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Zara’s Nikah 9 November 2020: Zara’s Nikah update Monday 9th November 2020, Zara comes to society and talks to women, all praise her work. She thinks they dont look like they would bicker about me. Zara says I am doing a campaign to free women from kitchen, we have to tell husbands that we are not their servants, they cant treat us like animals, we should get freedom from them. Woman says what are you saying? we are happy with our husbands, we heard a lot of praise for you but you have this mindset? we want to keep our families happy and we are happy with our husbands. Zara says I just wanted to know your thoughts, i am happy to hear all that, let me know why you lied to an old man? woman says what old man? no one came here, Zara looks on.

Zeenat sees dream of Samir burning her alive. She wakes up and thinks I have to give Samir’s money back.

Zara comes to sharia board. Kabir makes Rizwan stay in room. Zara says I talked to women, they are happy with their families and they said that they never talked to any old man. Kabir says I talked to those women, Kausar is not lying. Rizwan says I think Kausar wanted Zara to be on her side so she made women talk in her favor and they talked truth to Kabir, this is Kausar’s game. Kabir says yes, Zara take your case back, listen to me. Zara says I will keep your word but I wont let injustice happen to Kausar, you will listen to case and give decision in favor of truth, she leaves. Rizwan says I have a solution, if we can hide file of case and tell that we cant move ahead without file. Kabir says never, I will never lie.

Zeenat comes to PCO to call. Kashan comes there and says when will you stop? He takes her from there.

Suraiya asks Rizwan why he want to make Kabir and Zara fight? Rizwan says Zara will fight case in sharia board and it will tarnish Kabir’s image so it will be easier to seat from him.

Case starts in sharia board. Kabir takes file from woman and says your date is not today. Zara says she is a woman that needs justice and had to bear pain for 10 days, doesnt she deserve to be heard? Rizwan says other cases are important too. Kabir says no, Zara please start your case. Zara calls Kausar there, all look on. Kabir is stunned to see her. He says you are Kausar and recalls flashback. Kabir says her husband is not here so we cant hear this case, you can go, Kausar leaves. Zara is confused to see Kabir nervous.

Rizwan comes to Kabir and asks what happened? you can tell me. Kabir thanks him. Zara comes there. Kabir says Kausar is a liar, you know what happened to her? she can put false blames on anyone, ask her what happened 10 years back, she said yes to marriage in one family but one day before marriage she met Bilal and married him. Zara says I think this is a lie. Kabir says I know, she destroyed three homes, she is putting blames on Bilal. Zara says how you know all this about her? Kabir says because her marriage was fixed in our family. Zara is stunned. Rizwan hears it too. Kabir says Kausar was about to marry Kashan, she lied to everyone. Zara is stunned. Kabir says people started insulting Kashan but Zeenat married Kashan as she had taken debt from Kausar’s family. Kabir says that woman lied and played this game, I am witness to that, she knows how to dishonor respected families. He leaves from there. Rizwan thinks this twist will make game interesting.

Zara says I dont know what to do. Kabir comes there. Zara says I am confused. Kabir says you have to decide if you want to be a good wife or woman with modern thoughts. Zara thinks why Kausar didnt tell me truth?

Zara is going out of house. Zeenat asks where are you going? Zara says to meet Kausar. Zeenat says all asked you to not meet her and still you didnt listen? Zara ignores her and leaves. Zeenat thinks what if she tells truth to Zara?

Zara comes to Kausar and says I went against my husband to take a stand for you and you lied to me? Kausar looks on. Zara says you were about to marry Kashan but you cheated everyone and ranaway to marry Bilal, I didnt know you were a woman like this, now doing this drama? I trusted you so much. Kausar says yes I lied and went agianst family to marry but I married a person that I loved but he is not right for me and my family. She brings her kids and says I did a mistake but dont punish my kids. Kids ask her to not cry. Her daughter asks Zara if she will fight for them? Kausar says you cant punish my kids for my deeds. Zara looks on.

Zara comes back home. Kabir says to Zara that you still went to meet Kausar? you dont trust your husband? Zara hugs him and says I trust you completely. Kabir says no. Zara says I went there to find out whats the matter. Zeenat hides and prays that she doesnt know truth. Zara says Kausar is ashamed and wants to repent her mistakes, she asked for forgiveness, it was a past. Kabir says no, she did many sins, our respect was broken because of her. Zara says I wont let anything tarnish this house’s respect but I cant keep putting Kausar on blame. Kabir asks her to do what she wants.

Scene 2
Rizwan talks to Kabir. Rizwan says Zara should understand that Kausar is not a good person, thats the truth. Bilal comes there with papers that shows that he paid for family. Kabir says I need for sharia board case. Bilal says Zara will bring it to media, why did you let her meet Kausar? Kabir says dont worry, I am head priest and I wont let this come to media.

Court session starts in sharia board. Rizwan talks in Bilal’s favor and says Bilal fears for his house’s respect thats why he doesnt want to talk about this case publicly. Zara says Bilal doesnt fulfill his duty as a husband and father, he doesnt take care of school and food of kids so Kausar has to work but he doesnt let her work too. Rizwan says thats wrong, he shows her proofs of slips and receipts where Bilal paid for family and says this proves that Kausar lied and Bilal does take care of his family. Zara says this is his paying amount daily but Kausar wants her kids to go to english school, he doesnt pay for that. Bilal why you have a problem with that? its her wife’s wishes so cant he fulfill that and give a good education to his kids? Rizwan says Zara is diverting case by asking about wife’s wishes. Kabir postpones case.

Rizwan comes to Suraiya and says now game will start. He opens TV. Reporter says that Kabir and Zara were fighting over Kausar, Kabir is against women power by not listening to Kausar against Bilal. Kabir is angry to see news.

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