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Zara’s Nikah 19 December 2020: Zara’s Nikah update Saturday 19th December 2020, Kabir reads news which says that Zara was seen romancing Kabir whom she is divorcing, she is shameless. Kabir says I will not spare the person who wrote this news, he tried to tarnish my Zara. Shahbaz says you have done this, you have tarnished her image, this image is not fake right? Kabir looks away. Shahbaz says newspaper are writing because they are getting content, you are both going to divorce but dont leave each other, you are at fault. Ayesha comes there and sees it too.

Rizwan sees news and asks his man to find this Wasim and details of this news.

Ayesha asks Kabir that look at this photo, nobody can trust that you both are separate, she will be insulted now and you think its nothing? Kabir says if my parents are unhappy to see this then Zara must be going though a lot. Ayesha says think about Irfan and Salma, either this photo is wrong or your divorce, accept your sin and say sorry to Irfan and his family.

Salma says to Irfan that why Kabir wants to tarnish our image like this? Kabir calls Irfan and says I know you are miffed with me but it was not our fault, we just met there, its not Zara’s fault, they want to tarnish her image. Irfan says I trust her completely, you decided to divorce her then you stay away from her. Kabir says you are right, I will try my best to remain away, Irfan ends call. Salma says Zara should understand society too. Irfan says look at this photo, our daughter is so happy with Kabir. Salma says she is here at this point in life because of this. Irfan says I have to take decision which I dont want to.

Zara’s Nikah update Saturday 19 December 2020: Zara comes home. Azra shows her news and says Kabir called Irfan, he was angry. Irfan comes to Zara and says where were you? Zara says I was going to meet you at ATM but then.. she tells him everything and says this is wrong news. Irfan says yes, I trust you but do you trust myself? Zara says yes. Irfan says then we will take decision for you, you have to promise me that you will not accept Kabir again, you will divorce him, promise me that you will not be emotional and can remain happy without him. Zara says I dont want to go back to him. Irfan says then prove that you are Zara who takes decisions from heart and move on. He leaves.

Kabir is in room and miss Zara. Otherside Zara cries and miss him too. Naina plays as they recall their moments together.

Zara says to Azra that if I give my promise to Irfan then all doors back to Kabir are closed for me.

Shahbaz says to Kabir that people are laughing at us. Kabir says I am just going to job. They see Kashan coming home and is in sad state. Kashan says everything is finished, I was finalizing the deal but all money is gone. Shahbaz says you both are useless.

Rizwan says to his man that Shahbaz took this photo to insult his son? Shahbaz will try to separate Zara and Kabir but I will keep bringing them together, Shahbaz then will try attack Zara but he will mistakenly kill his own son.

Zara gives medicine to Irfan and checks his BP. Zara says it is high. She recalls how he asked her to promise to move on. Zara says I know you are miffed with me and Kabir, I will promise but I need time. Irfan says okay then I will wait till then, he leaves.

Zara is tensed and recalls Kabir asking her to stay away, she slips but Kabir holds her and says be careful. Zara says my tears dont stop. Kabir says be happy. Zara says you are away, I cant. Kabir makes her smile and says always smile, think about me and smile. Zara hugs him and says you will be with me like this.. it all turns out to be Zara’s dream.

Zara’s Nikah 19 December 2020: In morning, Azra says to Zara that I dont want you to promise which will make you unhappy. Zara says God always make us take right decision, dont worry. I am going to give an interview, I dont want to work at an NGO.

Kabir brings tea for Kashan. Kashan says Shahbaz is angry on me. Kabir says he is angry on me, you will find another investor, dont worry, I went to find a job, Shahbaz scolded me but I didnt lose hope, we will prove him that we are right then he will be proud on us.

Kabir comes for an interview. Zara comes there too. Zara says you came here too? Kabir says I thought to go away from there but she keeps meeting me, he recalls Irfan’s words to stay away from her, Kabir leaves. Zara thinks he came for job but left because of me, he went hopeless from here so I cant work here. She turns to leave. Kabir thinks she is leaving because of me. Zara recalls Irfan’s words. Wasim calls Zara and tells her there is an issue. Wasim calls Kabir and tells him same issue. Zara thinks that I want to be away from him but fate keep bringing us closer. Kabir thinks same and says Wasim.. Zara nods.

Scene 2
Rizwan says to his man that poor kids work in a factory and cant go to school, you know who is owner of factory? Sajid don, he wont let those kids go to school, he threatened their families to not let them to go to school. Rizwan says I called Wasim and asked him to send Kabir and Zara there to solve this issue, lets see how Shahbaz will react.

Zara says to Kabir that we will have to go to village. Kabir says I will pick you up. Zara says its not needed. Kabir says we are going on same route.

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 19 December 2020: Shahbaz says to his goon that I dont like that Zara meeting my son, we will have to do what I dont want to, you will to reach that village before Kabir and Zara.

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