Zara’s Nikah update Friday 7 August 2020: Kabir says to Zara that I fulfilled your conditions so its time for you to resign from your position in project. Zara signs on resignation papers and gives it to kabir, He thanks her. She says its a good project and will help our nation. Kabir says yes. Zara says I have you happy by resigning, now you tell me how you will make my remaining 28 days full of happiness? she gives him pen, smiles and leaves. Kabir looks on.

Miraj comes to kabir’s house. miraj gives invitation cards to everyone. shahbaz asks what is this? Miraj says tomorrow is our project’s inauguration, Kabir asks Shahbaz to have a look if there is something missing. Zeenat says this card doesnt have zara’s name and she is a partner in this project. All look on. Ayesha asks Kabir why there is not zara’s name in it? Kabir looks on. Zara says because I have resigned from this project. Ayesha says why? Zara says I wanted to make kabir happy and his happiness was in this. Kabir looks on. Shahbaz says you did a nice thing, i was against this project but now I feel this project is important for kabir and this nation, my son is doing a big thing. Kabir thanks him. Zara says work is nice but it has many problems, i am happy that Shahbaz you like it but truth that if you dont help then this project wont be able to go on longer. kabir says no, Zara you have left this project so you shouldnt be talking about it. zara says everyone has heard about your dreams but I have seen your dreams in your eyes, people sleep to dream but I have seen you not sleeping because of your dream. Ayesha asks what she wants to say? Zara says even with miraj’s help, this project can stop because of money. Miraj says we are working on that. Zeenat says Zara you have mahar money so you can help too. Zara says relations are more important than money to me. Ayesha says Zara is right, parents should help their kids then Shahbaz why dont you help? Shahbaz says i know my duties and I know what i have to do for my son so I want to announce that the amount which was used to start this project, I will put that same amount in this project now. All are happy to hear it. Kabir thanks him and is elated. Miraj is tensed. Zara smiles seeing him smile.

Zara’s Nikah 7 August 2020: Kabir comes to room and thanks Zara. Zara comes closer and says you are forgetting that you have given me one divorce and will give me other two divorces in some days.. She tries to turn but strikes with him, she says you have been thanking me a lot today, its bad, I mean if you become habituated to it then how will you divorce me? kabir laughs and says you say weird things. Zara says will you take me to project inauguration? Kabir says anyone can come. Zara says I mean will you take me with you? I left this project for you, then not as a project partner, you can take me as a wife? like you and me go together? Kabir says okay. She is stunned and says really? he nods. Zara says then you have to behave like a husband there with me, he says okay. She asks promise? He holds her hand and says promise. Zara hugs him without realizing, he moves away. Zara smiles and thinks he made my 3rd day special too.

Zara goes to lie on couch. Kabir says you wont get sleep here. Zara says we will alternate days, today i will sleep on it. Kabir says no.. Zara lies on sofa. He glares at her and says you dont listen even when I say something nice for you, you wont be getting sleep here, I will sleep peacefully. He sits on bed. Zara smiles at him. Kabir says I am looking, she keeps glancing at him lovingly.

Miraj comes to his room and recalls how Zara got money for the project. He beats his pillow in anger. Nilofar comes there and says so much anger? I heard that zara took happiness from you? Zara destroyed your whole plan and all money is gone too. Miraj says there is no treatment for this zara, I have to finish her. Nilofar says no, zara have a lot of money and you know where there is money, there is a show, I was thinking tha I should play from Zara’s team too sometimes. Miraj puts a knife on her neck and glares at her. Nilofar smirks and winks at him, she points knife at him too, Miraj puts his knife down, Nilofar leaves.

Zara’s Nikah 7 August 2020: Shahbaz is in thoughts, Miraj comes to him and says you called me here? Shahbaz asks him to sit down and says tomorrow after inauguration, I want you to tell finances of the project to kashan. Miraj says you dont have to invest in this project. Shahbaz says its my need, I never invested in a bad deal but I have to now because Zara asked for help infront of all and Ayesha said that she will sell her jewelry if I dont invest but I want you to do something in inauguration? Miraj asks what? Shahbaz says a blast which will not be good for irfan. Miraj says but Irfan is ill these days. shahaz says i will convince him to come to the function, you prepare for the blast.

Zeenat comes to Zara’s room. Zara says Kabir is not here. Zeenat says I have brought this tea for you, I thought you have limited days here so I should serve you, are you coming for the inauguration? I thought Kabir threw you out so you would have shame to not come there. Zara says I am not the partner anymore but its a huge moment for my husband so I will proudly go there hand in hand with my husband to cheer on him. Zeenat says you have too much ego but you have less time and it will end in 28 days. Zara holds her hand and kisses it, she thanks her for the tea, Zeenat glares at her and leaves.

Miraj gives money to some people and says do my work as I said, the one who does nice work will get bonus too.

Irfan gets ready, Salma says you should be resting. Shahbaz is there too. irfan says I am fine, this is a big day for Kabir and we have to be there for our kids. Shahbaz says dont worry, I will take care of him all the time. Salma says one minute, she prays for Irfan. Irfan and Shahbaz leaves.

Zara’s Nikah 7 August 2020: inauguration ceremony starts. Shahbaz enters there. Kabir and zara get down from car, Zara sets his sherwani and says congrats, you got the day you have been waiting for, hope you set example for everyone. zara’s earring falls, Kabir gets it for her. Kabir recalls how zara asked him to be a husband with her there. kabir says you wanted to walk with me right. He holds her hand, Zara pins her arm in his arm. Kabir and Zara enters inauguration center hand-in-hand. Miraj enters behind them and smirk. Ayesha smiles seeing them coming inside together. zeenat glares at zara. All guests and reporters are there. They see them. One man says that our priest divorced this girl so why are they coming together, one woman says this is so insulting, there is no limit to shamelessness, one says if I knew I would be seeing such cheap things then I wouldnt have come. Kabir and zara looks on.

Zara’s Nikah update Thursday 6 August 2020

One guest says to Zara that after divorce, intimate with your husband is termed as shamelessness. Zara says we are not divorced. Kabir asks her to not talk. Zara says they need to understand, we are still husband and wife. One guest says they are divorced and still married? what joke is this? this is not your father’s sharia board, this is like making a joke of religion, this is a devil’s act, this girl have destroyed Irfan’s respect, this all is a drama of Irfan and Zara, we need a new head priest, we will leave if Zara doesnt leave. Irfan falls down in chair in shock. Ayesha comes to Kabir and asks him to stop them. Miraj says this is our function and we cant stop them, everyone hates Zara here. Kabir comes to Shahbaz. Shahbaz says we can stop this drama only if Zara and Irfan leaves from here, I will talk to Irfan, you talk to Zara, dont think about it, its our respect, we made it in years but it can be destroyed in a minute, think if you want to save your wife which you have divorced or this project? Kabir looks on. Kabir comes to Zara, he holds her hand. Zara says did you see? Kabir says its better if you leave from here right now. Zara is hurt to hear it. Kabir looks away. Zara grabs his hand and says leave? what? without you? Kabir jerks her hand away, He says yes and looks away. Imran says Kabir.. Kabir says no. Zara is dejected and sadly looks at Kabir one last time, she leaves from there. Irfan looks on. Shahbaz says to Irfan that you dont seem fine, I will send you to car. He takes Irfan from there.

Zara’s Nikah 7 August 2020: Zara is walking out and recalls Kabir asking her to leave the venue, she is in tears.

Inauguration starts, Shahbaz takes knife and cuts the rope for project. Kabir says to audience that we make priests and give them teachings of our religion but we dont work to make their lives easy.. I want to thank two people, one person is very important for me who made this project happy and that is my father Shahbaz and other one is Miraj who is my good friend and took part in this project, this project will help people of madarasas to learn skills of the world and live a good life.

Reema is car and sees Zara walking on road, she stops her car and goes to her. Zara hugs her and cries. Reema asks what happened? tell me.

Imran says to Kabir that I am ashamed of your friendship, what you did with Zara was wrong, animalistic and a jerk move. Kabir says I did what I thought was right, it was important for her to leave from there, Imran says she is your wife, you should have stood with her like a husband but you stood there silently as as weak man. Kabir says situation was like that. Imran says you dont show love as per situation, I saw the pain and hopelessness in Zara’s eyes, I dont know where she is. You cant be my friend because what you did was my friend’s morals, I will find her, he leaves. Kabir looks on.

Zara’s Nikah 7 August 2020: Irfan comes home. He says to Salma that I shouldnt have gone there, our daughter was taunted, people chanted against me. Salma says why? Irfan says because I am a father of a daughter who was divorced. Salma says but her divorce is not completed. Irfan says people dont know that. Salma says Kabir should have told them. Irfan says they were silently watching the drama. Salma says why didnt you bring Zara here? Salma says I cant see my daughter like this, I dont need inlaws like that, she calls Zara but she is not picking up. Irfan says maybe we have chosen the wrong house for our daughter, there is nothing bigger than respect, let this divorce happen.

Alina says to everyone that Zara is not anywhere in house. Ayesha says Zara was forced to leave, it was not right. Shahbaz says we will find her and send her to her house. Ayesha says first you force her out of function and now send her to her house? Shahbaz says its about his project, your son is a role model now, everyone keeps an eye on him and they dont want to see him with Zara, he says to Kabir that now you have to choose if you want to be role model or Zara’s husband. Miraj says he is right, you have to choose if you want to work on the hard work you have done for years or be with Zara. Zeenat says I dont know much but I know that wives should make husbands proud not bring shame.

Zara is in park and says to Reema that everything is finished, my parents did that relation but I worked to build it, I gave away my emotions, my feelings, my truth to him, I thought he loved me but it was all duty for him, all our moments were duty and not love? when he divorced me, I had hope that I will make our remaining days so beautiful that he will be with me for life but he has extinguished my hope, when I needed him most, he left me in a corner like stranger, when people will insulting me, he was silently watching it, all my dreams are broken, She cries and breakdowns. Reema says I will bring water for you.

Reema brings water and sees Zara missing from her spot, she looks around but doesnt find her.

Imran comes to Kabir’s house and says I searched everywhere but Zara is nowhere. All are tensed. Shahbaz says to Kabir that religion is above our lives and for big things we need to make sacrifices, for religion cant you sacrifice your happiness with Zara? Kabir looks on. Ayesha says what are you saying? every religion in this world teaches that humanity is above everything, maybe this house have forgotten the meaning of humanity. She says to Kabir that a girl who left her house, did everything to make everyone happy here, she left her thoughts, her happiness, her feeling behind for this house, did everything to make her house and today we are talking about sacrificing her? what about the justice with her? I am ashamed to say that humans dont live here. Kabir gets tensed and tries to call Zara. Reema comes there. Kabir asks did she meet Zara? Reema says to Kabir that she was crying a lot, she was broken, dont know where she went, she met outside inauguration hall, I went to bring water but she went missing, she was crying a lot, please find her, Kabir do something, find her, she might take some action. Shahbaz says dont worry, I will inform police, they will find her ad send her home. Kabir says no, Ayesha is right this time, religion teaches us humanity and if its not there then who will follow religion? Ayesha asks where he is going? Kabir says to fulfill my duty, I did a mistake and I am going to rectify it. He leaves from there. Shahbaz is miffed.

Zara is walking on roads and recalls how Kabir once told her that dont involve in his work, she is just his wife, their moments in Kashmir, naina plays.
kabir and Imran are searching for Zara everywhere.
Zara is walking on railway line in a daze recalling her moments with Kabir, how she was insulted in the function and Kabir remained silent, how he asked her to leave the function.

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