Zara’s Nikah 12 September 2020: Update on Zara’s Nikah Saturday 12th September 2020, Ayesha tells everyone that it’s getting late now. They will see how to solve this mess tomorrow. Salma says she won’t go anywhere. Zara will wake up soon and she will need to be there to wipe her tears. She asks Kabir why he is quiet. Kabir says he already explained situation, but they all are still blaming him. Salma says he made Zara’s enemy her sautan. She decides to take Zara back to her home once she wakes up. Ayesha requests her not to take Zara back home. She is also like her mother. Qazi tries to make Salma understand, but she says this is about her daughter, she won’t listen to anyone.

Ruksar talks to Hamdan photo and thanks him for leaving her so that she could come in Kabir’s house. She prays for him and burns his photo. Later, she comes to Zeenat’s room and wears earrings that Ayesha had given to Zeenat when giving family bangles to Zara.

Salma comes to Zara’s room and starts packing her bag. Reema asks doesn’t she think she should talk to Zara first. Salma orders her to bring Zara to living room once she wakes up.

Ruksar is cooking in kitchen. Zeenat comes and asks she wants to eat despite all drama that’s happening outside? She notices her earrings and asks her about it. Ruksar says it’s not hers. It belongs to this house’s new daughter-in-law. Zeenat prays and hopes Zara doesn’t leave the house.

Zara wakes up. Kabir asks her how she’s feeling now. She doesn’t respond. Kabir says he knows she doesn’t want to talk to him, but asks her to look in his eyes once, she will know the truth. She doesn’t want to look at him. Reema reminds Kabir what doctor said about not giving Zara more stress and requests him to leave. As he walks out, Zara looks at him.

Ruksar invites whole family for dinner. Ayesha asks what’s all that? She didn’t say anything to her. Ruksar says no one has ate anything, so she thought to make dinner for everyone. Ayesha notices family earrings. Ruksar says she might not take her as daughter-in-law, but those earrings will keep reminding her that Kabir has married her. She further says that it’s not good to waste food on happy occasions like walima. Ahmad asks what happiness? Walima has long been over. Ruksar says she won’t force anyone, but she can’t keep her husband hungry and take that sin on her. She takes Kabir’s hand and brings him to dining table. Everyone is surprised as Kabir doesn’t stop Ruksar. He reaches dining table and throws all food down. Just at that time, Reema brings Zara out with her bag. Ruksar gets happy thinking Zara gave up so easily. Ayesha asks Zara she’s fine, right? Zara says yes. Salma says enough now, they won’t stay there. Zara says it’s her house, she won’t leave. Kabir gets happy and comes to Zara. Zara moves back and doesn’t let him touch her. Zara tells Salma that she won’t run away to her father house. She will stay in Ahmad house and fight with her problems. So what if Kabir broke her trust.. if he took away her happiness.. Kabir says, no Zara. Zara further says that she won’t stay with Kabir in one room and asks servant to keep her bag in some other room. Kabir takes bag away and walks towards his room. Zara follows him to stop him. Kabir says everyone is staying he’s at fault, even she is saying that. If it’s his mistake, then why would she leave the room? He will leave the room. He packs his bag and walks out. Zara watches him as he leaves. He turns back and looks at her. At first, Zara turns away her face and but then looks to him in eye. Kabir gets happy and walks back towards the room. Zara shuts the door leaving Kabir sad again.

Ruksar comes and irritates Kabir. She says so what if Zara, who promised to be with him all his life, threw him out of the room.. She’s there for him. He can stay in her room. She will get rid off all his stress. Kabir says he had to marry her forcefully. He further says that he respect women a lot and asks her to be a good human being before he starts ignoring her completely. She says whether wishfully or not, he married her. One day he will have to accept her as his wife.

Kabir comes to a guest room. He recalls recent events and cries. Ahmad comes there and asks him to cry it out. Kabir hugs him. Ahmad says he’s his tiger who knows how to fight with every situation. He asks him to rest and they will see tomorrow what to do. Kabir says sorry to him. Ahmad says there is no need to say sorry. He knows what he’s done, Allah knows. He tried to save someone’s life. He motivates him to think of something and get out of this mess by fighting with the situation.

In her room, Zara is also crying. She gets a call from Kabir. She disconnects and throws her phone on the bed.

It’s morning. Zara comes in living room. Kabir sees her and says As-salamu alaykum repeatedly. She replies back Wa-Alaikum-Salaam. He asks whether he can ask how she’s feeling now. She just walks away.

Ruksar is cooking in kitchen. Zeenat comes and asks she loves hurting others, right? Zara comes there. Ruksar says she’s just fulfilling her duty by making breakfast for her husband. Zeenat sees Zara and asks why she came. She could have told her if she needed something. Ruksar greets her calling Baaji. Zeenat asks Baaji? Ruksar says she’s her husband’s first wife, so she will call her Baaji from now. Zara ignores her, but she stops her and says thank you for sending Kabir to Dubai. They got married her and Allah gave her chance to spend a night with Kabir as well. All her dreams came true. Zara and Zeenat are shocked. Zara leaves in anger.

Kabir comes to see Qazi Irfan. Irfan asks him whether all okay. Kabir says why he studied Islam. Why he can’t think from heart like others? If he divorces Ruksar, then matter would solve right there. But he can’t do that because Islam says there needs to be a valid reason for divorce. Ruksar hasn’t given him any such reason. He wants to see Zara happy, but she is sad today because of him. He won’t be able to live without her. Irfan tells him only him and Zara can think of solution for this. Kabir says she is not ready to even talk to him. Irfan says she was not ready for marriage either, but his love convinced her. He asks him to at least try.

Zara recalls Kabir calling her from Dubai and asking her to pray for him as he was facing some big issue. She wonders what that was. Reema comes to cheer her up, but she is still sad. Ayesha comes and convinces Zara to go out with Reema. When Ayesha comes out, Ruksar says she made breakfast for Kabir and asks where he is. Ayesha says she can eat herself because he’s gone out and no family members will eat breakfast made by her.

While going to a restaurant, Zara tells Reema that she can’t share Kabir with anyone.

They come inside. Zara says why restaurant is so empty. Reema says Imran is calling him and she leaves. Imran and Reema lock door from outside. Kabir was waiting for Zara inside. He says he just wants 2 minutes. He asks why she’s angry. He didn’t do any mistake. He married Ruksar only to save her life. She says she agrees with that, but was he helpless to spend a night with her as well? He covers her mouth and says enough. She asks him not to touch her. He called her and asked her to pray that night and she prayed whole night. He didn’t think even once about her, their love? Kabir says no and grabs her. He asks her to listen for 2 minutes. She asks him to leave her. He doesn’t leave her. She grabs a fork to attack him. He gets shocked and releases her. She walks out. Kabir says to himself he will do anything to win Zara back.

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