Zara’s Nikah 25 January 2021: Zara’s Nikah update Monday 25th January 2021, Kabir comes out of the graveyard. The new Zara hides from Abid.
Abid talks to his goon and says find out about Shahbaz’s past. Goon says that his daughter in law Zara Siddiqui died in a car accident and his son left. Abid says this name Zara is a pain for me find that Zara and kill her.

Salma tries to sit but suddenly she falls down. All rush to her.

The new Zara recalls how Abid had killed people in front of her. She says he will find me soon. She hides on a street and sees Irfan coming there. Irfan gives food to poor kids. He looks at Zara but she looks away. He comes to her and asks if she will have food? He says daughter you look hungry, the new Zara says I am not wearing this burqa because I am a muslim. Irfan says you look hungry and you can have the food. She cries and says I don’t have anywhere to go, I am worried. He says from where did you come? you can come to my house. there is a girl in my house, she can be your good friend.

Salma is unconscious in the car. Kabir sees from his jeep and goes to her house behind her. Salma is lying in the bed. Kabir comes there and asks if she is fine? Salma hugs him and says now I will become fine, please take me from here, please. He says okay. Azra gives her water. Irfan comes there and is shocked to see Kabir. Kabir greets him. Irfan hugs him and says you came? Where were you? Kabir says I am here. The new Zara comes there with tea. Kabir is shocked to see her. Irfan says this girl was sitting outside the mosque and didn’t have a place to go to so I brought her here. Salma asks her name. She says my name is Zara. All are shocked. Irfan says Zara? Salma says my daughter Zara. They point at Zara’s picture. Salma calls her closer. The new Zara says thank you for making a relation with me. Salma says today is Zara’s anniversary, you came here as a God’s will, you are welcome here. Kabir sits with her and says don’t be so emotional. Salma says I am so happy, my Zara is here, I am alive because Zara was in this world, I feel like Zara is back in this house. She makes her meet Imran and Azra. She says this is Kabir.

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