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Zara’s Nikah 21 November 2020: Zara’s Nikah update Saturday 21st November 2020, Kabir gets call. Azra asks Zara to go and talk to him. Woman asks Zara to cover her face. Azra fights with her and takes Zara from there. She shows her Kabir and says go and talk to him, he seems to love you, he is showing attitude so you can go.. Azra says if you dont go then I can go and talk. Zara says no.. no, I will meet. Azra says go and live your life. Zara asks her to take clothes and go to tailor. Azra says you should behave like lovebirds when I comeback, she leaves. Zara smiles and starts going towards. She puts veil on and goes to him. She strikes with him.

Kabir looks at her and takes off her veil. Zara smiles and touches his face.. it all turns out to be Zara’s dream. She sees Kabir in sight, she puts veil on and goes near him. She hears Kabir saying on call that why did you lie to Zara that I want to her? Alina says I want you to talk to her. Kabir says our relation ended when she broke my promise, I will free her now, I will not meet her, nothing will change in our relation as I dont want to change it. Alina says please meet her once. Kabir says I have already taken decision, what will change when I meet her? I will just remember that one years when we were together, where we fought and just went against each other, this relation is impossible. Zara cries hearing all that. Kabir prays to have strength and shouts go away Zara. Zara is behind him and hears it, she runs from there crying. Naina plays. Kabir cries and says God keep Zara away from me, help me. He leaves.
Zara runs to Azra and cries.

Kabir comes to washroom and cries. Flashback shows Kabir in hospital and says to God that help me, save her life this time, nothing should happen to her. I did a mistake for asking her to promise on Quran, God please protect her. Shahbaz comes there and says doctor told me that Zara is out of danger, God listened to you but you have to fulfill your promise, dont make God angry, you know when you tried to meet Zara, she became unstable. Kabir says I wont go to her, I just want her fine. Flashback ends. Kabir tries to compose himself.

Zara’s Nikah update Saturday 21 November 2020: Zara says to Azra that when I got shot, I saw love in his eyes but I never thought I would lose him after one year, all hopes broke this time.

Kabir comes out of public washroom and says God please keep Zara safe and happy wherever she is.
Azra saya Zara that Kabir didnt do right, he has to answer you. She drags Zara and says he doesnt know how to treat his wife and is a priest? He is hypocrite. She sees Kabir going and shouts Kabir Ahmed. Zara puts her veil on before he can see her. Azra drags her to Kabir and says you know her? Kabir says no, you? Azra says this is my sister and she is crying because of you. Kabir says I dont know her. Azra takes off her veil but Zara turns away. Azra asks you dont know her? Kabir looks on. Zara is tensed.

Azra takes Zara’s veil off but she turns away and whispers to Azra that if you tell him anything then you will see me dead. Kabir asks Azra why was she crying because of me? Azra thinks and says she read your book, her marriage is ending so she cried reading this book. Kabir says I pray for her. Azra says I heard that you are ending your relation with your wife? you wrote so much about relations in your book but why end relation with your wife? you dislike her so much? Kabir says never, I dont dislike her, she is just different. He turns to leave but Azra says I have a request, please advise my sister, how do you live without person whom you wanted to live with for life, he is leaving her because their thoughts dont match but she loves him so much.

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 21 November 2020: Kabir says we cant forget them even if we want to, God says that if you dont give peace and happiness to your partner then you should free them, she can also change her thoughts for her husband. Zara shakes her head. He asks if her husband can change his thoughts for her? Zara shakes her head. Kabir says then its better that they separate. Azra says but what about love? did you forget your wife? Kabir gets agitated and says dont ask about me, does her husband miss her too? Azra says he didnt come to meet her for one year. Kabir says its a long time, if he didnt come then he must have forgotten her, its better that she forgets her husband too and free herself and him. He says its difficult to breathe, dont cry, dont lose hope. Its better to break relation that becomes suffocating. He offers Zara a tissue and leaves. Bhula dena plays. Zara cries and wipes her tears. Zara says I got my answers, he was right, if he loved me then he would come to meet me, he said to free him for his happiness so I will do what he wants, I will free him, dont be sad, we have to face reality now.

Scene 2
Kabir comes back home. Alina and everyone greet him. Shahbaz takes him from there.
Shahbaz says to Kabir that you know you are not safe for Zara then how you agreed to meet her? Kabir says I had some reason, I wanted to tell her that everything ended between us, our story ended and this way Zara would be safe too. Shahbaz says trust God, he will keep Zara safe.

Salma hugs Zara’s school bag and cries. Irfan says Salma? Salma says Zara went far away, she had to bear so much pain. Irfan says she got new life, once Kabir and Zara’s divorce is finalised, I will fill her life with happiness.

Zara and Azra comes home. Salma hugs Zara and Azra.
Azra comes to Zara’s room and says I will take you around this city. Azra says divorce process will start today.

Ayesha says to Kabir that I want to ask you last time if you want this divorce? will you be able to live without her? Kabir recalls their moments and how he promised to never see her face. Kabir comes inside Irfan’s house. Zara hides behind curtain and sees him.

Zara’s Nikah update Saturday 21 November 2020: Zara is in lounge. Ayesha comes to her. Zara greets her and makes her touch her face. Ayesha smiles and hugs her.
Kabir greets Irfan. Zara brings tea there. Kabir turns and sees her.

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