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Zara’s Nikah April 2021 Teasers Zee world (The End)

Zara's Nikah April 2021 Teasers Zee world
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Zaras Nikah April Teasers 2021 Kabir calls Zara and her daddy to Sharia court and also threatens to sack Irfan if he fail to appear.

Zara’s Nikah April 2021 Teasers Zee world 

Thursday April 1 2021

Zara ask Kabir to establish in the Quran where music is written to be illegal. Zara is relentless in proving that music is not illegal that in turn anger Kabir so much

Friday 2 April 2021

Both Kabir and Zara are bent on proving the point, Zara then challenge Kabir to cure his father with her music. Shahbaz sees Zara and get a panic attack. Kabir is shocked to learn from Zara she’s forgiven his father.

Saturday 3 April 2021

Zara refuse to eat the meals Kabir created for her and Kabir is hurt. Rukksharr attack Zara and made her understand she’s now Kabir’s wife. Rukksharr attempt to implicate before Kabir. Kabir in doubt of Zara’s music after believe Rukksharr.

Sunday 4 April 2021

Rukksharr confess to Shahbaz she killed his wife giving him the shock Zara was blamed for. She throw Zara from the house but Zara insisted on staying the night to find out the truth behind the attack Shahbaz suffered. Kabir attracted Zara back in which angered Rukksharr and she proceed to put Zara on fire.

Monday 5 April 2021

A gynecologist visit Rukksharr that makes Zara wonder why but Kabir distract her. While Zara tries to learn the status of Rukksharr and Kabir’s relationship she got a distress about her daddy. What will happen next?

Tuesday 6 April 2021

Zara is kidnapped by Rukksharr’s goon and Kabir is looking everywhere for her. Kabir and the police guys disguise as older priests to save Zara meanwhile Sartaj sent his goons to put irfan and Salma on home arrest as a threat to make Zara marry him. Zara see Kabir but doesn’t recognize him.

Wednesday 7 April 2021

Kabir duped Sartaj and sign the wedding paper Zara with no knowledge. Rukksharr is happy her plan is working out and will discard Zara. Kabir and Zara are wed, Rukksharr is planning on making life miserable for Zara. What is her next line of action.

Thursday 8 April 2021

Kabir dreamt of telling Zara about Rukksharr’s pregnancy and when Zara inquire who is the father? Rukksharr lied it was Kabir. . Throughout the Nikah Zara ask if there is anything Kabir would like to tell her but he denied. Meanwhile Zeenat and Rukksharr had plan on how to make the wedding a failure from day 1.

Friday April 9 2021

Rukksharr’s pregnancy report dropped on Zara’s dupputta as she sat on the bed with Kabir. Sartaj disguise as a delivery man to kidnap Zara. Doctor announce to everyone about Rukksharr’s pregnancy and she lied that it was Kabir’s child. Zara is hurt.

Saturday April 10 2021

Rukksharr humiliated Zara by making her to perform the next wife rituals as Kabir refuse to tell the truth about Rukksharr’s pregnancy. Zara pack her luaggage, all believed she was leaving. Imran ask Kabir to tell him the truth his hiding but he won’t

Sunday April 11 2021

Zara and Kabir are trying hard to manage their pain and harm. Kabir find out Rukksharr made everyone find out about her pregnancy and promise to find the father of the baby and make the truth known. Zara found out Rukksharr and Kabir are officially divorce, Kabir also over heard Rukksharr intending to meet someone and intends to find out who it is. Hope he will have the ability to discover the Truth.

Monday April 12 2021

Rukksharr plan to kill Sartaj however, Kabir found out. He also catch Sartaj and made him confess his the qfather of their child before Zara and Rukksharr. Sartaj is arrested and attempt to escape but was shot dead. Shahbaz wrote to Kabir Rukksharr killed Ayesha.

Tuesday April 13 2021

Shahbaz try to write something to Zara but could not grip the pen well. Rukksharr want to kill Shahbaz but Zeenat quit her and threaten to kill Zeenat’s son Amaan. Rukksharr made another effort on Shahbaz life but Zeenat was there to stop her. Zara become a member of the Sharia board.

Wednesday April 14 2021

Rukksharr put smoke in Shahbaz room to suffocate him to death not knowing Zara has trap her in her own game. Rukksharr’s secret is open to everyone. Zeenat confesses thatAyesha was murdered by Rukksharr. Rukksharr went into forced labor.

Thursday April 15 2021

Rukksharr gave birth to a baby girl and Zara and Kabir adopted her and named her Ayesha. Shahbaz health enhance and Kashan is back.

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