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Zara’s Nikah 28 December 2020: Zara’s Nikah update Monday 28th December 2020, Zara makes Salma wear helmet and takes her on her scooter. Ayesha tells Shahbaz and Kabir that I have some work, I will come later, she leaves. Kabir thinks I know she is hiding something related to Zara.

Ayesha comes to Zara in a market. Zara says I called you both here to spend my last night in Lucknow with my moms. Ayesha says what?

Ambreen’s mother says to Shahbaz that Kabir is like a son to her.

Zara eats ice-cream with Ayesha and Salma. Zara says dont worry about me, dont be sad. Ayesha says you really want to leave? Zara gets tensed and goes to a shop. She thinks I have decided to leave but what does my heart want? She comes back. Ayesha tells Zara that if you want to leave then go. Salma says your both mothers want to send you off happily, they hug her. Zara looks on.

Zara is sadly sitting in her room and recalls her moments with Kabir. Kabir is missing her too. Roke na ruke naina plays.

Zara is leaving. Irfan, Salma and Azra hugs her. Azra cries and says I can come to station. Zara says I have to handle my life now, take care of my parents and yourself. She leaves house.

Imran says to Kabir that she is leaving and you are not doing anything? Kabir says I am a stranger to her now, I cant ask her to not go. Imran says are you happy? Kabir says I want her to move on in life but she is leaving her life, her family, her everything here just to go away from me, I am destroying her life, I never wanted to increase her troubles, I dont want her to go. Imran says then tell her all this and bring her back. Kabir says you are right.

Zara is on her way to train station. Kabir is in car and tries to call Zara but her phone is off.
Zara comes to station and looks around for her ticket. Kabir comes there and says what are you doing? You are so angry with me that you are leaving me? I was your life then how can you leave? Zara says if this is my death then you are responsible for this as you signed divorce papers.. She sees it was her imagination. Kabir comes from otherside and says you asked everyone if you should go to Delhi but did you ask your heart? ask your heart once. It turns out to be Zara’s imagination as Kabir is on his way to station.

Zara imagines Kabir at station. He says whom you are running away from? You are not Zara, her heart is very big and she can forgive anyone. Zara sees Kabir gone as it was her imagination.
Kabir comes to station but policeman asks him to use another door to inside.

Zara goes in train and look for her seat. Train starts leaving. Kabir runs behind it but its gone. Kabir sighs and sadly sits down. He doesnt see Zara on otherside of platform as she got down from train.

Zara is in car and recalls how she met a woman in train. Woman lost her ticket and told TT that I have to go on Hajj so dont stop me. Zara says I can give my ticket, woman thanked her. Flashback ends. Zara thinks if God wants something else from me? Her car stops. Driver checks car and says we have to get oil changed so you will have to get another cab. Zara goes to get change from a shop. She comes in a clinic to get money change. She sits in clinic. Doctor comes there and says yes? Zara says I am sorry, receptionist asked me to wait her. Doctor gives her water and says dont worry, you can talk to me, I am a stranger but sometimes its good to talk. Zara tells doctor that I am Zara Kabir Ahmed.. I mean Zara Siddiqui. Doctor says whats your problem? what happened? you can tell your heart things to calm down. Zara says my marriage, my love, everything pains, how can I tell you about my divorce? he broke our relation, I want to be happy, I wanted to leave this city and but I couldnt. Zara says I dont know what to do. Doctor asks her to relax and breath. Zara does and says I am sorry for being emotional. Doctor says you are a human, I am Sabina Waqar Khan.

Kabir comes to same clinic and meets Ambreen. Ambreen says my mother works here, can you help get a bulb from board? Kabir nods.

Sabina tells Zara that she can come and talk to her anytime. Zara thanks her and starts leaving. Sabina hints at Ambreen to keep Kabir busy. Zara leaves. Kabir goes to talk to Sabina. Zara leaves clinic without seeing Kabir. Kabir tells Sabina that Zara left and I couldnt stop her, he cries and tell her everything. Sau dard plays as he cries.

Salma opens door to see Zara. They are shocked. Zara says I couldnt go to Delhi. I dont want to runaway from my troubles, I want to be here with my family. Irfan hugs her and says you took a right decision. Salma hugs her too.

Ayesha comes to Kabir and sees him sad, she asks what happened? Kabir says you Zara.. Ayesha sadly nods and says dont think too much, you will get old soon. Kabir laughs and goes to sleep. Ayesha is tensed and calls Sabina, she says Kabir is worried. Sabina says we have to show a way to both kids, my counseling will work.

Zara meets Sabina. Sabina says we will talk about your marriage with Kabir. Zara says we didnt love each other but our families wanted. Zara says we can compromise in a relation but not on your thought process. She talks about her relation with him.

Kabir tells Sabina that she used to argue over everything, I have a headache thinking about it. Kabir talks to her about Zara.

Zara calls media to her house. Zara says women rights bill have been passed and this is a day to celebrate.

Shahbaz turns on TV and sees Zara’s interview. She says when men say divorce.. divorce.. divorce, now woman can say no no no. Bill against 3-word divorce have been passed. Kabir is stunned and sighs.

Zara calls Sabina and says I have started living again, thank you ma’am. Sabina says dont call me that. Zara says you are like a mother. Sabina says you can call me your aunt, come to my house. Zara says okay.

Sabina calls Kabir and asks if he is fine? Kabir says Zara is back in town, I saw her in TV. Sabina asks him to come her house. She ends call. Ambreen comes to her and asks what she is doing? Sabina says pray that I could do what I want to.

Scene 2
Sabina says to Zara that I want to make you meet someone. Zara says a proposal? Sabina says thats upto you, he has same problems like you, he has pain like you, you can talk to him and share your pain with him.

Sabina asks Kabir to meet a girl with same pain like him. Kabir says you are sending me on a date? She laughs and says no, just go and talk to her.

Zara is leaving house and tells Salma that Sabina asked me to meet a guy. Salma nods. Zara leaves.

Zara is in car. Driver is on call and scolds his wife. Zara gives him her number to call her back when she is free. Zara comes to cafe and meets Sabina. They wait for person. Zara looks outside and sees Kabir coming. She looks away. Kabir sees her and is shocked.

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