Zara’s Nikah update Saturday 17 April 2021 Zee world


Zara’s Nikah 17 April 2021: Zara comes out of the showers and jerks her wet hair. Water falls on Kabir, he smiles at her as Zara wipes his face. They both smile at each other. Qafirina plays as Kabir pulls her closer. Kabir brings breakfast for her. Zara enjoys it and says this is delicious. Kabir says this is your favorite. Zara says wow but you never liked them and I stopped making them. Kabir says but they are your favorite and you don’t have to stop making them just because I don’t like them, you will get everything you like from now. Zara smiles at him. He says I will bring lassi for you, he leaves. Zara starts cleaning the room. Kabir comes back and is surprised. Zara says what? I know you like the white color so I changed the curtains and bed-sheets to white. Kabir says but you don’t like them? Zara says I will try to change my liking for you. Kabir gifts her a colorful suit and says I want colors in your life. They both enjoy tea together.

Zara is playing music for Shahbaz and sees him eyeing pen and paper. She gives it to him and says you want to tell me something? He tries to write but can’t grip the pen. Ruksaar hides and thinks that if Shahbaz writes it then I am gone. Zara asks him to keep trying. He can’t write. Zara thinks at least he started trying.
Zara comes to Kabir and says Shahbaz was trying to write today, we are seeing improvement in him. She asks the servant to stay with Shahbaz.

Zeenat brings food for Shahbaz and sees Ruksaar hiding there. She gives her the knife and says kill me first before killing Shahbaz. Ruksaar says you know my secrets. Zeenat says I did the big sins by hiding your sins and secrets. Ruksaar says don’t worry, I killed Ayesha and still standing here. Zeenat says be afraid of God, if anyone knows that you killed Ayesha then we are all gone, we will be destroyed and my son will not have a good life. Ruksaar says you can’t be scared, I told you to not tell this secret to anyone.. if you tell this to anyone then I can hurt Amaan as I have killed Ayesha. Zeenat is stunned and says you have crossed all limits, fine I will not tell this secret to anyone but I won’t let you do anything wrong from now on. Ruksaar says you are threatening me? Zeenat says yes, I promise on our mother if I see you near Shahbaz then I will send you to hell myself. She leaves from there.

Zeenat brings food for Shahbaz. Zara thinks Shahbaz doesn’t get tensed seeing Zeenat as he does in front of Ruksaar. Imran comes there and says all here to welcome Kabir and Zara, let’s go.

Scene 2
Kabir and Zara come to the lounge to see everyone there. Flowers shower on them. Zara thanks everyone from sharia board. A member says we want Zara to come back to the board. Imran says we have a member who is ill and he wants Zara to take his seat. Zara thinks this will bring friction between me and Kabir. Irfan tells Zara that she should think about her duties which she can fulfill in the sharia board and Zara’s husband I want to ask Kabir what he thinks? Kabir looks on.


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