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Zara’s Nikah 4 September 2020: Update On Zara’s Nikah Friday 4th September 2020, Hasib is in police station. Kabir is waiting for Zara. Zara arrives there and sees inspector filing FIR. Inspector says to Hasib that FIR is filed. Zara recalls lawyer’s words that if FIR is not filed then they can free Kabir. Zara goes to Kabir and sadly looks at him, they hold hands. Kabir wipes her tears, bolna.. mahi bolna plays. Zara leans in to bars but shies away seeing others there. Kabir comes closer and touches his forehead with hers. Zara stealthily kisses hand and turns away. She takes FIR from inspector and says nothing can separate Kabir and Zara, not this fake FIR, you wrote infront of me. Inspector says one FIR was filed 2 hours back, Zara says you are lying. Kabir says this inspector is with Hasib. Inspector says to Zara that I saw your love for Kabir, free him if you can. Zara says you saw our love? because I promise on that love that I will free Kabir and my family in 2 hours. She goes to Kabir and says dont worry, I will free all as soon as possible. She turns to leave but Kabir stops her and says goodbye. Zara nods and leaves. Shahbaz smiles seeing her confidence.

Zara’s Nikah update Friday 4 September 2020: Zara comes to commissioner. She thanks him for giving appointment on social media post. Commissioner says I wanted to meet you as I saw your opinion on triple divorce. Zara says I am requesting you as a daughter to come with me and see what is happening against law in a police station. Commissioner says time is changing, I can definitely go with you, she thanks him.

Zara’s Nikah update Friday 4 September 2020: Zara brings commissioner to police station. Commissioner says to inspector that Zara said FIR was filed later and time was put in of before. Inspector says she blaming. Zara says I love Kabir most and I swear on him that time was filed wrongly, Kabir was arrested before FIR was filed. Commissioner says we need proofs, not emotions. Zara says I have a proof, she looks at camera and says CCTV footage cant lie, it will show us when he filed FIR, officer says CCTV camera is not working, I can show you complaint report. Zara says this is a trap. Commissioner looks at report and says he is right, CCTV is not working. Shahbaz looks at commissioner and says you are on right time, commissioner says to inspector that why didnt you inform me before arresting him? inspector says he was running from country, Shahbaz says commissioner knows me, he asks commissioner to release him. Commissioner says FIR has been launched so I can do anything before Monday, sorry Zara. Kabir says but.. commissioner leaves. Zara says to Kabir that I promised you to free all before 2 hours and I will do it. Inspector laughs. Zara says you can laugh but you will see power of love soon. Zara looks at lady officer and sees her looking away, she leaves.

Zara comes to Irfan and stops his meeting. She says sorry, she tells Irfan that Kabir has been arrested. Irfan’s friend says you know we studied together, I am a judge and he is a head. She asks Zara why she is worried? Zara says I am worried about my husband.

Kabir tries to open lock of cell but its not opening.

Zara’s Nikah Friday update 4 September 2020: Judge says to Irfan that courts are closed till Monday. Zara says if supreme court can be opened at night for hanging someone then why cant you open court? Judge says its a district court, I cant do it. Zara thinks that I will free Kabir at any cost. Zara remembers something and leaves.

Zara’s Nikah 4 update September 2020: Officer brings Kabir out of cell. Inspector asks if he is going to washroom? Zara comes there and hugs Kabir. She says to Kabir that I found proof, you will be freed. Commissioner comes there and says to inspector that I want to show you something. He shows him video of inspector talking to Hasib and asking for money to write fake FIR. It shows how Hasib bribed him to keep Kabir in jail. Inspector is stunned. Kabir says you should be ashamed. Commissioner suspend inspector and takes all his badges. Inspector is angry and leaves. Commissioner frees Zeenat and Shahbaz. Zara hugs Zeenat. Shahbaz thanks commissioner. Commissioner says thank Zara, she helped me a lot to reach truth. Zara says its women power, your woman constable brought that video to me. Flashback shows how she saw constable was worried and Zara called her to convince her, Zara says constable wanted to be part of truth, she didnt think twice before helping me to find truth, she wants to teach her kids justice. Kabir thanks her. All leave. Kabir claps for Zara and says I have to agree that your power of love saved me after 2hours and 4minutes, she says you are making fun of me? Kabir kisses her forehead and goes out, she is surprised.

Kabir is in house, he offers prayers and prays that God you helped me a lot otherwise I wouldnt be able to go to Dubai, now solve everything there please.

Zara’s Nikah update Friday 4th September 2020: Kabir says to Zara that our mehndi didnt complete and I am leaving. Zara kisses hands and looks away but Kabir pulls her closer and hugs her tightly. Zara says you are not going for life, we have time to celebrate our lives. Zara says to Kabir that Ruksaar is in jail and if she is innocent then you need to go and save her, I would have gone with you but my passport has gone to change to your name. Kabir says I will think about you every moment, I am taking you with me in my heart, pray that I fulfill all my work there and I comeback to you to finish our mehndi, our beautiful wedding. Kabir hugs her and kisses her forehead.

Shahbaz is arranging Visa for Kabir, he says to agent that you have to do it as fast as you can. Kabir says my friend Hamid told me that if I book flight for Bangkok then I can have a stay at Dubai for 4 days and request for extension too. Zara gives Kabir passport of Zeenat and says she is going with you. Kabir says you are right, she is her sister. Kabir calls his agent and asks for another ticket, he looks at Zeenat’s passport and is tensed. He says Zeenat cant go with me, all look on.

Kabir says to Zeenat that your passport expired so you cant go. Zeenat says there is no way? Zara says dont worry, Kabir is going there. Zeenat says I cant meet Ruksaar? Kabir says dont worry, I will bring Ruksaar at any cost.

Zara and Kabir are in car, Kabir says I am sorry, everything happened so fast that I have to go there for Ruksaar. Zara holds his hand and says I know Ruksaar tried to poison our lives but I have forgiven her way back and I want you to forgive her too and I know you will never take side of bad, if she really needs help then go and save her. Kabir is surprised by her genuine words.

Zara’s Nikah 4 September 2020 update: Kabir stops car at airport. Zara gets down from car and asks Kabir to take off his jacket, she makes him take it off, he says people are looking. she takes his jacket and says our wedding rituals might have stopped in middle but we will complete them when you comeback with Ruksaar but if I mistakenly remember you then this jacket will make me feel you near me, she hugs his jacket and sighs. Zara gives him another jacket, he smiles. Kabir kisses her cheek, she smiles. Kabir says maybe you are the best wife of world.. no best wife in universe. Zara says you are best husband of world too. They share an eyelock. She makes him wear another jacket. Zeenat’s car arrives at airport. Zara says bhabhi? Zeenat comes to them and says to Kabir that you know our father died before Ruksaar was born and when my mother gave birth to Ruksaar, she said to me that I am guardian and mother of Ruksaar so please even if anyone says anything, remember she is very important to me, if anything happens to her then my life will be destroyed. Kabir says I will put my life in saving her.

Zara’s Nikah update Friday 4 September 2020: Zeenat says I know but you are a human and humans tend to flow with emotions, I know what Ruksaar did with you was wrong, she is my sister so forgive her and please dont have any grudge against her. Kabir says you might feel it weird but sometime back.. Zara stops him. Kabir says we dont have any grudge against Ruksaar. Zeenat asks Kabir to put hand on Quran and promise it. Zara says its not needed. Kabir says I have already promised. Zeenat says please I just have a small fear, just promise that if any relation or any problem come inbetween saving Ruksaar then you will not stop and bring her back to me. Kabir says you know its not right to swear on Quran, she begs him. Kabir puts hand on Quran and promises that he will not let anything come inbetween saving Ruksaar and he will not think about anything else. Zara is tensed. Zeenat is elated and says bring my sister soon. He nods. Zeenat eyes Zara and leaves from there. Zara smiles at Kabir and cups his face, he kisses her hand, she blushes. Kabir says take care, I will take care of myself. Zara says I know you will never go wrong and save Ruksaar then we will fulfill our life dreams together. Kabir says hopefully, tu thori dair or ther ja. Zara hugs him and says bye. He says bye and starts leaving with his luggage. Zara sadly smiles.
Kabir sits in airport and looks at Zara’s picture on phone.

Scene 2
Kabir arrives at Dubai. He goes to Dubai police station and goes to inspector. He says I want to meet a prisoner, I am Indian. Inspector is Indian too. Kabir says I want to meet Ruksaar, he tells her passport number. Inspector asks if he has court permission? Kabir says I have to go to court? Inspector says go to police station where complaint was filed, they will help you, Kabir asks which police station? inspector tells him, Kabir leaves.

Kabir is going to other police station. He says to inspector that Ruksaar’s sister gave me chance to come here for Ruksaar, inspector reads Zeenat’s letter that she couldnt come to Dubai so Kabir will handle her case. Inspector says give this affidavit in sharia court, its not attested from Delhi council so get that first. Kabir says councils are closed on weekends so please help me. Inspector says its Ruksaar’s bad luck, you cant meet her without papers. A man looks at Kabir. Kabir says to inspector that its about a life, please dont stop it because of papers, inspector says you can leave. Kabir thanks and leaves from there. Man (spy) goes behind him.

Kabir is walking on road and man(spy) follows him and calls someone.

zee world Zara’s Nikah update 4 September 2020: Ayesha have arranged prayers for Ruksaar’s safety. All guests come there to pray. Zara says we have to be careful that no bead on which prayers will be recited goes missing. Kabir calls Zara, she asks he is fine? Kabir says ask Zeenat which company was Hamdan working in? Zara goes to call Zeenat. Zeenat takes call and asks if met Ruksaar? is she fine? Kabir says I couldnt meet her, Hamdan was working in which company? Zeenat tries to remember and says it was ‘Global Engineering corporation’, Kabir thanks and ends call. Zeenat says he didnt say anything else, Zara says lets pray for Ruksaar.

Kabir comes to Hamdan’s company, he goes to manager. Manager says I was gone to Pakistan to my home, when I cameback 10 days back and got to know about Hamdan’s death. Kabir says you didnt have duty to tell us? Manager says Hamdan left our company 3 months back, he wanted to open his own company. The spy who was following Kabir is there too. Kabir says to man that you dont know anything about Ruksaar when her husband Hamdan used to work here? Man says Hamdan used to say that he got a bad wife and see fate that she killed him. Kabir leaves and thinks that God help me please.

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