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Zara’s Nikah 5 December 2020: Zara’s Nikah Saturday 5th December 2020 update, Kabir comes to Zara and holds her in his arms and says I will keep my wife in my arms, I am fulfilling a duty that you dont even know about. Zara says like what? Kabir says I kept you safe here and against world. Zara says so protection duty is above love duty? Kabir says yes, Zara says no you have to love me more than my protection. Kabir hugs her and says if I cant protect you then how will I love you? So I will protect you against all odds. Flashback ends. Kabir thinks yes Zara your protection is my first priority.

Azra comes to Zara and says if you want to cry then you can. Zara says I am not weak or ill, if you want to move ahead in life then forgive and forget, just move on. She leaves.

Zeenat tells Shahbaz that Kabir went to city hospital, what if he meets Zara? Kabir comes there and gives medicines to Zeenat.

Kabir is packing his clothes. Shahbaz comes there and asks if something happened in hospital? Did you meet Zara? Kabir says I can face her, I took that decision after thoughts. Shahbaz says I know you took that decision to protect her. Kabir says I am going to mosque, I will not stay here till my mom doesnt want to see me. He leaves with his luggage.

Kabir is in mosque praying with everyone. He eats with people there.

Zara brings Irfan home with family and ask him to take rest. Irfan says I have rested a lot, eid is here, I am head priest, I have to lead eid prayers and handle sharia board matters. Zara says everything can happen from here, we will help you. Nussu says we will help you too. Irfan laughs and hugs her. Salma says to Irfan that you got fine, you have to listen to us. Irfan says I will pray tonight as I didnt fast in ramadan. Zara says God knows your intentions. Salma says Azra kept all fasts with Zara. Zara says tonight is a big night, we will all pray, she tells about it to Nussu and says we will pray whole night.

Zara’s family break fast. Shahbaz comes to mosque and sits with Kabir. He says whole month of ramadan passed, you can come home now. Kabir says no, till my mom doesnt want me there, I wont go back.

Zara meets Kashan in market. She sees medicines in his hands and asks what happened? Kashan says Ayesha is very ill after you left, she doesnt eat and asked Kabir to leave, he didnt come home for 3 weeks, Shahbaz is miffed with Ayesha too, everything is falling apart in my house. He asks if everything is fine at her house? She nods. Kashan says okay and leaves from there. Zara says to Azra that I have to go and meet Ayesha, I cant let someone’s eid be destroyed, I have to go there and prepare for eid. Azra is shocked.

Azra says to Zara that you are going mad, Kabir didnt even let you get reports, you are not going there. Salma says to Zara that why are you going there? Zeenat threw you out of that house, its not necessary. Zara says Ayesha have thrown Kabir out of house.

Kabir meets priest in mosque. Priest says we have got zakat money and have to distribute in poor. Kabir says I will get zakat for my wife and I.

Salma says to Zara that we pray for Ayesha. Irfan says she has always been with our daughter. Azra says to Zara that they insulted us too much, leave it. Salma says they didnt even give you reports, you can talk to Ayesha on call. Zara says to Irfan that if you say no then I wont go, Ayesha is a mother to me, she needs me now, I am sure she will feel better, Shouldnt I go as a daughter? Irfan says you should go, I trust you, Ayesha needs Zara so she should go. Zara hugs him.

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