Zara’s Nikah 12 March 2021: Zara’s Nikah update Friday 12th March 2021, Zara tells Jalali that if you try to hurt us then our men will come here to attack you, people. Asim is about to attack her but Jalali says do you realize how can I punish you? Zara says we are buying this opium for 5 crores but this is fake opium and Jalali doesn’t even know it. Jalali says you want to see how real my opium is? He makes the poor woman eat it. She gets dizzy and faints. Zara thinks that I wish I could save her. Jalali says she is so dizzy that she will die. Kabir laughs and says if this woman dies then it’s wrong. You said that you will burn her in fire and now you want to kill her with opium? What you said is not happening. Jalali says she will wake up and then will walk to the fire. Kabir smiles.

Jalali is trying to wake up the woman. Zara says I can help to wake her up. Jalali thinks that they are challenging my powers? Zara says we have to take her to a place to save her. Shahbaz says if you are unable to wake her up then we will kill you both. Zara says I agree.

Zara and Kabir bring the woman to their guest house and gives her a remedy. Kabir prays for her. The woman wakes up and looks around. Zara thanks God.

Zara’s Nikah 12 March 2021: Shahbaz tells Jalali that you wanted to know how they can wake her up, you wanted to know their remedy. Why didn’t you use your ghosts? Jalali says they have some protection from my ghosts. They are fools, I could kill them but I want to play and finish it with my victory, I want to know who these people are and why they are here.

Scene 2
Zara recalls Asim’s words and is about to cry but Kabir comes there and says they are recording our acts. He brings her closer and romances with her. He whispers to her that a camera is watching us so we have to act like a couple. Jalali is watching them. Zara puts on the music maahi ve and dances with him. Shahbaz sees them and says we have to see this? Jalali says they have played the music so we can’t listen to them, they don’t know who I am. Kabir whispers to Zara that I know you are crying for your brother from inside but you have to smile and be brave. Zara is about to breakdown but Kabir pulls her closer. Zara says I want to take him from here. Kabir asks her to be brave. Zara shows her picture with Asim and says I will fight for him against Jalali. Kabir says we will cross all the limits to protect our families. Jalali sees a light surrounding them and says they are protected from my magic. We have to separate them to attack them. I will hunt and make another runaway.

Scene 3
Zara’s Nikah 12 March 2021 zee world: In the morning, Zara is getting ready but hears some cat noise. She is scared but Kabir comes there and asks her to not open the door anyone. He leaves the house for food. Zara tries to ignore the cat sound. A doorbell rings. Kabir comes there and says ghosts are attacking us, we have to leave.
Kabir and Zara meet Babu Janab and says we have to find the sharia board members. Babu says don’t worry, I will find them. Kabir starts leaving and smirks. Another Kabir is going with Zara. Babu sees him and tells real Kabir about it. Real Kabir sees fake Kabir taking Zara in a car.

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