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Zara’s Nikah 6 March 2021: Zara’s Nikah update Saturday 6 March 2021, Imran tells Kabir that he can’t become a head priest so let Jalali become the head priest. Shahbaz says there is no reason to elect as Jalali can become the head priest now. Irfan says we can find a new candidate until tomorrow.

Kabir shouts at Imran for saying no to the position. Imran says I was blank at that time, I didn’t know what to do. Zara recalls his brother telling her that Jalali is not a priest, I gave his exams to get him a degree, he as kidnapped my kids so I can’t speak up against him. Imran tells Irfan that I don’t know how this happened, I am sorry. Azra says now Jalali will become a head priest. Zara says we have to do something. Irfan says we have time till tomorrow only.

Kabir brings a sacred thread for Zara and says it will protect you. Zara makes him wear it around her neck. Zara says we have to stop Jalali from becoming a priest.

Scene 2
Shahbaz tells Jalali that we have to get that position. Jalali says I didn’t get this power easily. Zara hides and sees from a secret door. Jalali says I have evil powers to support me. He feels someone’s presence and sends a fireball to find that person but Zara leaves from there. Jalali says my fireball was wrong for the first time so she will have to bear the punishment. He crushes it.

Kabir shouts at Zara that you shouldn’t have come there. Zara says I went there to find out what he is upto, he wants power to destroy this city. She gives her thread to Kabir and says I will not let him do this. She leaves.

Zara takes an officer’s gun and is going to shoot Jalali but Kabir stops her and takes her away.

Kabir locks Zara in a room and shouts at her to not do this. Zara says I can’t let him destroy people’s lives. Kabir says then go ahead and shoot him, I will not tell you anything. Zara says I will not wear this thread till I deal with him. Kabir gives her the thread and says wear it, I am ready to become the head priest. Zara is elated. Kabir says we have to make him lose by being together. Zara says we will win together. Kabir makes her wear the thread.

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