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Zara’s Nikah 29 March 2021: Zara’s Nikah update Monday 29th March 2021, Kabir is working out and recalls Ruksaar’s words that he has feelings for Zara. Zeenat tells Ruksaar that one month is going to pass soon, you should pray that Kabir doesn’t remember that day.

Irfan tells Salma that Kabir and Zara are fighting. Kabir has loved his Zara and he can’t fall in love again. She should move on. Salma says you can’t force Zara to not love him. Irfan says you forced our Zara to marry Kabir so don’t say that. Imran calls him and says I want to meet.

Jalali comes to Zara and says you have 18 days left and I can give you 18 crores to become mine. Zara says I don’t care about money, I will follow Kabir’s directions only and I am enough to take you down alone.

In the sharia board, Ruksaar tells them that Kabir and Zara are fooling everyone. Imran says why are we called here? Kabir says Ruksaar is delaying time so we forget that time for the first divorce is ending. I want to show you something. He shows Ruksaar shouting that she hates Zara. Irfan says she plotted all this against Zara. Kabir says I Kabir Ahmed is giving the second divorce to you Ruksaar. Ruksaar says I knew this would happen, I will show you all something. She shows Kabir and Zara sitting on a bike together. Ruksaar says this Zara tried to take my husband. Kabir says this is a lie. Jalali says they are sitting so close, this Kabir is a flirt. Jalali says you have 18 days to marry Zara otherwise she will be punished for being a shameless woman. Imran says you are no one to say anything. Kabir says I have promised to get Zara married and I will. Zara looks on.

Zee world Zara’s Nikah 29 March 2020: Zara is helping Alisha with the studies and asks her to take help from Kabir. Kabir comes there and helps Alisha. Zara smiles at him. Alisha leaves. Kabir tells Zara to marry and everything will be fine, you can’t keep running from your problems. This marriage will happen at any cost, he leaves. Zara says no, I will bring Jalali and Shahbaz’s truth out.

Zara sees Salma lost in her thoughts and says what happened? Salma says you are not protected against Shahbaz and Jalali. Zara says I don’t have much time. I have to go and get the kids. She leaves.

Zara is with Firdous in the rickshaw. Firdous says I don’t want to go home. A guy is on the bike and sees the kids arguing with Zara. He comes in front. Zara asks him to move away. He takes off his helmet and looks at her.

The guy comes to Zara and shows his card to her. He asks Firdous what happened? Firdous says she is forcing me to go with her. He asks Zara who are you to the kids? Zara says I am their guardian. Kabir calls Alisha. Alisha says a man is asking questions to Zara. Alisha sends the location to Kabir. The guy tells Zara that thank God you clarified as they kidnap a lot of people here. Zara says have you heard about child trafficker Abid Ali? He says yes. Zara tells him how she got him behind bars. He says that’s great, he greets her and leaves. Kabir comes there and asks who was that man? Zara says he met me and wants to send a proposal? Kabir says what? Zara says he was just worried for the kids. Kabir says they say something and have other intentions.

Kabir comes home and starts cooking for the kids. He challenges Zara to cook a pizza. Zara helps him. Kabir makes the pizza and the kids are happy to eat it. Alisha says it’s tasty. They make Kabir eat it. Alisha asks why Zara is not eating? Zara says Kabir first. She forcefully makes Kabir eat the pizza.

Zara’s Nikah 29 March 2020: Irfan tells Zara that you should marry now. Salma asks Zara to give kheer to the neighbors. Zara nods and leaves. Salma tells Irfan and Kabir that I will make Zara agree to say yes to the marriage. The guy who met Zara (Shahrukh) comes there and greets Salma. Salma says he is my cousin’s son, he is here to find a girl for him. Kabir looks at him. Salma says he is a nice guy, educated and works for others a lot. Zara comes there and recalls how she talked to Salma. The flashback shows how Zara asked Salma to involve Shahrukh in their plan as he is working to uncover child and drug traffickers and she can help him. Salma says but Shahrukh is married, I can’t lie to Kabir. Zara says Shahrukh has power and I know about Jalali and Shahbaz, I will get time if you talk about the marriage proposal for him with me. The flashback ends. Salma calls Zara in the room. Zara greets Shahrukh. Salma says I have called him for your marriage proposal. Irfan says he is a nice guy so don’t say no. Zara says if you like Shahrukh then I am fine but I have a condition. He has to prove that he is as good as Kabir. Kabir is stunned.

Scene 2
Zara says I hope Shahrukh doesn’t make any mistake. Kabir comes there and says Shahrukh is not like me but I like him. I want you to meet him. Zara says okay. Kabir leaves.

Salma tells Zara that if Irfan knows the truth then he will not spare me. Zara says thank you so much for helping me, you are a mom to me. Salma hugs her. Irfan comes there and says we should call Shahrukh’s parents now. Salma says they live in Delhi so I will send a message.

Kabir tells Shahrukh that I will tell you about Zara. She loves me, she is my friend, she is a nice girl but she is just a friend to me. He tells him everything. Shahrukh says anyone can love her then why not you? Kabir says I loved someone else and she is not with me anymore, I have given my heart to her so I can’t love this Zara. Zara’s love is just an infatuation. She has some wishes like riding a bike. Shahrukh says I will fulfill all her wishes. Kabir smiles.

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