare everything before that. She smirks and tears Zara’s food list.

Zara gets mehdi applied on her hand and recalls her mehndi with Kabir. Ruksaar puts food list back in Zara’s purse. Zara thanks her. Zara sees Kabir standing in a corner and looking sad. He recalls about debt. Zara goes to him and asks what happened? Kabir says what? Zara says you look tensed, you cant hide from me. Kabir looks at her mehndi and says its beautiful. Zara says I will comeback later, she leaves. Kabir thinks my friend was my wife, I have left one duty and I will fulfill it.

Sabina tells Zara that her mehndi is dark so love in her life must be rich as well. Zara looks at Kabir.

Ruksaar tells caterer to bring food calmly. Caterer brings food to Sabina. Ruksaar says what is this Zara? Zara sees veg food. Zara says I didnt send this list. Caterer says we followed list that was provided. Sabina says Zara Ambreen’s inlaws eat non-veg, they wont like it. Zara says I didnt give this order. Ruksaar says I got this list from your bag. Sabina says barat is coming in 20 minutes, we dont have time to get another order. Kabir says dont worry, I will handle it.

Kabir goes in kitchen and starts cooking with caterer. Ruksaar thinks that nobody would be able to save Zara today. Sabina and Ambreen will hate her.

Sabina and others welcome barat. Shahbaz says we will serve you well. Groom sit with Ambreen. Groom’s father asks for starters. All are tensed. Servant brings veg-food. All laugh and ask if they didnt have preparations done. Kabir comes there and says who says that? He eats it and says its so good. Guest taste idli and says its so good. Flashback shows Kabir have prepared it. Woman asks who did it? Ambreen says Zara did it. Zara thinks Kabir did all this, she goes behind him. Shahbaz says to Ruskaar that you wanted to shame Zara? She is getting all praises.

Zara comes in kitchen and sees Kabir working. Flashback shows how Azra asked Zara to enter a cooking competition to earn 10 lacs. She looks at competition poster. Azra asks if she is participating? Zara says not me, someone else. She looks at Kabir cooking and takes his picture. Kabir asks what she is doing? Dont take my photo. Zara says I will.

Nikah ceremony starts. Kabir recalls how Zara and he got married. Zara is sad too recalling their wedding. They look at each other and leave from there. Both are sad. Kabir hints at her that she is beautiful. Ishq subhan allah hai plays. Kabir tries to caress her face but stops.

Ambreen meets everyone and leaves with her groom.

Azra comes home and fills form with Zara. Zara says its for Kabir. She scans form and ask Azra to apply for it. Azra nods and leaves. Zara calls Kabir and says sorry I was busy in work. Salma calls her so Zara ends call and leaves.

Scene 2
In morning, Kabir comes to meet Sabina. Kabir says you said I can talk to you about my past, I cant forget about what happened with Zara and our marriage. Sabina gets Zara’s call, she says I was remembering Kabir and my marriage after Ambreen’s wedding. Sabina says it takes time to move on. Zara says does Kabir not remember all that? Sabina smiles and says you cant say that for him.

Shahbaz calls a priest and talks about a conference. He sees message on Kabir’s phone and asks what is this? This is a cooking competition? Kabir says I dont know about it. Shahbaz says you think this is respectable for us? I want you to become a big priest and you want to cook? Stop all this.

Kabir comes to Zara’s house and glares at her. Kabir shows her his application form for cooking competition. Kabir says you took this picture, how did this form go there? Zara says you cook well so I thought.. Kabir shouts that you didnt ask me, Zara says I was about to tell you. Kabir says you wont take my life’s decision as you are just a friend so remain in your limits. He tears off form and says dont repeat this mistake, he leaves from there. Zara is hurt.

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