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Zara’s Nikah 27 March 2021: Zara’s Nikah update Saturday 27th March 2021, Zara is riding the bike. Kabir asks her to be careful. Ruksaar locks Alisha in the room and calls Kabir. She says Alisha… she is locked in the room and it can’t be opened. Zaid locked it. Kabir says I know you are behind this, open the door. Ruksaar says I am trying but I can’t. Kabir ends the call and tells Zara that he has to leave.

Alisha cries in the room. Salma hears Ruksaar telling her goon that Kabir will come here to save Alisha so Zara will be alone, crush her with your truck. Salma is shocked.
Salma comes to Alisha’s room and opens it. She says everything is fine. She calls Kabir and says Alisha is fine but don’t leave Zara alone, she is in danger. Kabir is shocked. Kabir starts running to save Zara. He sees a truck following her and recalls how he had seen his Zara’s accident. He shouts at Zara to see the truck. Zara screams and drives faster. Kabir is running to get to her. He jumps and pulls her away before the truck can hit her. They both lie on the road. Kabir is worried.

Zara’s Nikah 27 March 2021: Zara and Kabir are in the car. Zara recalls Kabir saving her. She says I am sorry, you had to put your life in danger. She sees a wound on his hand and says let’s go to the hospital. Kabir says I am fine. Zara says we are going there. The driver gives her a first-aid kit. Kabir cleans his wound.

Scene 2
Salma blesses Zara. Irfan asks Kabir to take care of himself. Zara asks Kabir why is he worried? He says nothing and leaves.

Kabir comes to his room and says thank God Zara was fine. Zara comes there. Kabir says to himself that how to tell Zara what is going in my mind.

Jalali twists Ruksaar’s arm and says how dare you try to kill ara? I could kill her easily but she is my enemy. Shahbaz says what’s worst than death? Jalali says I want to give her a life worst than death, I will break her honor.

Zee world Zara’s Nikah 27 March 2021: Kabir comes to his room and recalls his Zara’s death and then Zara’s accident. He thinks what if anything happened to Zara? Zara comes there and says I have a medicine for you. She puts it on the table and says are you fine? You look worried. Kabir says nothing. Zara says I just want to ask why you are worried if I was close to death? Do you care for me? Kabir glares at her and says the question you are asking is wrong, stop finding feelings in me, think about yourself and your life. Zara says come out of the dark, can’t you think about me for a second? Kabir says stop it, I don’t want to listen to this filth. Zara says you have to listen to me, it’s my feelings. Salma comes there and says stop it, you both fight too much. You both are surrounded by enemies and you are fighting? Become one and fight against them. She tells Kabir that Ruksaar planned to kill Zara. Kabir is shocked.

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