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Zara’s Nikah 22 January 2021: Zara’s Nikah update Friday 22nd January 2021, Kabir comes back to Zara. Shahbaz calls Ruksaar and asks why she didn’t call Kabir? She says I am trying but he is not picking up. Kabir makes food for Zara. Zara says you will make food for people in Dubai. Kabir says I wanted to talk about it, Zara says I am hungry. Kabir says yes, begum (wife). Zara gets tensed and says I am not a begum. Suddenly lights go off. Kabir plays their pictures on a projector and says you are my light Zara, I was dying and you gave me a new life. He shows her the video of him asking for her hand from Salma and Irfan and how they accepted his proposal. Kabir says to Zara that I am not going to Dubai, at least not without my love and you are my love, I love you a lot. Shahbaz hides and sees all that. Kabir sits on his knees and asks Zara if she accepts this proposal? Zara cries and says I accept, I accept, I accept. Kabir hugs her and makes her wear the ring. Zara cries and kisses it. Tera ban jaunga plays as Kabir leans and kisses her forehead, he is about to kiss her lips but Zara stops him and blushes.

Salma tells Irfan that I just want Zara to have a good life, don’t know where Zara is. Irfan says she is with her would-be husband so let them enjoy.

Kabir and Zara are walking in the park, he asks for a kiss. Zara kisses his cheek and gives him a flying kiss. Mahiya plays. Zara says I will meet you later. She comes out of the venue and sees Shahbaz, she says I knew you would come here, you could do all that with me but to your son? You didn’t have shame in cheating with your son? you made him conscious of being around me. Shahbaz says I did it for my son, you are no one to tell me about him. Zara says I am Kabir’s life and his would-be wife too, I am back in his life and I won’t accept anyone trying to manipulate him, I will bring your truth out to Kabir soon. I will tell him that you had put petrol in that tank, you fooled Kabir.. you tried a lot but this time my husband will win. She leaves from there and goes to sit in the car. Shahbaz says you took my son away from me.
Zara says I made him go away from lies. Shahbaz says you won’t be able to tell the truth, he points a gun at her. Zara is shocked and says if you kill me then Kabir will die too. Shahbaz shoots her two times with a silencer.

Zara’s Nikah 22 January 2021: Shahbaz shoots Zara in the stomach and leaves from there. Kabir is waiting for Zara inside the garden. He comes out and sees a truck hit the car in which Zara is lying. He runs behind it but the truck drives the car away and throws it from the cliff. Kabir runs there and sees a blast happening and car burning completely. He shouts for Zara but people stop him from jumping. Kabir falls down crying.

Salma gets up a call and is shocked.

In the morning, everyone comes to the cliff site and asks Kabir where is Zara? Shahbaz smirks. Kabir shows Zara’s burnt car. Inspector says we are searching for the body in the jungle. An officer says we can’t find her body due to burning. Salma and others cry. Kabir is in shock.

Zara’s prayer is going on. Ruksaar says I have kept this prayer for Zara. Shahbaz says my son wanted to marry her but it was not in fate, we got to know that her body was burned to pieces so we couldn’t bury her. Kabir sadly leaves from there.

Kabir is walking on the road and recalls how Zara said that she loves him more than the stars in the sky. Zindagi plays as Kabir recalls their moments together.

After Some Time:
Zara’s Nikah 22 January 2021 update: A man is hiding in the jungle. Inspector arrives there and asks his officer to call Johnny, we need him for bomb disposal. In the jungle, Kabir offers prayers and prays that he has no wish to live and he will come to his Zara soon. Kabir’s outlook is changed as well. He hears the inspector calling Johnny. Kabir goes to the inspector. Inspector says I knew Johnny wouldn’t take safety. Kabir goes to find the bomb, the inspector asks him to be careful, you don’t love your life but we pray that nothing happens to you. Kabir finds the bomb and puts a foot on it, he thinks I am coming to Zara. The inspector shouts at him to not step on the mine but crushes it before it can blast. Another mine blast and Kabir falls away. He wakes up and sees his partner dying, Kabir shouts that God why didn’t you take me, I wanted to die.

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