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Zara’s Nikah 14 December 2020: Zara’s Nikah Monday update 14th December 2020, Zara looks at Kabir but he looks away. She serves him tea. He takes it and puts it away. Zara sits beside him and puts tea in plate from cup. Kabir smiles and takes it. Zara leaves from there. Kabir thinks I will pray for your happiness.

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Shahbaz thanks Irfan for serving them and says call our daughter in law. Irfan says we have morals unlike you, people are lucky from where daughters leave. Ruksaar comes there. Irfan says you are like my daughter so I will give your hand to Kabir. Ruksaar says you really want to send me off as your daughter? He nods. Ruksaar says I lost my father in young age and never thought I would get father’s love again. Zeenat hugs her. Ruksaar kisses Irfan’s hand and says you have done favor on me by calling me your daughter, I cant lie, I lied to you all, my plan was something else, I said yes to go with Kabir because I needed time, I cant go with Kabir as I am not his wife. Kabir says you are playing again? You can play but I will take you from here, you are my wife and have to come with me. Irfan sits down. Ruksaar brings papers and says read them carefully. Kabir sees divorce papers that he signed before. Ruksaar says to Irfan that my relation with Kabir was on paper only, I have got witness too as priest. She shows divorce papers and says my nikah is nullified and I am telling truth, I just want Kabir and Zara to become one, Kabir I wont hurt Zara, I really want you and Zara to become one.. can I leave now? I want to go back to my small house. Kabir takes divorce papers and leaves.

Ruksaar comes to Kabir and says you will not ask how I got these papers made? Kabir says I made these papers, when I saw you after eid, I requested for this certificate but how you got it? Ruksaar says I got a call from priest if I agree with it then you came here to take me back but I knew it was because of Zara, I went to priest and pleaded him that we need this certificate as I want to reunite Zara and Kabir. Kabir says it means you are not playing any trick? Ruksaar says I promise. Kabir says maybe you have really changed, its difficult for me to accept it but if I get to know that you are about to hurt Zara or anyone else then it will be bad for you. He leaves.

Zara is crying. Azra says dont cry, what Kabir did with you, Ruksaar did it with you. Zara says Kabir is doing all this as a duty, he was ready to accept her when he hates her just because of duty.. then why didnt he think to come and see me when I was in coma? Azra asks her to not cry, I will cheer you up.

Kabir offers prayer in mosque and thank God for sending Ruksaar away from his life, he prays for Zara’s happiness.

Irfan comes to Ruksaar with Zara. Irfan says you can live with us till rain season ends. Zara says yes you are living here.

Kabir gets call from a priest. Kabir says lets meet in cafe.

Kabir comes to cafe. Irfan and Salma is there too. He hears them. Irfan says he didnt come till now? Salma says what if Zara doesnt agree? Irfan says Zara shouldnt know about this, thats why we are here. Salma says our troubles are increasing, till when we will keep hiding this from Zara? Irfan says our problems can increase but Zara shouldnt know about this, Kabir have given her so many wounds so let her heal. Salma says till when we will keep hiding this? Kabir thinks what they are hiding from Zara?

Zara says to Salma that Kabir and I didnt have divorce, we cant have instant divorce, he is still my husband. Irfan reads ikha papers and says its written that if Kabir and Zara ever have a divorce then it cant be instant divorce, they will have proper divorce means that Kabir cant give her divorce in one go but he will have to say divorce three times but have to wait 30 days before saying divorce one time and then wait for another 30 days.. he has given first divorce, two other are remaining. Salma says to Zara that this is your chance, we will talk to them. Zara says no, this is my fight, my marriage so I will do what I have to. Reema says what are you going to do? Zara smiles and looks on.

Kabir opens his cupboard and says where have Zara put my jackets? who asked her to put my jackets so safely that even I cant find them, I am sure she must have done it deliberately. Zeenat comes there and asks for breakfast. She sees his clothes thrown on bed and asks what is all this? Kabir looks on. Zeenat says seems like we have to find a second wife for you soon but dont worry this time I will find a girl for you who will not care about her country but her husband only. Kabir says thanks but I will manage. Alina brings his jackets and says Zara gave it for washing when she came here. Kabir looks on.

Kabir comes to table and says I will eat in my room from now on. He asks where is Ayesha? Alina says she is not eating since last night.

Kabir brings food to Ayesha and asks if he can come in her room? she says its your house, do what you want. Kabir says I have heard that you didnt eat anything since last night? why dont you understand that what I did was not wrong, I did it after thinking. Ayesha says you did a sin and that too deliberately, I shouldnt have gone to Zara’s house. Kabir says I thought about the divorce even before you went there, Zara and I are not compatible, we are always competing. Alina calls them.

All come in lounge, they are shocked to see Zara entering house. Zeenat says what are you doing here? you should at your home for 3 months as per islam’s rule. Shahbaz says she is right, woman shouldnt leave the place where she got divorce for 3 months. Zara says you are right but we didnt get divorce, Kabir didnt give me divorce. Kabir says I gave you divorce, Ayesha and your parents were there. Zeenat says enough of your drama, Ayesha please tell her. Ayesha says yes unfortunately I was there too. Zara says as per our nikah, he cant give me instant divorce, she shows nikah to Kabir and says I am still your wife and you are still my husband, Kabir gets angry and leaves. Zara says to Shahbaz that I didnt go to any court, media or press so can I stay here? Shahbaz says okay. Zeenat stops her and asks where she is going? Zara says to my bedroom, she leaves. Ayesha prays and smiles.

Scene 3
Zara comes to her room. Zara opens cupboard and says he hated me so much that he tried to remove my identity from here but I wont let you do that, your love is my right and I will win my right, Kabir is mine only and I will win him.

Ayesha is making Zara’s favorite biryani. Shahbaz says dont have too much hope, their relation is weak so let them handle it. Ayesha says we cant leave them alone, we are responsible for them. Shahbaz says if Kabir doesnt want to live with her then let him be, dont be against your son, what if Kabir leaves this house one day? we cant lose our son for a daughter in law, so stop with all these food.

Reema and Imran meets Kabir in a restaurant. Imran says you should solve problems with Zara. Reema says divorce is not a solution for everything.. I am sorry. Kabir says tell this to Zara, life gave her a lot of chances but she didnt take even one. Kabir leaves from there. Imran says seems like things are out of control. Reema says yes.

Zeenat is setting table for dinner. Zara tries to help her but Zeenat says let it be, you are not daughter in law of this house. Zara says seems like you didnt listen carefully, I am still Kabir’s wife and daughter in law of this house. Zeenat says things written on papers cant change relationship status, till Kabir doesnt tell me about relation with them till then you are divorced in my eyes, I am daughter in law of this house so let me work, she leaves. Zara looks on.

All sit down to have dinner, Zeenat asks Kabir to have dinner with them, Kabir says I am not hungry and leaves from there. All look on. Zara fills her plate.

Kabir comes out of washroom. Zara says please have dinner, it will be cold. Kabir glares at her. Kabir says to Zara that when I told you I dont want to see you then why are you doing this? you dont have answer now? Zara hold his hands and says because this is my life and I want to see you in my life. Kabir says I am not hungry. Zara smiles and says you should eat, you know instant divorce is banned in India, I can file a case on you. Kabir says you are right, instant divorce is banned and our nikah says against it but you know giving divorce is not wrong? if not instant divorce then divorce which is right as per our religion and your thoughts? Zara is stunned. Kabir says I have already given you one divorce, you will get other two with time too, Zara is hurt to hear that.

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