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Zara’s Nikah 8 August 2020: Zara’s Nikah update Saturday 8th August 2020, Kabir is on road and gets Imran’s message that he traced Zara’s phone and its near a railway station. Kabir says what she is doing there? He sits in car and drives away.

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Zara is walking on railway line and recalls people taunting her that she is divorced.
Kabir arrives at railway station and sees Zara walking on line. He shocked and runs to her. A train is approaching Zara. Kabir runs to her. Zara sees train coming infront of her. Kabir grabs her and pulls her away as train passesby. Zara looks around. Kabir grabs her and shouts what were you doing? what if I got late? that train would have cut you in pieces. Zara says what about you breaking my heart. Kabir says suicide is illegal in Islam. Zara says I didnt come here to die, I didnt hear you or train, tell me if breaking your wife’s heart is legal? you were hearing and seeing everything then why did you save me? to give me second and third divorce? you dont have to show pity now, when people were insulting me, you were silent, you promised to be my husband there then how you leave me alone like that. Kabir cups her face and says I am saying sorry, forgive me, I am ashamed, forgive me. He hugs her.

Rain starts, Kabir says to Zara that lets stay in a hut till rain stops. They come to an abandoned hut. Kabir starts fire and looks at Zara lovingly. Zara is feeling cold. Kabir takes off his shirt, he asks her to keep it, you will feel cold, when there are two bodies and one cloth then its husband’s duty to sacrifice for wife. He drapes his shirt around her. Zara wipes her hair. Kabir stares at her. He is bare-chest. Zara sits beside him, he hugs her and rubs her hands. Hum tum plays. Kabir pulls her closer and leans in.. he stops himself and looks away. Zara looks on. He sees her sad and pulls her closer, she hugs him tightly.

In morning, Zara wakes up in Kabir’s arms and sees him having high fever, she asks him to wake up. He is not conscious. She sees phone dead too, Zara is worried, she covers him and goes out. She asks people for help but nobody stops. Zara comes back to Kabir and hugs him. She pulls on sheet and drapes his shirt around him. Zara stops a car and says my husband is very ill, please save him. Man stops his car and goes with her. Zara and man pulls Kabir up and brings him to his car. She asks him to drive faster.

Zara brings Kabir to hospital. Kabir is still unconscious. Doctor takes him to OT. Zara looks from window and is sad. She recalls Kabir saying sorry, their night together. Nurse comes to her and asks her to pay the fees. Zara says my phone is dead, can I call from your phone? Nurse says okay and gives her phone. Zara thinks I wont let anything happen to you Kabir, I know my duties too.

Ayesha says to Shahbaz that dont know where Zara and Kabir are since night, dont know how they are. She says sometimes I feel you dont want them together. Hamdan says I searched everywhere, they are not anywhere. Shahbaz says we should complain to police. Imran says its not needed, I know where they are, they are in hospital. Kabir is very ill. All are stunned.

Doctor checks Kabir, Zara comes and asks how he is? Doctor says he has got double pneumonia, he is critical, please go out. Zara is tensed and leaves from there.
Zara comes out of his room. Reema asks how is he? Ayesha and others come there. Zara hugs Ayesha. Ayesha asks where is Kabir? Zara says he is got double pneumonia. Ayesha breakdowns and cries. Zeenat says this is all happening because of Zara, you have destroyed his life, even after divorce, you are not leaving his life. Ayesha says this is not a way to talk. Shahbaz says to Zara that Kabir have answered you yesterday in inauguration, I think you should go to your father’s house and wait for second divorce, I thank you for saving him. Reema says but how can.. Zeenat says you stop it Reema, you are just Zara’s friend so dont involve in our family matter. Shahbaz says to Zara that I think you understood what I am saying so you should leave. Zara looks on. Zara says sorry to say abba but we are not divorced, Kabir is my husband too and till this divorce doesnt finalize, no law or rule can make me stay away from my husband and you should remove this thought from your mind too. Zara says till Kabir doesnt become fine and ask to meet me, no one can meet Kabir except Ayesha, Kashan and Alina and if someone tries to stop me then I will go to police and tell them that you people are coming between a husband and wife and will also do press conference telling truth of my relation with him, all are shocked. Zara says if anything happens to Kabir then my life will be finished which I dont want. Zara nods at Ayesha and leaves. Shahbaz looks on.

Zara is sitting in hospital. Imran and Reema comes to her. Imran asks how is Kabir? Zara says he is better now. Reema says I would have answered that Zeenat. Imran says Zara is enough for them, he says I dont understand that you and Kabir were together but he got ill and you didnt, did something happen? Zara looks on. Zara says Kabir slept without shirt last night so he became ill. Reema says why he was shirtless? Zara says he gave it to me, she leaves. Imran says if husband and wife spends a night together then divorce ends. Reema says her face doesnt show like something happened. Imran says Zara can lie about the night, Kabir was unconscious and he doesnt remember anything. Reema says it means that Zara’s one lie can save their relation and end this divorce? Imran says yes but Zara wont lie. Reema says its about Zara’s life, she has to lie, I will convince her.

Reema comes to Zeenat. Zeenat says why did you come back? this is our family matter. Reema says if it was a family matter then it wouldnt be on TV. Shahbaz says Zara threatened us, Shahbaz you should throw her out of our house and Kabir’s life. Reema says its late now, divorce cant happen, Zeenat says what? Reema says to Zeenat that the divorce between Kabir and Zara ended last night, all are stunned, they consummated the night so this divorce is nullified. Shahbaz says we will decide what to do after Kabir becomes conscious.

Reema and Imran comes to Zara. Reema says to Zara that you have to lie to family to save your relation, you have to tell them that something happened between you two that ended divorce. Zara looks on.

Imran says to Zara that you have to lie if you want to save your marriage. Zara says what? Reema says tell them that something happened between you and Kabir which nullified your divorce. Zara says you are both crazy? I cant build my relation on this lie. Reema says think about Ayesha and others, Imran says your father is already ill because of your marriage, you have to say one lie to save your wedding. Zara looks on.

Zara’s Nikah update Monday 20th July 2020 on zee world

Kabir becomes conscious. All come to his room. Ayesha asks if he is fine? he says yes. Ayesha says I was so worried. Kabir says your prayers are with me. Alina asks if he is fine? he says yes. Zeenat looks at Shahbaz and says to Kabir that I want to ask you something. Kabir says why you are hesitating? ask me. Zeenat says we have heard that your divorce nullified last night. Ayesha says this is not the time to talk about all this. Kabir recalls their night, how they hugged. Kabir says why dont you ask Zara this question? all look on.

Zara is going to Kabir’s room and recalls Reema asking her to lie. Reema and Imran goes behind her. Zara comes in his room and sees him awake, all look at her suspiciously. Reema whispers to Imran if Zara will be able to lie? Imran says I dont know. Zeenat asks Zara if they were alone last night? Zara says yes. Zeenat asks if their first divorce nullified last night? Kabir looks on. Zara says me and Kabir were alone last night but our divorce didnt end. Reema and Imran are sad. Zara asks Kabir how is he? he says I am fine. Ayesha nods at her. Zara leaves from there.

Reema comes to Zara and says if you have lied then your divorce would have ended, one small lie could have saved your marriage. Zara says even if I saved my divorce from a lie, it wouldnt have married, its in Kabir’s hands to kill or keep this marriage alive, he has to take divorce back, not me, she leaves. Imran says sometimes I feel Kabir doesnt deserve Zara.

Zara asks doctor how is Kabir? Doctor says he is fine, just keep him in a heated area, take care of him, she says yes.
Zara comes in Kabir’s room, all are there. Kabir tries to sit up, Zara says keep lying down, you need rest. Kabir says thank you Zara. Zara holds Ayesha’s hand and says doctor told me Kabir is fine, he just need rest and have to remain in a heated place, Ayesha nods. Zara holds Kabir’s hand and puts it in Ayesha’s hand, she says I fulfilled my duty, now you have to take care of Kabir, I should leave now. All are stunned. Zara says bye. Kabir is surprised. Zara leaves from there. Alina tries to go behind her but Shahbaz stops her.

Zara comes to waiting area. Kabir runs behind her and says Zara? where are you going? Zara looks away and says you are late to ask me this, you should have asked me this when people were forcefully throwing me out of inauguration. Kabir recalls how people insulted her and made her leave. Zara says that divorce wound didnt heal fully and you gave me another wound? you know our real divorce happened when you asked me to leave your function. She is in tears and turns to leave but Kabir stops her and says I did a mistake, Zara says your mistake took my pride as a Zara and honor of being Kabir’s wife, you couldnt respect my father, all were insulting my father and you were silent? leave that, you couldnt even take a stand for your wife, its not your fault, you men take promises to stand together till death but you dont have guts to walk together in life, I am disappointed that you couldnt fulfill your love or your duty.. she sadly looks in eyes. Kabir is hurt and tries to hold her hand but Zara jerks it away and leaves from there. Kabir gets dizzy and faints there. Nurse rushes to him. They take him from there.

Scene 2
Kabir is in hospital bed. Ayesha asks what happened to him? Doctor takes them out of his room and says he is fine, you can take him home. Ayesha thanks him. Shahbaz says our son is strong, lets go home and celebrate Kabir’s health. Ayesha is sad.

Shahbaz and others come to Kabir’s room but find him missing. Nurse says he was not here. Ayesha says where did he go? Alina says I have his phone. Shahbaz asks to call Imran.

Kabir and Imran comes to Irfan’s house. Irfan says come inside vice president, do you have some work? Kabir says I came to meet Zara. Irfan says my daughter is not here but I am sure that she is must be very happy to stay away from you and your family. Kabir says I know you are miffed and I should say sorry but I have some work, I will come later, he leaves.

Imran says to Kabir that where is Zara? where we will find her? Kabir says I know where she is. Imran taunts on railway track? Kabir looks on.

Irfan calls Zara and asks why she is staying at Reema’s house? Zara says I want to spend sometime alone and think what to do in future, I will return in a day or two. She ends call. Door bell rings. Reema opens door, Kabir and Imran comes inside. Zara glares at him. Kabir sits infront of her. Zara says what you want now? you insulted infront of a world and you are still not done? oh you must be here to give me second divorce? there are some days left but you can leave me, I am ready now. Kabir says Zara.. Zara says I used to love when you would take my name but now.. you should go home and take rest. Kabir says I cant rest hearing your taunts. Kabir says to Zara that you said I didnt fulfill my duty but I think this is an allegation, I want to show that I fulfill my duty. Zara asks what do you want? Kabir says I want another chance to show how I fulfill my duties. Zara says I gave my everything to you and I dont have anything left, not even a chance. Reema says Zara are you crazy? Kabir says you promised me that 30 days are yours and 30 days are mine and as per that promise there are still 26 days left. Reema and Imran leaves from there. Kabir says I want to spend that 26 days with you, I want to give you all happiness to end your allegations. Zara says these allegations might turn to hate. Kabir says fine, I am not going anywhere, I am stubborn. Zara says you are not a kid. Kabir says I told you that I am ashamed. Zara says you are today but what about tomorrow? our life? I know you cant change your ways. Kabir looks on and says you loved me once right? so give me these 26 days for that love, as far as I know that my rights are your duty too. Zara says what about after 26 days? she looks away. Kabir says you dont trust me but have faith in God. Zara looks on. Imran comes there and says you both have given life to each other so dont think about 26 days only. Reema says atleast give him one chance. Zara thinks and says okay, I gave my heart to Kabir so these 26 days are nothing, I am ready to live with him in his house for 26 days. Kabir smiles broadly.

Zeenat says to family that I made Kabir’s favorite dishes. Ayesha says I called Imran, they are coming. Car stops outside house. Imran comes inside. Ayesha asks where is Kabir? Imran says Kabir and his wife are coming. All look up and are shocked to sees Zara and Kabir coming house holding hands. Zara clutches his hand. Ayesha says bless you both. Zeenat and Shahbaz are miffed.

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