Zara’s Nikah 21 August 2020: Zara’s Nikah update friday 21st August 2020, Zara asks Shahbaz why Hashmi have animosity with Irfan? Shahbaz says Hashmi had some complaints, he didnt like Irfan’s decisions. He says to Kabir that Hashmi liked when you didnt lead the prayers for women, how you resigned and he took that as your sacrifice, he trusts you and he showed it, you should sit with him more, he is choosing you to run his legacy, Zara leaves from there. Kabir says I dont agree with him fully, Shahbaz says sit with him sometime, Kabir says I want to request to postpone Alina’s marriage for sometime, Zara is teaching her too, Shahbaz says okay, Kabir thanks him.

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Kabir comes to his room, he sees Zara praying. He waits for her. Kabir says nobody will talk about Alina’s marriage now, you will teach her and make her a good person. zara says okay and goes to sleep. Kabir asks if she wants light on or off? Zara doesnt answer him. Kabir lies on bed and says why dont you give me attention? Zara says I should go back to my house, you and your father are bringing problems that will create will troubles in our marriage, you and Shahbaz are taking advantage of Hashmi and my father’s animosity. Kabir says what? zara says Irfan didnt want me to do this halala case but you wanted to take me that, now I cant back out, Abida is bearing so much, you know what I am going through? I keep thinking when you will take decision of divorce, think about women going through halala, Kabir says you are talking like I just do torture on you, Zara says you dont value your family, our love is suffocating because you listen to others, why dont you divorce me? Kabir says enough, you want divorce? I will give it now.

Ayesha says to Shahbaz that you influence Kabir’s thoughts, he gave divorce to Zara and we didnt say anything, Shahbaz says I told him to not divorce Zara, he told me that he wants time. Ayesha says I wont let him lose Zara and me.

Kabir calms down and says sorry to Zara. Zara says sorry too. Kabir says today’s day was long. Zara looks away, he makes her look at him and asks why are you tensed? Zara says I wanted to live my life with my husband, love him and have a family with him but now I keep thinking about divorce, will Kabir divorce me? will he do it once and for all? if you divorce me then you wont be able to meet me, when Abida talks about her divorce, I think about our relation, I keep thinking you will divorce or me not, she sniffs and says I dont know what will happen with me but I wont let injustice happen with Abida. Kabir tries to console her but stops. Zara says I am going to sleep with Alina,. Kabir nods.

Zara comes to Alina’s room. Alina hides her phone. Zara says there is a good news, your marriage is postponed, Alina hugs her, Zara says Kabir did it, Alina says you must have convinced him, tell me what is the most important binding factor between husband and wife? Zara says why are you asking this? Alina says just for knowledge. Zara says trust is most important, without it relation is like unwoven cloth. She sees Alina dozing off and sleeps too.

In morning, Alina hugs Kabir and thanks him for taking her side. Ayesha asks Zara and Kabir to come with her. She says I want to ask whats the matter? KAbir says what? Ayesha says why dont you both focus on your marriage, world issues can be solved separately, focus on your relation, she says to Zara that I want you to resign from sharia board and focus on your relation. She says to Kabir that focus on board but also your relation, forget about divorce, take it back and start a new life, cant you do it for your mother? when you become parents then you will understand and everything will be good. Kabir says if I dont think about project then many youngsters’ dream will die. Ayesha says what about your relation? Zara says I didnt want to take this case but there is a girl Abida who have to face halala, I cant let injustice happen with her. Ayesha says what about your relation? Zara and Kabir says we will focus on that too. Zara says I want to go to Irfan’s house. Shahbaz says why suddenly? Zara says to tell him that people are conspiring against him, all are stunned.

Zara tells Irfan about Hashmi coming to meet Kabir. Irfan says I cant believe it, Salma says whats the trouble? Irfan says Shahbaz is using Kabir and now Hashmi, he is a big cheater, he will trap Kabir and make him lose everything, people like Hashmi cant be dedicated easily, Kabir has to be saved from him. Zara looks on.

Nelofar says how can I help you? Zara says I don’t need help from you. Nelofar says tell me what can I do. You look worried. Zara says I have to go to library and then meet Abida’s husband. but I dont’ wanna meet him in evening. Nelofar says I can meet him. You can go to library.

Kabir says where is this Abida’s husband. They meet Waseem. Kabir says so you are abida’s husband? You wanna do halala? He says who told you? Kabir says I want to know why you wanna marry her again? Waseem says whoa re you to ask me that. Kabir says mind your language.

Mairaj says to Kasahan I can help you. But you have to give this money to Waseem. After that your task for today is over.
Kabir says if you wanna marry her why did you divorce her? Waseem says I showed her worth to her. I didn’t want to marry her but amma forced me to marry. She isn’t leaving me after divorce. SHe is asking me for money. Kabir says I have never seen a disgusting man like you. You are marrying her so you don’t have to give her money. I wont let you succeed in it.
Kashan comes and says what is kabir doing here? Kabir leaves. He comes in and gives waseem money. Waseem says tell Miraj I will do his work.

Scene 2
Kabir comes home. Imam sahab is there. Kabir says why did you choose me for such a big thing? Imam says because you have the will to serve the nation. Find yourself. Fight this case and show your loyalty to the nation. Kabir says I am sorry but I wanna tell you that in this case I can’t support halala. I met Waseem and I can’t even think of helping him. He is disgusting. He should be punished. I am sorry. I shouldn’t be loud but he is really bad of a human. Imam says this isn’t limited to waseem or abida. This is about our culture. No one could think of goin against it and now it is being removed. Whole nations expects you to fight for their culture. You have to fight this case.

Nelofar comes to Waseem’s shop. Nelfar comes. Waseem says you here. Lets introduce. She says I am going. Waseem recalls Miraj asked him not to let the girl go. He stops nelofar and says you are Zara right? she says I am. He says why did you visit Abida? I heard that you promised someone you will get me punished. I am here, punish me. She says let me go. Waseem pulls her in. SHe shoves him but the door is locked. Nelofar says open the door someone. She says don’t you dare coming near me. He grasps her hand. Nelofar says leave me.

Kabir meets Kazi. Kazi says I would request you to stay away from people like Imam. He is very strict isn’t open to discussion. Kabir says can we challenge Quran and Hadith in court of law? Do you agree with me? Zara says I do. I don’t know what you were talking about but I get you right because ou re my husband. Tell me what were you discussing. They are both silent. She says food is ready. Amma is waiting. Qazi says lets go. Kabir says I don’t wanna eat. Zara says what happened? what were you questioning from abba? I didn’t ask in front of him. I didn’t know you would think all this. What is going on in your mind. He recalls what Imam said. He says I don’t know. I think of weird things. some are not good.

Nelofar hits Waseem and tries to go out but the shutter is down. Someone comes outside and picks the shutter. Nelofar hides.
Miraj sees a girl’s back an says dear Zara I am sorry I am late. She says I think you were hoping for someone else. she turns back. Miraj is dazed. He says what are you doing here? He says dear Zara? She is your beloved? What game are you playing. He says I was just sarcastic. She says better be. Don’t double play me. He says our time to play is over. How did you come here? She says came ere to help zara. I came to become her friend. He says I wanted to see Zara here. He leaves Nelofar says miraj but he goes out.

Scene 3
Shahbaz comes to Imam. Imam says welcome. I have a lot of expectations from your son. He should support Waseem. Shahabaz says i am talking to him. He thinks before doing things. He wont do anything wrong. Imam says you mean protecting religion is wrong? Tell your son he can’t go against religious law. When Allah asked Imbrahim to sacrifice something precious. He sacrificed his son. If you don’t give your son for this case there will be fights in the nation. People will kill people. Shahbaz says I understand. I will speak to Kabir. Good bye. He leaves.
Kabir comes home. Zara says what happened? He says I don’t need to tell you everything. She says its your duty to tell me everything. He says I went to meet waseem. SHe says when? Why didn’t you tell me. She says are you worried because of him. He is a very bad man. I have never seen someone disgusting like him Zara says i know he is really bad. You will fight this case against him right? Zara hugs him and says thank you. Abida will have justice. People like waseem should be punished I am with you in everything. Thank you for supporting me. Let me get the file.

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