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Zara’s Nikah 12 December 2020: Zara’s Nikah update Saturday 12th December 2020, Zara shouts at Kabir that what do you want you ended our relation so stop interfering in my life, I will go to meet Rizwan as many times as I want, our paths are different and you have no right to question me. Stay away from me. Kabir thinks what did I do, I have to stop her. Kabir says you should practice what you preach, why do you care for me? You worried about my wound, worried about my relation with Ayesha, you did because you have humanity, I have same emotions, we can be separate but we can care for each other, that person is dangerous.. Zara glares at him and says Azra time passed for jail, lets goback home.

A man in jail ask Rizwan why he is fooling Shahbaz? Rizwan says Kabir took away my seat but Shahbaz took my mother away, I will take revenge from him, once my sister is here then I will use her to get what I want. Officer tells that Zara is here.

Zara is in jail. Azra asks why she came here? Zara says I lied to Kabir so he could leave me alone. Rizwan comes there and says I should have died because of what I did, how are you? Zara says I am not here to reconcile with you, I got to know that you didnt shoot me, someone with gold gloves. Do you know anyone who wears that? Rizwan recalls how Shahbaz wore it and says no. Zara says if you are lying then it wont be good. Rizwan says if you catch him then you will know that I am innocent. Azra says you tried to kill Kabir, why are you denying that? Rizwan thinks this is my last chance. He falls down and cries, he says what happened with Maqbool happened with me, that boss forced me to kill Kabir because he had my mother on gun point, I hit Kabir in a way that didnt make him die but he killed my mother. Zara says do you have proof of all this? Rizwan says yes. He shows photo of his mother on gun point with gun man wearing gold gloves. Zara says this person tried to kill Maqbool’s mother too. Rizwan says I will die here, please save me. Zara says do you know this boss is? Rizwan says no, I am stuck here in jail, I dont have any left in life, I will die here. Zara says no, if you are saying truth then I will request lawyer to reopen these cases. She leaves. Rizwan smirks.

Kabir is on road and recalls Zara’s words that their relation ended. Kabir says its difficult to leave your life, I am fighting with myself to not comeback in your life but..

Zara tells Azra that Rizwan is innocent, I will free him and then find that man with golden gloves. She sees rain starting and says we should go back home fast.

Kabir comes home and says Zara was outside, did she reach home?

Zara tells Azra that its raining heavily, dont know if Kabir reached home or not. She calls Ayesha and says its raining heavily so stay at home, she says yes. Zara says all are home? Ayesha says ask if you want to know about Kabir? She hears Kabir coming inside and says he is here. Zara thanks her and ends call.

Zeenat tells Kashan that I am worried about Ruksaar, her house must be leaking. I should go and meet her. Kashan says you are right, we could bring her here but she doesnt listen. Zeent says you try and convince her.

Kabir tells Ayesha that its storm outside, tell your favorite Zara to not go out. ayesha says I was just calling her, she is home. Kabir nods and leaves. Ayesha says I know they love each other but dont know what Kabir wants. I just want happiness for my kids.

Zara recalls Kabir’s words that they can care for each other. She says forgetting him is very difficult. Chale ana plays as they both miss each other.

Kabir recalls Zara’s harsh words. He imagines her there and says you dont listen to me, you go to meet Ruksaar when I said no. Zara says I can take care of myself. Kabir says I am worried that I will lose you. Zara says you are a coward? Kabir says I am not scared of anything but I cant lose you, when I saw you getting shot.. that was fear for me, you were silent for months, I prayed to God to bring my Zara back and I will go far away from her.. then you became fine but I got scared that something might happen and I will lose you again, I couldnt sleep from that night on, I keep fearing about your safety and kept thinking how to keep you away from me.. Kabir wakes up from dream and says I have to keep Zara away from Ruksaar.

Zeenat and Kashan comes to Ruksaar’s house. Ruksaar says I wont come in that house, this is my life, I am living and enjoying this life for an year now. Zeenat says you have fever, we cant leave you here. Ruksaar asks Kashan to take her away, I am not coming. Kashan takes Zeenat from there.

All are enjoying raining season in Zara’s house. Zeenat comes there and shouts Zara. All look on. Zeenat falls infront of her and cries, she says save my sister, she will die. Please. Azra brings water for her. Zeenat says you must be stunned to see me like this, I hated you but I am asking for your help, I hate you so much because you took my sister’s right, I always went against you but today I am begging you to save my sister, I didnt let anything happen to my sister but she is burning in fever and her house is filled with water but she is not leaving that place, she is stubborn, please. You even feel pity for your enemies, please come with me. She tries to take Zara but Zara stops her. Kashan says Zeenat is saying truth, her house is filled with water so listen to your Kashan brother, save her.

Ruksaar is trying to control water in her house, she cries and says God I accept my sins, punish me more. She lies down and is shivering. Kashan, Zara and Zeenat comes there.

Salma tells Irfan that Zara always help them and they use her. Irfan says our religion tells us to be nice to our enemies too.

Zara tells Ruksaar to go to Kabir’s house. Ruksaar says I am not going there, I want to be away from Kabir. Zeenat cries. Zara says if you dont want to go to Kabir’s house then fine, I have a place where I can take you.

Zara brings Ruksaar to her house. She makes her lie in bed. Zara asks Irfan to bring doctor. Ruksaar tells Zeenat that look at Zara’s goodness, she is so pious that you have to forget your hatred for her.

Scene 2
Kabir comes to Shahbaz and tells him that Zara wanted to meet Rizwan. Shahbaz says how do you know? Kabir says I got her phone by mistake. Shahbaz says jailers are keeping an eye on Rizwan, I have done arrangements which dont let anyone meet him. Kabir thanks him. Shahbaz says forget that girl and accept Ruksaar. Kabir says you are talking about Zara? She has done so much for me, Ruksaar tried to harm me always. Shahbaz says Zara left your life so think about Ruksaar. Kabir says I loved her, I married such a nice person that I can live my life with her memories, tell Ruksaar sternly to stay away from Zara otherwise I will have to go near Zara to protect her. Shahbaz looks on.

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