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Zara’s Nikah 10 August 2020: Zara’s Nikah update Monday 10th August 2020, Zara thinks that Ayesha told me Shahbaz didnt money to Kabir then who gave it? Nilofar says to Miraj that you cant impress me then who else can you impress? Miraj pulls her closer and says love is a blind well of fire that you cant help but jump in. Nilofar says wow but you didnt make my day special. She start Aa zara kareeb se song and starts dancing with Miraj. Miraj imagines her to be Zara and pulls her closer and closely dances with her. Zara is passingby from his room and sees Miraj and Nilofar intimately dancing. She thinks what is happening in this house? Miraj pins Nilofar to wall, Nilofar says you made my heart happy today. She hugs him. Zara is shocked and disgusted and leaves from there.

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Zara recalls Nilofar in Miraj’s arms, him leaning into her. She sees Kabir working out and goes to him. Kabir says Zara? Zara says I have to tell you something. Kabir says you asked me to make this day special for you? I have thought it. Come with me. He gives her some files, he says these are sharia board files, I want to take your suggestion in these cases. Zara gets happy and starts reading them. Kabir smiles. Zara says you want my suggestion? you know my thoughts might be different from yours. Kabir says yes maybe somewhere our thoughts can join and we can find solution of these cases, right? Zara smiles. She starts studying them while Kabir does workout. Zara comes to him and says you proved today that you are a very nice husband, loving wife is easy but giving her equal respect is different. Kabir says when person is efficient then that should be praised and you deserved to be praised. Zara blushes and gives him towel. Zara says you made my day really special. Kabir says I won, I completed your challenge without spending any money. Zara smiles and says you are really nice, thank you. Kabir asks her to read the files, I have to meet someone, he leaves.

Zara’s Nikah 10 August 2020: Shahbaz says to Kabir how is the response for your education center? Kabir says people are liking it, in few years, we will be successful. Miraj says education is a great business now, you have to open schools and earn a lot of money. Kabir says education is not a trade and nobody should think about earning from it. Miraj says I was just giving my suggestion. Kabir says you will get your money, he leaves. Shahbaz says you shouldnt have talked about money infront of him. Miraj says I am sorry, I wont say anything like to him again, I am thankful that you made me your guests. Shahbaz says you did a great favor by making Kabir’s dreams come true, we just gave you place to stay, you are like a son to us and you did a lot for me.

Kabir comes to Zara with a flower. She laughs and asks this flower for whom? Kabir says for you, you are my wife and you are helping in these cases as a worker but I cant pay you as that would be considered as a bribe so I am giving you this flower. Zara thanks him and takes flower from him, she says what are you thinking? are you planning something? Kabir says I have some work, I have to do it and we have very less time together. Zara says lets enjoy the time we have, dont worry, you made my day special. Kabir says tomorrow too, I will try to come fast home tomorrow. Kabir says you know why I am worried? because someone else is involved in this project, I would have to do what I didnt want but if someone has invested money then they will think about return, they will not back down, you shouldnt trust someone with so much money. Zara looks on. Zara says you will have breakfast with me tomorrow? and you wont be angry? Kabir says what? Zara says I might not be here after 24 days to take care of you so you will have to take care of yourself, take care of your health, promise me. Kabir says I promise. Zara thinks that I might not be here after 24 days but I will do everything to protect Kabir, this Miraj seems a fishy character and only Nilofar can tell about him.

Zara comes to Imran and Reema. Reema says why did you call us? Zara says I have brought a proposal for Imran. Imran says what? Zara says I want you to marry to Nilofar. He is stunned and says what are you saying? you are joking right? Zara says I really want you to marry her.. I am joking, this is my plan, I will never think about getting you married with her. Imran and Reema both say that we thought to not marry before jobs. Zara says what? they both sheepishly smile. Zara tells them some plan about Nilofar.

Zara’s Nikah 10 August 2020: Zara sets breakfast table and greets everyone. She thanks Kabir for having breakfast with her. All come there. Zara says to Kabir that how is Imran as a guy? he says he is a nice guy, I always found him near me when I needed him. Zara says if elders agree and Nilofar doesnt have any problem then why dont we get Imran and Nilofar married? All are surprised. Nilofar and Miraj gets tensed. Zeenat murmurs she doesnt know her marital status and thinking about others marriage. Ayesha says this is a great idea and he wont say no to me. Kabir says this is a good idea, its a pious thing to join relations. Zara says to Zeenat that Ruksaar got married here, Nilofar is Ruksaar childhood friend so you must know her from years. Zeenat blurts that I dont know her.. Ayesha says what? Zeenat says I mean I know her but cant take her life’s decisions, elders should take that decision. Shahbaz says Miraj you tell, if you think this is a good proposal for your sister so we can talk ahead, you can call your family and I will talk to Imran’s mother, he doesnt have father, All look on. Miraj says I will think about it and let you know, he leaves to work with Kabir. Nilofar leaves from there too, Zara looks on.

Zara comes to Nilofar’s room and searches around. She finds a bag in shelf. She finds a cheque of Ruksaar of 50lacs to Nilofar. Zara opens bag and finds some diamonds inside, she thinks so many diamonds Nilofar have? Nilofar comes there and asks what are you searching? Zara says your reality, I would love to bring your real face out. Nilofar says what are you saying? Zara says I am not a fool, tell me your truth, who are you? Are you and Miraj real siblings or making fun of this pious relation? Nilofar says Miraj is my brother darling. Zara says brother or only darling? Nilofar gets tensed.

Zara’s Nikah 10 August 2020: Nilofar says to Zara that Miraj is my brother, Zara says brother or lover? Nilofar acts shocked and says me and Miraj are siblings. Zara says stop this drama, tell me the truth, who are you and Miraj? Why did Ruksaar give you 50 lacs? and these diamonds? are these yours? stolen? Nilofar says Ruksaar is my friend and can give me money. Zara says why she gave it to you? Nilofar says she just gave it. Zara says she is your friend right? in which school did you both study? Nilofar says I.. Zara says which class did you study together? she says 6th standard and did graduation together. Zara says graduated in fooling others? Nilofar says dont question me like that, why you are asking all this? stop blaming me, you have insulted me enough, you wanted to call my parents? I will call them and you can ask them. Zara says if you are saying truth then you can answer everything and I am taking this cheque and diamonds, I will give it to Ayesha, she will keep them safe, you will prove that you and Miraj are siblings, you should marry Imran and leave from here otherwise police will ask you all this. she leaves from there. Nilofar is tensed.

Miraj and Kabir are in car. Miraj gets a call and says sure thats great. He ends call. Miraj says to Kabir that people are trusting our projects. Kabir says this is happening because of you, you invested in this project and made it happen. Miraj says some investor wants to invest, they are willing to give 2 crores, you can give scholarships now. Kabir is elated and says thats great. Miraj says I have some work, drop me here. Kabir drops him.

Nilofar says how can I be such a fool? what if Zara tells anyone? She gets Miraj’s call. Miraj tells her some idea. Nilofar says wow this is great, now I will play like that.

Zara comes to Zeenat and says I want to talk. Zeenat says you have only 23 days so dont waste talking to me. Zara says Nilofar and Ruksaar are friends of childhood? in which school did they study? Zeenat says Ruksaar is gone from this house so leave her. Zara says Ruksaar gave 50 lacs to Nilofar, there must a reason, plan behind it? I have to know that, she shows her the cheque. Zeenat is tensed and says I dont remember when they became friends, they were in 8th standard together, Zara says Nilofar was telling me she was with Ruksaar from 6th standard. Nilofar comes there and says Miraj was asking if Amaan likes water colors or he likes crayons? Zeenat gets tensed and recalls how Miraj threatened that he will hurt Amaan if she opens her tongue. Zara says all colors are same, only truth remains in the end, she gives her a glare and leaves.

Zara’s Nikah 10 August 2020: Zara comes to Ayesha and tells her everything. Ayesha says so you are saying that Nilofar and Ruksaar are plotting something? Zara says yes, I promise that I wont let Ruksaar and other enemies hurt us, we have to take some decision about them. Ayesha says let Shahbaz and Kashan come back and then we will decide. Zara says okay.

Nilofar stops Zara and says I am requesting you to give diamonds back to me, its not mine, its Miraj’s, he gave it to me to protect, if he knows that I couldnt protect it then he will feel bad, please give diamonds back. Zara says let Miraj comeback then I will give his diamonds back, I will ask some questions to him. Nilofar says you are doing wrong, this will not end well. Zara says I know bad things end badly and people who threaten should look at themselves too, she leaves from there.

Scene 2
Zara’s Nikah 10 August 2020: Zara comes to Miraj’s room. Its all dark there. Miraj smirks at her. Zara says who are you? what is your plot? Miraj says if I knew you would be coming then I would have dressed well. Zara says just tell me who are you? Miraj says I am supporting your husband with financial support and you are asking me who I am? now you tell me who are you? Let me tell, you are Zara and Kabir is going to divorce you then you will be lonely, who will take care of you? your eyes will search for someone and I can end that, I can become your partner of loneliness by marrying you. Zara tries to slaps him but he grabs her hand. Miraj says dont do the mistake of slapping me, I know very well that you love Kabir a lot but he is divorcing you and me? I am trying to help your loneliness and you are slapping me? this is injustice. Zara jerks him away and says I saw your filthy eyes, now I know you gave money to Kabir so he can divorce me and you did everything in inauguration ceremony but remember one thing, I am not a weak girl, I wont let you win in this game, just see what I do with you, she turns to leave. Miraj says done leave me Miraj’s darling. Zara is stunned and looks at him, she says what did you call me? Miraj says you love Kabir a lot, tell me what you can do for Kabir? Miraj tells her some plan, Zara is shocked. Miraj laughs evilly, Zara stumbles and thinks.

Zara is going to her room, she recalls Miraj’s words about what she can do for Kabir? She wipes her tears and goes to her room. Kabir comes there and greets her. She tries to take his bag but he says not this. Zara says I will bring tea for you. He thanks her and leaves. Zara recalls Miraj’s words.

Zara brings tea for Kabir. He asks her to put it down, she does. Kabir says people are right, marrying is easy but becoming a nice husband, making your wife is very difficult and I have realized after divorce that Kabir Ahmed has become a responsible husband. He shows her a dress he was hanging behind his back and says this is for you. She says for me? He says yes, I dont know your choice so I called your friend Reema, she talked for one hour and then told me that this dress is of your liking, he puts dress on her and smiles. Zara looks on. She says what happened to you? Kabir says dress is beautiful and you look like a fairy. Zara laughs. Kabir says I am hungry, what has Ayesha made? Zara asks Kabir from where did you get money to buy this dress? did you take debt? from the same person who gave you debt to pay my mahar? Kabir looks on and says what do you want to say? dont say it. Zara says your smallest thing is okay with me but taking debt to give me things. Kabir says I brought this dress for you.. he claps and says wow you have said a nice thing, he throws things away and leaves from there in anger. Zara falls down and recalls Miraj’s words that what she can do for Kabir?

Zara’s Nikah 10 August 2020: Miraj comes to Zara’s room and sees her in tears. He smirks and sits with her, he says can I come inside? She glares at him.

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