Zara’s Nikah update Monday 11 January 2021 On Zee World


Kabir and Zara comes home. Irfan asks Zara to go to her room, she does. Goon tells Irfan to control his daughter, he leaves. Kabir says what he was saying? Irfan says to Kabir that I sent my daughter after trusting you but you didnt take care of her, you dont keep your promises, I am requesting you to stop playing with my daughter, he leaves.
Salma asks Zara where was she? Irfan comes there and asks where was she at night? He gets Zain’s call and says welcome to our city, we will meet tomorrow, he ends call and tells Zara why did she go with Kabir to pick up Zain?

Zara’s Nikah 11 January 2021 update: Shahbaz stops Kabir and I am ashamed that you are roaming around with a strange girl. Kabir says you were my hero but no hero does it, you kidnapped me, insulted Zara, what is this? Shahbaz says Zara is keeping an affair with you, people are taunting. Kabir says why didnt you go to Ayesha since she is back from hospital? Stop talking about world, you might think my relation with zara is illegal but your relation with Ayesha is legal so do your duty, he leaves. Shahbaz thinks he is arguing with me because of her.

Azra tells Zara that extremists were harassing Irfan when you went with Kabir. Zara says he is my friend and there is nothing wrong with it. Azra says no everyone thinks that.

Ruksaar comes to poison Ayesha’s medicine when she is sleeping. Kabir comes there so she hides it in a bin and leaves. Kabir sits with Ayesha and says I dont know what is happening in my life, where my relation with Zara is going, why did she come to stop me on airport? I have decided to go away from her. I have to free her from bounds as I love her too much, its good you are sleeping. He turns to leave but bin falls down, he sees bottle rolling down. Ruksaar comes there and says its her medicine, give it to me, he gives it. Ruksaar leaves.

Kabir comes to Shahbaz’s room and puts sheet on him while he is in bed. He says sorry for talking rudely. Shahbaz says you should be careful about our respect. Kabir says I am not doing anything wrong. Shahbaz hugs him and thinks I will separate him from Zara.

Zara’s Nikah update 11 January 2021: In morning, news reporters come there and ask Kabir about his victory. Kabir thanks his family and his friend Zara. Reporter says she was your wife and now your friend? Kabir says yes, I have right to live my life as I want. Reporter says you took a stranger with you. Kabir says our relation is pure. Reporter says you both were married, you can cross line anytime. Kabir says she is my friend, dont taunt it. Reporter asks if they are friends with benefits? Kabir glares at him.

Zara thinks why I want to stop Kabir from moving on?

Kabir attacks a repoter when he comments on his relation with Zara. All leave from there. Shahbaz scolds Kabir and asks him to control his life, Kabir leaves.

Irfan comes to Salma and says we have a lot of work today. Police comes there, all look on. Inspector says Zara was arrested and bailed but she is still under observation. Zara comes there and says you dont know Irfan is? talk with respect. Inspector says you have to follow the rules. Zain comes there and says we will. Zain says to inspector that she is not a criminal till convicted, I will send her documents to your station, he called me here for you only. Inspector says Irfan didnt tell me. Zain says we will meet in court and then decide. Inspector says come in court with her. Zain says come with lady officer as its her right and talk with respect. Inspector nods and leaves. Zain praises Zara’s guts. Salma says you are a really good man, thank you for helping her. Irfan hugs him. Zain says I can smell halwa, Salma says yes, I am bringing it for you.

Kabir comes to mosque. All eye him and taunt him. Kabir greets everyone and says my message can reach people here, friendship is above relations, I have a friend called Zara, you might think girl and boy cant be friends but I want to tell you that my father was with me, she is pious, our relation is as pious as namaz. Man says dont compare namaz wit a sin. Other man says time has changed, people have evolved. Kabir says islam allows you to live life as you want. Imran says I am with you and you are right. All go to Kair and hug him. Shahbaz looks on.

Zara tells Zain that I have to go and meet Ayesha, she is ill. Zain says I will go with you as Kabir is my friend, he leaves. Zara sees news of people taunting Kabir. She says I have to go there.

Scene 2
Salma and Zara comes to Kabir’s house. Zara says we are here to meet Ayesha, she goes from there. Kabir tells Shahbaz to respect their guests. Zain comes there and greets Shahbaz. Shahbaz tells Kabir that Zain is their guest as well.

Zara’s Nikah update Monday 11 January 2021: Ayesha talks to Salma and asks if Kabir and Zara talked? Salma says I dont know. Ayesha says you dont look hopeful. Salma recalls Ruksaar’s words. Ayesha says I will request them to become one again. Salma thinks that I dont want to give her tension but her dream is not possible. Zara comes there and says Ayesha slept. Kabir and Zain comes there and greet Salma. Kabir recalls Salma’s promise and doesnt greet Zara.


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