Zara’s Nikah update saturday 1 August 2020: Zara says to committee that I want to ask you all if women can pray in mosque or not? All look on. Priest says its allowed. Kabir says first I will say a hadith of Prophet Mohammad, he said that Allah likes women to pray in house and men to pray in mosque. Zara says then men shouldnt pray in houses at all because they are asked to pray in mosques, all women clap for her. Kabir says our Imam said that environment of mosques can destroy if women go there. Zara says instead of stopping women, you should stop cheap men to go there, it was time when women usually didnt go out but today women go to malls, stadiums, anywhere men go then why not mosques? Kabir says because our elders didnt like it, Zara says if our elders were here today then they would have allowed women to go there because mosques have good environment than malls where women go today, women clap for Zara.

Azaan starts, Irfan says we will argue after prayers, all leave. Kabir asks Zara if she was scared to come here today? Zara says I was preparing to win, Kabir says I dont like to win as a charity, he leaves. Nilofar thinks to praise Zara for money. Nilofar says I had to come here to see such nice debate, all are praising you,. Zara says I am not doing it for praises. Nilofar asks if she can take her to washroom, Zara shows her way but slips, Kabir holds her, Nilofar says you were waiting for her, how romantic, she leaves. Kabir recalls how he left Zara at her house. Zara says dont you think you should say sorry for yesterday, KAbir says if I start counting then you would keep saying sorry for life. He turns to leave but Zara holds his hand and asks to promise that today’s decision wont change their relation. Kabir says you should promise that. Zara holds his hand and says I promise to not let this case affect our relation. Women leader sees it. Zara says to Kabir that I am always with you. Kabir smiles and says I pray that God give whats right for you. Nilofar sees them. Kabir pulls his hand back. Women leader says to Kabir that your wife is very brave. Nilofar says Kabir became famous because of Zara, leaders should have thinking like Zara. Zara goes to washroom. Kabir angrily leaves. Nilofar smirks seeing women leader counting money she gave her.

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Zara comes to committee room and says lets start debate. Khalid says but women have decided to withdraw their case. Zara says what? Women leader says this case is between husband and wife, they can never go against each other, dont fool us, husband will win always. Zara says we are fighting this case as member of this board. Women head says that you both are husband and wife so we dont want you to lead this case. Zara says its not about me, its about women who have the right to go to mosques. Women leader says then you have to promise us to stay away from your husband so he cant distract you. Kabir says we are not here to solve husband-wife issue but a case. Zara recalls how she promised Kabir to not leave his side. Zara says okay Kabir and Zara wont be married, I announce that till this case goes on, Zara and Kabir will not live like husband and wife, they wont live together, wont talk outside of committee but I will fight this case for women of this city. Kabir is stunned. Irfan asks to start this case. Zara says women from whole India have signed petition to allow women to pray in mosques. She shows them video messages of women asking for rights. Kabir says great but I want to tell a hadith, one woman asked our Prophet that she wanted to pray with him, he said that you should go to your neighborhood, to your house and pray there.. after this there is no argument left for women to go to mosques. Khalid claps. Ifran says we will start argument tomorrow. Kabir and Zara looks on.

Salma calls Ayesha and her family to her house for iftar. Salma says to Ayesha that I didnt tell Zara about calling you all, Zara will go back with you. Ayesha says we will take her back.

Kabir and Zara are leaving sharia board. Both look at each other tensely. All are chanting for Kabir. Kabir stares at Zara and leaves. Zara sits in her car and sadly looks at Kabir leaving.

Irfan and Zara comes home. They see Ayesha and others there. Zara greets everyone. Salma says I thought to surprise you. Salma asks Zara where is Kabir? Zara says he didnt come, I have decided that till case is not finished, Kabir and I will stay apart. Salma says to Zara that you shouldnt have done this, you have kicked on you fate, I shouldnt have let you go there. Salma says to Irfan that it was happening infront of you and you didnt stop her? to hell with this case which is keeping our kids apart, Irfan says it was not Zara’s fault, I would have done some, this case will end in a day or two. Salma says this case is separating them. Ayesha says to Salma that I trust Zara, she will handle this case and her relation, Zara smiles at her and says to Salma that I have strong relation with Kabir, some case cant break it, she prays for her relation.

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