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Zara’s Nikah 6 July 2020; Zara’s Nikah 6th July 2020 written update, Ruksar says to head priest that I am sorry to interrupt but I want to do something and say something. Priest allows her. Ruksar recalls how Shahbaz sais to her that Kabir will be hers forever but there is one condition. Ruksar asks Kabir to go with her, Kabir asks what is all this? Ruksar says just come with me. Kabir goes with her. Ruksar and Kabir sits together on chairs. Ruksar asks Zara to come to them, Ruksar pulls Zara and makes her sit with Kabir, Ruksar says Zara I am your sinner, forgive me. Zara says I have nothing against you. Zara’s Nikah 6 July 2020 Ruksar says whatever happened here, you all know that but how I fought with death, you dont know about that, I destroyed happiness of people and then the girl whose engagement got broken because of me, she saved my life and I want to give you both a gift for saving my life. She smiles and goes to engagement rings, she composes herself and brings rings to them.

Zara’s Nikah update Monday 6 July 2020 Ruksar says Zara you are a nice girl and you should get a boy like Kabir, Kabir I think Zara is best for you. Head priest blesses Ruksar and says you are a nice girl, he says to Salma that you both got your answers, Kabir and Zara will remain happy for life, Zara’s life will be good, he asks Ruksar to start engagement ceremony. Zara and Kabir are stunned. She gives ring to Zara who is tensed. Zara reluctantly makes Kabir wear it, all clap. Ruksar gives ring to Kabir, he angrily makes Zara wear it. Zara is in tears. All clap for them, Ruksar moves away. All hug each other. Ruksar distributes sweets. Zeenat asks what did you do? Ruksar says I did it for myself. Alina says to Zara that I am so happy bhabhi. Ayesha says to Zara that I always liked you but after seeing you save Ruksar, I was convinced that you are the best girl for us, I know you both were against this marriage but understand that what elders decide is always in younger best favor. She brings garland and is about to make Zara wear it but Zara gets up and says where is washroom? Alina takes her.

Alina is taking Zara to washroom, Alina says people either like grand weddings or smaller weddings, she shows her rooms and says Kabir’s room will be yours. Zara says do you have any emergency exit in this house? Alina asys yes, she shows her door and says its passage is through Kabir’s room. Zara says okay you go, I will return. Alina says I can wait. Zara says you are denying me from now on? please go. Alina leaves. Zara looks around, she sees a window in Kabir’s room and tries to jump from it but falls. Kabir comes there and shakes his head, he asks if she is fine? I knew you would do something like this. Zara says you were not doing anything. Kabir says you should have run before engagement. Zara’s Nikah update Monday 6th July 2020 on zee world Zara says are you involved in this plan too? Kabir says why would I plot against myself? I wouldnt marry you even if you are last girl in the world. Zara says I think same, think how to break this wedding. Kabir says should I drop you home? Zara says no they will think that we are running together. Kabir says there is back door, you can run from there. Zara sees her shoes broken and says if you want to help then give me your shoes, I will return them later. Kabir takes them off and Zara wears it. Kabir looks through window. Alina comes there and says bhabhi where are you going? Zara and Kabir looks on. Zara says I have some work, I will meet you later, she leaves from back door. Kabir says lets go, he goes to lounge with Alina.

All family members sit in lounge. Shahbaz says call groom and bride. Alina and Kabir comes there. Ayesha asks where is Zara? Alina says she left. Ayesha says where? Alina says maybe her home. All are stunned. Kabir hints Alina to remain silent. Salma says I will call Zara. Irfan says Zara doesnt have phone. Zeenat says I made so much food for Zara and she ranaway? Kabir says she didnt runaway, she told us that she has some work. Alina says she said to tell you all that she is sorry. Shahbaz says its okay, she must have something important to work on. Zeenat says to family that its first day and bride is not here, groom have to eat alone and its not a good omen. Zeenat says there is not bad or good omen. Shahbaz says Kabir is right but if Zeenat have problem then we can get someone to sit beside him. Ruksar is passing by, Shahbaz asks her to sit beside Kabir, all look on. Zeenat nods at her. Ayesha is tensed. Salma is miffed, Ayesha notices it and asys one minute Ruksar. She says Kabir you get up. She says Kabir and Ruksar wont sit on those chairs, me and Salma will sit on those chairs, Zara is her shadow and Kabir is my shadow so we will sit. Salma sits with Ayesha there, Kabir smiles. Zeenat fumes in anger.

Zara’s Nikah 6th July 2020 Salma comes home and says to Zara that what is this childish act, why did you leave when head priest was there? Zara says you people are forcing two adults for engagement and didnt even think what I was going through. Salma says when you started school in childhood, you never wanted to go, you used to cry so much and Irfan thought to not sent you home but I sent you to school because I knew it was right for you. Zara says going to school for sometime and marrying wrong person is same? Salma says you think this is bad for you but its not, dont be stubborn, you are engaged so accept it. Zara says its just engagement, not marriage. Zara says to Salma that either you dont understand or you are avoiding it, I am telling you last time that at time of nikah I will say no. Irfan is shocked to hear it.

Reema distracts Zara while Aline writes Kabir’s name on her mehndi. Zara doesnt see it. Salma is emotional. Ayesha wipes her tears and says we will take care of your daughter. Zara leaves from there.

Kabir says to Alina that these rituals are useless, they are not part of our religion so I wont be part of it. Alina says Zara’s family is waiting, all guests have come, Salma aunty and her guests are there, please come. Ayesha brings clothes and says Kabir get ready. Alina says he is not coming saying they are not part of our religion. Ayesha asks Kabir that listening to your mother is part of our religion? right? if it is then get ready and come with me, I am waiting, Kabir grumpily goes to get ready.

Zara’s Nikah Update sunday 5th July 2020 on zee world

Kabir comes to haldi ceremony and greets Salma. Girls answer him and giggles. Salma applies haldi to him. Alina and Ayesha applies it then. Zeenat says to Ruksar that I raised you like a mother, you cant hide your tears from me, its very hard to pretend to be nice, you have to give your love to other, why you want to be nice, its not bad to be a little bad. Ruksar says you are elder to me in age but I am more clever in thinking with mind, you think from heart. Reema says to Kabir that I am going to be your sister in law so I will apply shagun mehndi. Kabir nods. Zara’s Nikah 6 July 2020 Reema winks at Alina to busy him while she writes Zara’s name on his hand. Alina asks him for sister’s rights. One girl says make your brother handle your tantrums, once wife comes in life, brothers forget their sisters. Reema applies mehndi on his hands.
Zara looks at her mehndi and sees Kabir’s name written on her hand, she recalls how they always had an argument. Shubratan(servant) brings juice for her and says apply it on your mehndi, it will color your mehndi more. Zara throws juice away and says you want mehndi to have more color right? Zara brings water bucket and washes her hands. Shubratan asks her to stop it and says this is not right. Zara washes her mehndi away and cries.

Kabir comes to washroom and washes off his mehndi. He sees Z written on his hand and is stunned. Ruksar brings towel for him. He doesnt take it. Ruksar says marriage day is most beautiful, fulfill all your rituals, I want you happy. Kabir says you are lying, if you wanted to see me happy then you wouldnt have got me engaged with Zara. Ruksar says you wanted to marry a girl that your father liked and he likes Zara. Kabir says he doesnt like her, he is doing politics, we are friends then why did you do this with me? Ruksar says you took me as friend but I always took you more than that, I will never do bad with you, what I did was for your happiness, he says this is not my happiness, Ruksar leaves. Kabir calls Zara but her phone is switched off.

Salma says to irfan that they treated us well, Ayesha is doing really nice work, Zara is lucky to have her as her mother in law. Kabir calls Irfan and says can I say something? I am sorry if you dont like it. Irfan says you are like our son so we wont feel bad. Kabir says actually.. I want to talk to Zara. Irfan smiles and says she is your would be wife so you can talk to her. He calls Zara and gives her phone. Zara sees Kabir’s call and looks on. She takes phone and leave. Salma tries to go behind her but Irfan says you wont have shame to listen to their talk? Salma says they plan and plot to break marriage. Irfan makes her sit down and says you told me that like Zara did engagement, she will do marriage, tomorrow is wedding, they dont have time to plan.

Zara’s Nikah update Monday 6 July 2020 Zara talks to Kabir and says I cant bear it, I am suffocating, please do something before we get married. Kabir says same is happening with me, can we meet? Zara says not today but tomorrow I will go to beauty parlour for getting ready, you can meet me there. Kabir says okay I will come there, he ends call.

In morning, Zara and Reema are going. Salma says why she has to go to parlor, you can bring beautician here. Reema says they cant do everything in house, she will get better treatment there. Zara makes sad face and says leave it Reema, I will get ready in house. Salma says no listen, fine you both go with Shubratan(servant). Zara and Reema are tensed. Reema and Zara sits on scooty, Shubratan says where will I sit? scooty doesnt have space, Zara says take rickshaw and come, we are getting late, she leaves with Reema.

Shahbaz asks Kashan why baraat car is not decorated? Kashan says Kabir is not home, he left with his car. Alina says Kabir told me that he is going with Imran for servicing his car. Shahbaz says right now? Alina says he will comeback. All look on.

Scene 2
Zara’s Nikah 6 July 2020 Zara is getting ready in parlor. Reema says he has come. Zara goes to meet him. Song Mana k hum yaar nahi plays, Kabir comes in parlour and sees Zara trying to tackle her flowing her hair, he is mesmerized with her beauty. He sees Zara covering her head with dupatta, Zara doesnt see him admiring her. Kabir is completely lost in her. Zara looks at him, he points to door, she passesby, Kabir holds his breath and goes to room with her. Zara says to Kabir that we will get married in some hours. Kabir says and you dont want that marriage to happen, I mean we dont want that, there is one way, we will say no at time of nikah. Zara says I will say no too, they didnt leave me choice. Kabir says at time of nikah, our parents will emotionally blackmail us, tell us about their insult but we have to say no. Zara says they didnt leave us choice even if after we said no, we will say no at time of marriage now. Reema says you both are perfect for each other then why you are breaking it off. Zara says this is not what I wanted, I want a husband who can treat his wife with respect, who can take her to beach, have long walks with her barefoot, have someone who can do anything for his wife and love her unconditionally. Zara says I dont want a husband who make me his servant in the name of religion, if I find someone that I like then I will marry him. Kabir says I also dont want to marry a girl who twists Islamic rules because of her stubbornness and tell them to people, if I find a woman who follows religion rightly then I will marry her, thats why we both dont want to marry. He turns to leave but Zara says remember we both have to say no for nikah.

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