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Zara’s Nikah 10 July 2020: Zara’s Nikah update Friday 10th July 2020 on zee world Reema and Shubratan are getting Zara ready. Zara says what you people are doing. Reema says its just for sometime. Shubratan says I will bring him. Zara says who photographer? Reema says yes come with me. She pushes Zara to her room and locks door. Zara sees Kabir there and asks Reema to open the door. Reema says this door will open tomorrow morning only, she leaves. Kabir smirks. Zara sees room decorated and says who did it? she says there is no sofa here. Kabir says I will sleep on bed, I let you sleep in my bed so you have to be nice. Zara says I will sleep on floor then. Zara’s Nikah 10th July 2020 Kabir says never, I cant let a girl sleep on floor while I am on bed. Zara says then you sleep on floor. Kabir says I am your guest, would you like your guest to sleep on floor? Zara says then we have to share the bed? Kabir smirks. In morning, Salma gives tea to Reema and ask her to take it to their room.

Zara’s Nikah update Friday 10 July 2020 Kabir and Zara offers namaz. Reema comes in room and is disappointed to see two mattresses on floor. She says I did romantic setting which can make even enemies fall in love. Reema asks if they even said yes nikah? Kabir says we did say yes in a moment but it takes life to accept things. Zara says sorry for your hard work. Reema says I hate you, she leaves. Zara and Kabir moves to take tea, their hands touch. They share eyelock. Kabir asks her to take it first. Zara holds cup and offers it to him. Mana ke hum yaar nahi plays. Kabir glances at her. Zara takes her cup and leaves.

Ayesha comes to Salma’s house, she says Zara’s next ritual will be making kheer. Salma says please help her, she can do mistakes. Ayesha says she is our daughter so dont worry about it, we will take care of her.

Ruksaar offers namaz. Zeenat comes to her and smiles, she says what were you praying for? Ruksaar says I was for Kabir from God. Zeenat says may God bless you, you know I hate when they praise Zara, today that Zara will make kheer, I cant bear her praise. Ruksaar says this is our chance to insult her, she insulted you on first day here and now we can take revenge from her bu insulting her and her mother’s upbringing. She smirks.

Irfan gives Kabir a pen and says its my lucky pen, it has always allowed me to choose path of truth, hope it helps you too. Salma give new phone to Zara and says I broke your phone so I got a good one for you, call me daily. Zara says I will but promise to take your medicines on time. Zara’s Nikah Friday 10th July 2020 Salma says I will but take care of your life now, Ayesha’s house is yours now. Zara says you are right but relations doesnt change after marriage, kids should always take care of parents. Kabir says she is right Salma mom, miffed parents are like miffed God. Salma blesses him.

Zeenat says to Ruksaar that be careful for your plan. Ruksaar says I have thought about it. Zeenat scolds a servant. Ruksaar says dont show your anger, show you are nice in front and attack them from behind. Zeenat says sometimes if you try to be too nice then they can take advantage of you.

Kabir, Zara and Ayesha stop car near dargha. Ayesha says I want to pray, Kabir says I dont believe in all this. Ayesha asks Zara if she believes in it? Zara says yes, God blesses his pious men. Kabir says those who are gone cant help anyone. Zara says only God can help men but pious people are the way to reach them.

zee world Zara’s Nikah 10th July 2020 Ayesha and Zara goes to dargha. They pray. Zara ties thread on wall, she sees Kabir standing outside, they share eyelock through thread wall. Zara smiles.
Ayesha and Zara comes to Kabir, she offers him darga food, he says I dont eat anything named other than on God. Zara says you can do few things for elders happiness. Kabir thinks I married you to make them happy. He says its about rules.

Kabir, Zara and Ayesha comes home. Zeenat says to Ayesha that Ruksaar prepared for everything. Zeenat asks Kabir how was his night, he says good and leaves. Ayesha says to Zara that you will prepare kheer for first time. Zeenat says we have prepared everything, you can check. Ayesha says I have to check as I want everyone to praise Zara.

Zara is making kheer. Ruksaar thinks Zara will only get insulted.

Zara is making kheer. Ayesha says its smells nice. Alina wants to taste it, Ayesha says first guests will taste it. Zara says dont worry, I will give you share. Zeenat comes there and says guests are coming, Zara go and get ready. Ayesha says she is right, they leave. Zara’s Nikah update Friday 10 July 2020 Zara gets done with kheer and leaves. Ruksaar comes in kitchen, she sees salt bottle and mixed the whole bottle of salt in kheer. Kabir comes there so Ruksaar hides salt bottle, she asks if he needs anything? Kabir glares at her and says I wanted to come for water, what are you doing here? she says just cleaning.

Alina is taking kheer. Zara comes there and says Alina? Alina says I just wanted to taste it. Zara pours it for her and asks her to go in her room and eat, I wont tell anyone. alina says love you and leaves. Servant says to Zara that Ayesha is calling you, Zara asks to bring kheer.

Zara’s Nikah update thursday 9th July 2020 on zee world

Ayesha makes Zara meet guests and says I am jealous of myself for getting such a nice daughter in law. Guests say husbands can be lured with good food. Zeenat says we have heard she makes nice food. Kheer is brought there. Zara takes bowls and serves to everyone. Alina is running to her. Zara gives it to everyone. alina comes to her and whispers that salt was a lot in kheer I think by mistake. All eat kheer. Zara is tensed. Ayesha tastes it and says very nice kheer, all guests praise her. Alina says to Zara that I am not lying, there was a lot of salt in my kheer bowl. Ayesha asks Zara to bring more kheer.

Zara’s Nikah update Friday 10th July 2020: Zara is going to kitchen and thinks I gave bowl of kheer to Alina and it had salt then why other bowls didnt have it? She comes near kitchen and sees Kabir shouting at Ruksaar, she hides and hears them. Ruksaar says sorry to Kabir. Kabir says if you ever do it again then it wont be good, you wanted to insult her by mixing salt in it, its good that I caught you and changed kheer in time, what if guests had eaten that kheer? just remember one thing clearly that she is my wife and this house’s respect and if respect of house is tarnished that nobody would be bad than me. Zara is shocked to see him standing for her. Ruksar says what wife? you even know about marriage? you can show anything to world but I know your bedroom story. Kabir grunts Ruksaar! he glares at her. Zara sees all this and thinks.

In morning, Zara is sitting by window. She recalls Kabir’s words that she is his wife. Alina comes to her and says I got to know that Kabir changed kheer, your husband saved you.. sorry, Kabir told me to not tell anyone. Zara says I wont tell anyone.

All family members sit for breakfast. Ayesha says Zara you were looking really pretty, all guests praised you. Kabir comes there. Zara says let me give you breakfast, she takes plate for him and fills it, he is surprised. He takes food from her and leaves. Zara says to Ayesha that Kabir and me.. I mean I want to eat.. Ayesha says wife should eat with husband, go. Zara takes her food plate and leaves. Zeenat and Ruksaar fumes in anger.

Scene 2
Zara’s Nikah 10 July 2020 Kabir is putting sheet on floor to eat, Zara comes there and sets her plate too. Kabir says why you are taking pain, you can eat on dining table in room. Zara says if I wanted to eat on dining table then I would have eaten with family, I have to give you something. She gives him an envelope and says I got these gifts in kheer ceremony. Kabir says why giving me? its yours. Zara says this is for sweets shop from where Kheer was, he was praised a lot, you brought good kheer go give it to him, Kabir smirks and takes it. Zara says thank you for saving me from insult. Kabir says I didnt want people to make fun of my mom, it would have hurt me. Zara says you might have for mom but it saved me so thank you. Kabir says so you are eating with me to give back debt. Zara says I listen to my heart, my heart said to eat with you but you have problem with that. Kabir says I just asked a question and you started fighting. Zara says I was just answering. Kabir says I know you can fight for life, eat now. Zara glares at him.

Ayesha serves kheer to Shahbaz and says Zara made it. Kashan says you look really happy. Ayesha says did you see the way Zara set Kabir’s plate, Kabir have been alone but now their gap is lessening, I think they should go out to spend sometime. Shahbaz says you are right, he asks Kashan to prepare for their honeymoon. Alina says they can go to Kashmir. Shahbaz says good idea. Ruksaar and Zeenat are stunned.

Zara’s Nikah 10th July 2020 Zeenat throws things in kitchen. Ruksaar asks her to listen. Zeenat says I told you that you are trusting wrong person, Shahbaz is a person that can use anyone for his advantage, he got them married and now sending them to honeymoon and you cant see all this.. you think after all this he will help you? you are cheating yourself. Ruksaar says he promised me. Zeenat says when he will fulfill his promise when those two young bodies enjoy honeymoon in Kashmir alone. Ruksaar enough, I cant let Kabir go, they cant be one, they hate each other and even if they stop hating then my hate would never let them be one.

Ayesha comes to Zara and says I am very happy, the way you set Kabir’s plate made me believe you are right for him, since he cameback, he eats alone on floor, I have joints pain otherwise I would have sat down with him but now you are with him so you will make him eat, you will be his partner. She says relations are made for life, husband and wife fight but dont have too much gap between each other that it becomes unbearable, stop finding badness in other but start finding goodness. Ayesha asks Zara to pack her bags, you and Kabir are going on honeymoon as my gift. Zara is stunned.

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