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Zara’s Nikah 20 July 2020: Zara’s Nikah Monday 20th update July 2020, Zara is attempting to rest yet reviews Miraj’s words. She sees Kabir dozing. She takes her telephone and goes to kitchen. She calls Reema and inquires as to whether she conversed with Imran? Reema says no he went to Merat for some work, Zara says we need to accomplish something tomorrow. Ruksaar comes there and says spouse is snoozing room and you are conversing with another person escaping him? zara says individuals who spy on a couple cover up, there is such a great amount of trust in marriage that they dont question one another, quit spying. She leaves.

Zara’s Nikah update Monday 20th July 2020: In morning, Ayesha gives her dupatta to Zara and says you will see moon in this dupatta and your significant other will moon in you. Zara thinks he doesnt consider me to be his moon, I am only an obligation for him. Zara says I need to converse with you about Miraj, she discloses to her beginning and end. Ayesha says I cannot release you there behind only him, go with Imran. Zara says Imran isn’t in the city, Ayesha says then you need to go with Reema and you need to return before moon coming out. Zara gestures.

Zara and Reema comes to ghetto region and gets some information about Miraj. Reema says this is anything but a decent spot, Zara says dont stress.

Kabir comes to Ayesha and says why you are working alone? where is Zara? Ayesha says she had some work, Kabir says right now? Ayesha says Reema called her, she didnt need to go yet I asked her to. Ruksaar comes there and says I can support you, Kabir grins. Ayesha says no I will do it, Kabir leaves. Ayesha approaches Ruksaar to set up her dresses for marriage that will be close eid. Ruksaar thinks dont see fantasies about wedding me with another person, I am as of now your son’s.

Zara says to Reema that we have less confirmations however enough to make Kabir accept. Zara sees time approaching for moon. They begin leaving however gets in a path where there are pr*stitutes. Police attacks there and capture them as well.

zee world Zara’s Nikah update Monday 20 July 2020 All relatives are prepared and sitting tight for Ramadan moon. Ayesha comes there with juice, Ruksaar says let me work. Ayesha says you simply petition God for your marriage. Ayesha thinks where is Zara? I am concerned. Kabir thinks where is Zara? Ayaan says see moon is out. They hear police van drawing close to house, they see Zara and Reema coming out of it. Kabir hurries to her and asks what was the deal? Zara says Ruksaar’s financial specialist is a fake. Kabir says why police is here? Auditor says a few people were prodding them in a ghetto zone, Kabir expresses gratitude toward him, investigator leaves. Kabir asks Zara for what valid reason did you go to that region? it is anything but a decent spot. Zara says Miraj has a place from that point, ask Ruksaar for what good reason he goes there? I tailed him, for what reason does he have a cabin there? Ruksaar says Miraj works for ghetto kids, he does government assistance there, he has embraced a few children from that point. Kabir asks Zara for what good reason did you do this? Zara says she is lying, I asked individuals, he is no rich man.. I asked individuals, she gives a few papers. Imran comes there and says no Zara, he is a genuine rich individual of Merat, individuals regard him there. Zara says to Kabir that Miraj is no regarded man, he is a cheat. Kabir says enough, nobody will discuss it starting now and into the foreseeable future. Reema and Imran leaves. Kabir hears azan. Shahbaz says gives up for petitions. Kabir shows papers to Zara, she takes them, he leaves. Ruksaar grins.

Ruksaar takes a few papers from Zara and tears them. She reviews how she asked Ayaan to disclose to Zara she went to bistro to meet an individual and how Zara followed her and fell into her snare. Ruksaar says to Zara that when I play a game, I rule it. Zara says I was not off-base, I will bring your and your financial specialist’s reality out. Ruksaar figures I will make Kabir so visually impaired that he won’t trust you.

Zara’s Nikah 20 July 2020 Zara comes to Kabir who is taking a gander at moon. Kabir says to Zara that Ramadan is beginning and I dont need to ruin these devout evenings so dont drive me crazy. Zara says I came to converse with about moon, she holds his hand and says this moon is so excellent on the grounds that its our first moon of Ramadan after marriage. Kabir says you realize our prophet used to go to God to favor us with this current moon’s light. Zara says I needed to offer petitions with you yet.. Kabir says disregard what occurred, you realize this is devout month, we need to leave each wrongdoing even in contemplations in this month, we will spend it grinning, he holds her hands and says well done your first ramadan here. Zara says you as well. She contemplates terrible things that others do?

Zeenat asks Amaan to rest, we need to wake up for sehri. Amaan asks what’s going on here? Zeenat says we need to wake up to eat to quick for entire day, Amaan says I will quick as well. Zeenat says yes you have kept quick by not eating ordinarily.

Zara’s Nikah update Tuesday 21 July 2020

Zara awakens and wishes sehri to Ayesha, she says I like dishes of sehri. Ayesha says Kabir was stating same thing, you can eat as much as you need. Zara says I am fortunate to have you, she inquires as to whether Kabir was consistently obstinate this way? Ayesha says he isn’t excessively difficult, his dad consistently needed to make him cleric, he has grown up so much now, Zara asks he used to stop things as children as well? Ayesha says he used to watch out for young ladies who didnt wear dupatta, he kept quick at age of 7. Zara reviews how she attempted to tell about Miraj, she inquires as to whether she confides in her? Ayesha says I confide in you totally, I sent you there.

Zara’s Nikah zee world update 20th July 2020 All plunk down for sehri. Zeenat makes Amaan sit with Shahbaz. Kabir inquires as to whether he will keep quick as well? Zeenat says he needed to have sehri with us. Zara says he is having sehri, not fasting, Amaan says once I abstained till 4PM. Zeenat says you began that at 1PM. Kabir asks Amaan to eat scone, they are sufficient for you. They all have sehri. Zeenat asks Amaan to brush his teeth. All leave. She says to Amaan that dont tell anybody that you are fasting today before aftar and dont eat anything.

Kabir and Zara offers namaz. Zara grins at him, he wishes her first quick. She says same for you.

Zara’s Nikah update Monday 20 July 2020 Ayesha is getting ready for iftar, she says iftar gathering ought to be greater this time. Shahbaz says we generally have large gatherings. Shahbaz says Kabir was not part of our gatherings but rather he will be with us now. Kabir says yes I will be with you in each iftar. Shahbaz says this time, sharia load up gathering will be masterminded by Kabir and Zara as they are individual from it. Kabir is unsettled to hear it. Worker brings mangoes from Fatima auntie, Ayesha says reveals to her much appreciated. Amaan approaches Zeenat to make mango shake for him. Kabir snickers that he simply had scones for sehri. Zeenat alludes to him no. Ayesha approaches Zara to make mango shake for him, he isn’t fasting. Zeenat gets strained. Zara takes mangoes to make shake however Zeenat says leave it Zara, dont tire yourself in quick, I will make it, she leaves with Amaan.

Scene 2

Amaan says to Zeenat that I am eager, Zeenat says you are fasting, you cannot eat as its a wrongdoing, dont eat anything, I will make shake for you in iftar, he gestures and leaves. Zeenat keeps mangoes in bureau.

Amaan is messing about, he feels parched. Ayesha asks would you say you are worn out? I will make juice for you, he says no mother requested to not eat, he leaves.

Amaan comes to Zeenat and says I am extremely eager, give me chocolate. Zeenat says its simply regarding barely any hours and afterward you can eat anything, everybody will give you endowments. He gestures and leaves.

Amaan tosses ball at Zara and starts playing with her. Amaan is descending from steps towards Zara yet he feels tipsy due to not eating and swoons. Zara is stunned and races to him. All come to him. Zara asks what was the deal? Ruksaar, Zeenat and Ayesha hurry to him. Ruksaar goes to bring water. Zeenat is strained. Ruksaar brings water, Zara sprinkles it all over, he awakens. Zara attempts to make him drink water, Zeenat says he is fine, he is worn out, he should rest. Zara says we should take him to specialist, Zeenat says I recognize what he needs, I am his mom, she takes him from that point.

Zara’s Nikah update Monday 20 July 2020 Zeenat makes her Amaan lie in bed and asks Ruksaar to bring water. She does it. Zeenat makes Amaan rests. Amaan says I am thirty. Zeenat says you need to resemble Kabir? simply sit tight for at some point, you are fasting and soon you will open it and get compensation from God. Ruksaar says he is fasting? Zeenat says yes you needed me to make him like Kabir so I am doing it. Ruksaar reviews how she revealed to her that individuals of this house inclines toward Kabir over her significant other and child. Ruksaar is strained. Zeenat says I will make my him like Kabir, in the event that Zara and Kabir have a child, at that point he will work for Amaan for business. Ruksaar says think regarding it, she says I am certain. Ruksaar says to Amaan that soon we will break your quick. Zara comes there. Zeenat and Ruksaar gets strained. Amaan says I am parched. Zara sees his pale lips. She takes water and attempts to provide for him yet Zeenat discards it and says you cannot demolish his quick. Zara says have you gone distraught? he is a child. Zara takes Amaan from her and says I am taking him to emergency clinic. She pushes Zeenat away and takes Amaan from that point. Zara comes to Ayesha and says she was constraining a child to quick. Ayesha says Zeenat what is this? he is little, see his wellbeing. Zeenat says he was constraining to keep a quick, he ate sehri with us, nothing will occur, he is fine. Zara sees Amaan mixed up and says no men is home, we need to take him to specialist, she leaves with Ayesha and Amaan.

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